Tropical Punch Polyester Pipe

One of the fantastic new products we are introducing with Tropical Punch is Polyester Pipe.  It is a colorful, flexible and versatile hollow-plastic pipe covered with polyester thread.

The pipe can be transformed into necklaces, bracelets, sunglass holders, lanyards and hoops.

This material offers unique functionality and is a great product to be incorporated into many multimedia applications.

Used alone or as an additional to other stringing materials it brings colour and  texture into designs.

We have twelve fabulous colour options!

Tropical Punch is shipping now!

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Swarovski Zippers

Zippers add a crystal highlight to every creation and prove that what is functional can be a fashion statement at the same time. The crystal elements are uniquely integrated into the zipper teeth allowing them to be used in the same way as standard zippers. These eye catching zippers are available in either black or white fabric

We are overstocked with Swarovski Zippers.

All Swarovski Zippers 50% off  We would be happy to hear any offers you might make for large quantity purchases of these items.

For more information please contact your sales associate:

Erwin Vivanco -

Donna Walton -

Lynda Stewart -

Thanh Tran -

Discount available March 30 to April 12, 2015

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Preciosa Rondell Beads – India Pink and Burgandy

Indian Pink - The youthful Indian Pink, with its fresh and airy hue, expands our offering of the ever popular pinks.

Burgundy - The luxuriously rich Burgundy is confident and individualistic, ideal for emphasizing originality while remaining darkly elegant.

Rose Opal, Rose Opal AB, Burgundy, BurgundyAB
Chrysolite, ChrysoliteAB, Starlight Gold
Indicolite, Indicolite AB, Indian Pink,
Indian Pink AB, Deep Tanzanite, Deep Tanzanite AB

Preciosa beads are available in an endless number of shapes, sizes and colours that can be used in a variety of ways.  The new Rondell beads are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. These beads can be used for the production of fashion jewellery as well as other trendy items such as accessories, apparel decorations, embroidery etc.


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New Ripple Bead Colors Added!

 PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a new pressed bead known as PRECIOSA Ripple™ under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

We have just added 15 additional colors to our collection.

silver metallic, black bronze opaque luster, ivory opaque travertine, turquoise opaque travertine, blue opaque travertine

dark blue transparent travertine, red opaque travertine, black opaque travertine, pink alabaster travertine, blue alabaster opaque

turquoise alabaster opaque, opaque medium red, black opaque, gold metallic half coat, gold metallic full coat

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Tropical Punch Lucite Flower Bead Caps

The flowers featured in this unique wire wrapped bracelet by Fernando DaSilva are Tropical Punch Hibiscus Flower Bead Caps.  There are three color options for these special bead caps and you can see in all the examples Fernando created they can be used in many different styles.

This is the frosted red/yellow limelight collection.

Here is a cap in an earring application.

In bracelet designs, they can frame some of the other gorgeous Lucite beads.

The flowers are lightweight and the frosted colors add a beautiful glow.

When spring is in the air you can’t help but think of color.

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Rhinestone Plastic Banding

John Bead has just added new & premium Preciosa Plastic Rhinestone Banding in 10 meter packages to our trims selection.

This new banding glitters with Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystals and is versatile enough to use embellishing clothing or crafts. The banding is easy to work with and can be sewn or glued into place on many different surfaces.

We have the prettiest colors under the sun and several size options allowing you to transform your projects beautifully.

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Tropical Punch Designer Packaging


Inspired by the colors and rhythms of Brazil, the Tropical Punch packaging is something we are proud of too!

Tropicalismo is the artistic inspiration behind our product line.

It was an art movement that exploded in Brazil in the late 60′s and early 70′s and crossed many artistic disciplines, like music, poetry, dance and writing.  It critiqued and challenged cultural norms. The followers of the movement were intellectuals from different cultural backgrounds but who had in common the ideal of a cultural melting pot,  i.e. the musicians who like to mix samba drums with electric guitar and were huge fans of American pop culture.

 All rights reserved.

Influenced by this art movement, our Creative Manager, Fernando DaSilva (who is Brazilian) hand drew the artwork for our packaging which summarizes all the elements that were the main sources for movement.

There are over 150 products in the complete Tropical Punch Collection.

It’s all about Lucite, Plexiglas or acrylic components to create fun and vibrant jewelry inspired by the colors of Brazil.

Photos by John Bead Corp.
All rights reserved. 2015

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Tropical Punch and Soutache

This vibrant soutache pendant was created by Nancy Donaldson to showcase our new Tropical Punch collection.  Nancy has beautifully combined soutache cord from our Dazzle-it line with Tropical Punch in a style we have never seen before.

This spectacular set of jewelry features our lucite chain and beads along with our teardrop beads.

The Tropical Punch mixed bead strands feature combinations of color reflecting the exuberance of Brazil’s rich fauna and flora.  They display a rainbow of colors that can be opaque, clear, metallic, frosted, faceted and smooth.  The size of the beads vary from 6 to 20mm.

There are 150 products in the complete Tropical Punch Collection.  It’s all about using components to create fun and vibrant jewelry inspired by the colors of Brazil.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary with this exciting new program.

Editorial photo taken to promote the latest product line by Dazzle-it!
Photo by John Bead Corp.
All rights reserved. 2015

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Tropical Punch Filigree

Filigree is a delicate metalwork technique dating back to the Greeks and Etruscans.  You might expect to see metal in this blog post but the shapes and forms associated with filigree can also be created with other materials.  The filigree pieces in the Tropical Punch collection are made from Lucite.

Allow us to show you how Fernando DaSilva used our filigree for his design work.  This first example shows you one piece used as a necklace pendant.

Two pieces of filigree with a small petal bead addition looks amazing.

In this earring set, you can see how the combination of different filigree shapes can result in a spectacular tiered design.  Fernando has also attached Swarovski crystal flat backs to his filigree for added impact.  The components are perfect for light chandelier earrings or focal Boho styles.

Tropical Punch filigree is available in three different styles and four sensational pastel colors.

“Filigree is the epitome of femininity and chic street wear accessory” said Fernando DaSilva.

These earring are showstoppers in black and white!

All the additional components are part of the Tropical Punch collection.

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Tropical Punch Bracelets With Lucite Sliders

The Tropical Punch collection includes a luscious assortment of Lucite flowers and chain, round and tear drop beads, three dimensional flowers, filigree components, sliders, a unique metal flower maker, retro flower components and polyester pipe.

We’d like to share with you our unique Lucite slider collection.

Wide Lucite cuffs are perfect to add pizzazz to any outfit and have become a must-have accessory.

Tropical Punch offers two slider shapes in four colors each. They can be easily assembled using stretch cord and beads or with only the spacers by themselves. Oval and hourglass shapes fit perfectly next to each other.

With so many Tropical Punch mixed bead strands to choose from, adding additional colour is simple.

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