New Patterns from Tango Beads To Share


Tango beads has provided us with several wonderful new projects to share.  We have uploaded the PDFs for you to view.



We have posted a link to the project PDF right here.


Tango Beads

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Leather and Lucite Summer Sensation Necklace


This is the “Leather and Lucite Summer Sensation Necklace” designed by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead Corp for the current issue of Perles Et Cetera magazine.


This magazine is published in French, so this is the English translation.


Soft leathers in a range of colors make it possible to create wearable jewelry with virtually no leather crafting skills. All you require is a desire to think creatively about a product normally shaped into purses or shoes. Leather is also normally associated with colder weather. Combining it with Lucite, which is perfect for hot summer days was a great challenge.

Leather is much thicker than fabric, requires no extra hemming and can be easily cut with many dies originally designed to cut paper.   My maple leaf shape could have been hand cut with scissors but I already had a paper cutting die that made this job take only a minute or two.


I stacked my leaves in an interesting pattern and lightly glued them together. I now had my new leather pendant. A little extra trimming gave me my new abstract shape.


I used a regular ribbon clamp to make my new leather pendant easy to add to my polyester pipe necklace.


The Lucite Hibiscus Bead Cap flowers are from the Dazzle-it Tropical Punch collection. I used a head pin to add my bead to the cap and created a loop so I could attach three of these to the pendant bail sliders with a jump ring.


These special bails allow you to add components to braided cords featuring kumihimo and macramé techniques. They slide beautifully onto thick cords.


I glued a strip of leather onto my polyester pipe cord to keep the bail positioned at this height. It was like creating a little stopper.


Finally, a glue-in magnetic end cap finished my polyester pipe cord ends brilliantly. My necklace is lightweight and the perfect accessory for summer outings. With so many soft leather colors to choose from I can mix and match shapes for virtually any clothing ensemble.

Components Used From John Bead Corp

Metal Complex Soft Leathers

Ribbon Clamp/Crimps

Tropical Punch Polyester Pipe Turquoise/Peach 5mm

Pendant bail sliders

Magnetic glue-in end cap

Tropical Punch Lucite Hibiscus Bead Cap and Lucite Beads

Jump rings in various sizes


Quick Grip Glue

Metal Complex leather scissors


AccuCut Maple Leaf die and die cutting system

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Tropical Punch Flower Array Necklace

This necklace by Carmi Cimicata features a multitude of lucite beads and and bead caps from our Tropical Punch (TM) collection.

Tropical Punch

The project begins by linking as many beads and caps as you think you might like to string.

Butterfly BailCluster are created when linking three to four links to the butterfly pendant bails.

Two cluster look wonderful when strung on a simple polyester pipe necklace.


Polyester pipe is available in a dozen color options.

The butterfly bail slides perfectly on the pipe!


Many clusters, however make a statement.Tropical Punch Necklace By Carmi Cimicata

Whether you prefer simple or over the top style necklaces, the Tropical Punch Lucite beads and findings will make your necklaces shine.

Tropical Punch Lucite Flowers

Lucite Bead Caps!


The Tropical Punch Lucite bead collection.


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New TierraCast!


Our new TierraCast components work beautifully with our soft leather collection.  These bracelets designed by Fernando DaSilva also feature Tropical Punch Lucite sliders.

Soft Leather

Soft leather!


Tropical Punch Lucite Sliders.

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Tropical Punch Lucite Beads

The combination of teal and orange beads are an eye-pleaser when combined on this new necklace by Fernando DaSilva for Tropical Punch.

Beautiful in it’s simplicity, Fernando used Lovely Knots 1mm Turquoise cord to string this design.

The beads are made of Lucite and are called “Retro Aqua.”

There are 24 fabulous Tropical Punch Lucite bead mixes.

2015-06-08 (Samples Fernando)-644


This gorgeous glue-in clasp is also available in gold and gunmetal.

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New Sharps Gold Eye Beading Needle w/Threader

PicMonkey Collage

Now available at John Bead in three size packages; 10, 12, 10/12.

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The Beadalon Tassel Maker


This necklace features handmade tassels, ladhaki beads, leather cord and a glue-in magnetic clasp.



The tassels were made during a training session by Beadalon at John Bead.  The samples were left behind and I happily found a way to use them.


These tassels were made by Beadalon’s Product Manager and Education Director Wyatt White.  I knew they needed to be incorporated into something special.  Especially when he discovers he is missing his set….



If you have not seen the tassel maker in action allow me to be the first to tell you how easy it is to use.


The instruction to make a tassel are easy to follow.




The beads I used are called “Ladhaki.”



Simple glue in clasps finish the necklace.

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New Resin Fashion Embellishments – You are Going To Love These!


We are adding more fashion embellishments to our Carnival and Performing Arts section!

While all of these new items will look wonderful on a costume, crafty designers will also think of new and exciting ways to showcase these resin components in jewelry and clothing design.

This is your sneak peek at items arriving in our warehouse.  (We are just photographing them for our website but wanted you to see them now.)


Introducing our new plastic Trim:  Stellina

These are sold on 5 yard/4.5 meters spools.These are absolutely stunning in person!  The color palette includes: Crystal AB, Red AB, Royal Blue AB, Pink AB, Turquoise AB, Aqua AB, Purple AB, Emerald AB, Marigold AB, Lime Green AB, Sun AB, Citrine AB. 4

Introducing our new resin sew-ons:  Gummy!


These are available in a spike, drop and navette shape in several sizes.6

This new collection has a surface shape unlike anything we have shown before.  They capture and reflect light brilliantly.7

Your color options will be Citrine, Crystal, Emerald,  Lime Green, Marigold, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Sun and Turquoise.


Introducing our new resin sew-ons:  Metalico Stones.  

These are available in a rivoli, drop and oval shape in several sizes.


These new resin stones feature a distinct faceted surface.  Your color options are Citrine, Crystal, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sun and Turquoise.

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Designing With The New Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

This bracelet and the second one featured in this post were designed by Fernando DaSilva for John Bead.  They will have you wondering how you have lived without the newest tool from Beadalon if you enjoy making or teaching others how to make wire bracelets.

Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

In order to make these bracelets Fernando used:

1. The Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

2. Artistic Wire in various sizes.

3.  Preciosa Ripple Beads

4.  Preciosa Rondell Beads   (We have a fantastic collection of Preciosa Rondell beads in our catalog.  Fernando used 4mm size for these projects.)

Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

The Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig comes with excellent instructions.  You can see very quickly how working on a circular jig will result in a perfectly formed circle in minutes.4

Fernando used wire wrapping techniques to add his beads.  Here is a closer look.

Ripple Bead

Ripple beads by Preciosa have a very unique shape.  Showcasing them in this way allows you to see the wonderful colours.

Ripple Bead

Here is the second bracelet utilizing copper and silver wire.


The crystals just glitter against the copper Ripple Beads.


Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig are in stock.

Ripple Beads

Our Ripple Bead collection has had a few new additions.

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