Wyatt is coming to John Bead in July!


Wyatt is coming to John Bead in July!

With over 34 years experience in the Jewelry Industry, Wyatt White is known as, Product Manager, Author, Jeweler and TV Celebrity.  He is the inventor of the several products including the Patented Banding Pliers, Findings Forms™ and the award winning 3D Bracelet Jig.  Wyatt has been the Product Manager and Education Director at Beadalon for the last thirteen years..  He works to make wire wrapping, wire techniques, stringing and manufacturing easier and more efficient for the novice and experienced user.

You would be hard pressed to find a jeweler who has not used or worked with a product Wyatt has designed or helped to produce for the DIY jewelry making market.

As a company spokesperson and demonstrator at tradeshows around the world, Wyatt is a popular guest and a major draw.  Students and sellers alike line up to see him demonstrate his recommended techniques, shortcuts and concepts.

There is not a better way to learn how to use Beadalon tools than from the person who is most involved in their production.  Learn from the best.  Join us for this Beadalon event at John Bead and watch Wyatt demonstrate all their bestsellers including the 2016 CHA Product of the Year; The Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool.

Date:  Monday July 18, 2016


Limited Seating – Open to All Current Customers

Sponsored by John Bead – One Guest Per Account

Please RSVP by phoning:

Millie Bulic

Reception & Administration



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Klik is On Sale!

Klik Sale

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How to set a Flat Cabochon into a Filigree Setting

Filigree Set by Carmi Cimicata

I have been making some unique jewelry sets with our vintage Japanese Porcelain cabochons (almost out of stock) and our filigree settings.


There are so many choices in this collection.  The rings are fabulous for showing off a special cabochon.


The issue you may discover is that these vintage components were not designed to fit directly into these setting.  The jewels normally set, have a pointed back, such as those we already selected to work with these items.


But I could not resist showing off these vintage items.

4Japanese Porcelain Cabachon-10

The filigree is a perfect frame for these floral themed cabochons.


So many of the sizes we have in flat cabochons fit into the filigree so I made an effort to set them as though they also had a pointed back.

6 7

That is when apoxie clay really comes in handy.  It is the ideal “glue” because it holds its shape and allows you to press something into it which will cure in place.


I used a little here on on Tropical Punch Flower Maker.  You can see that the flat setting now appears to be set on air.


Mix and match cabochons with some help from an epoxy two part clay.


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Two Tier Japanese Porcelain Bead Necklace

Two Tier Japanese Porcelain Necklace by Carmi Cimicata

This necklace shows off the opulent look that can be achieved in minutes with our vintage Japanese porcelain beads.  (I hope there are still some left in stock by the time you read this post.)

Beadalon Wire

A beading board, Beadalon wire and a beautiful clasp is all you need.


Black and turquoise are the featured colour in both the 10mm and 12mm beads I used.



I stocked up with six bags of each size in case I need to make another necklace for a family member.  A matching bracelet would be wonderful too.

Bali Clasp

The sterling silver floral bali clasp made the two tiers balance perfectly.

We have several other posts about Japanese porcelain linked here.

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Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Madagascar Look

madagascar model-3

Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches.

The model is Adrienne Hayley Dayes.   (Photo from CHSI)

Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”

One of the looks he styled features a spectacular necklace which also appear in the latest Perles et Cetera magazine as a step by step.   The english translation is provided in this post.

PicMonkey Collage2

Madagascar Necklace Designed by Fernando DaSilva, Creative Director, John Bead Corp

In 2015, PRECIOSA ORNELA introduced a new pressed bead known as the PRECIOSA Ripple™. The circular bead has a centrally located hole and the undulating surface of the bead causes a ripple to pass through the metallic decoration in both the shiny and matt finish.

Designers around the world are combining the Ripple™ with other beads and discovering that it can also be strung and showcased in a number of unique ways.

Fernando chose to recreate the look of an African necklace usually made with horn discs. These African bead necklaces are called Laguidibá and are usually in black or brown. Fernando created his own version of this distinct style by stacking Ripple™  beads colours in blocks.

Madagascar Necklace

“I wanted to design a necklace that would be an homage to the hardworking African woman. She’s wearing beautiful fabrics and jewels. She is positive and the heart of the family. Beauty is a daily routine. I wanted to express this attitude with glass beads.”

Recreating this tiered necklace and customizing it to your own colour pallet is not difficult if you follow a few simple jewelry-making steps.


  1. Select your Ripple™ beads and divide your strands into small piles of sixteen beads.


  1. String three different strands:

Strand one features seven colour sets. (7 x16)

Strand two has six colour sets (6X16)

Strand three has five colour sets (5X16)


  1. A unique Global Chic teardrop bead was added to both ends of the strands before finishing with a wire guardian and crimp bead. Fernando used two crimp beads to ensure his beads were securely strung.


  1. The three strands were then attached with a jump ring to the dream catcher connector. The placement of the strands is important to ensure you have the tiered effect. Also, he thought the dream catcher component would be perfect for matching earrings.


  1. A clasp is your last step. If you would like to wear the necklace slightly longer or simply make it fit better, a necklace extender will finish the necklace so that anyone can wear it.


Ripple™ beads also work beautifully on elastic cording. Leftover beads can be easily sorted for matching bracelets. The ethnic chic look can be achieved with the addition of matched and stacked bracelets.


The bracelets and the necklace are completely on trend this summer.

FD-Global Chic-7

The earrings for this look are also showstoppers.  Fernando continued “I really wanted big earrings so I created a vintage inspired chandelier earring set with semi precious drops and beads.  The beads have been added to filigree earrings hand set with more ripple beads.

Signature Products Used From John Bead Corp

27800957-17s5       Turquoise Alabaster Preciosa Ripple Beads

27800957-04s5       Copper Preciosa Ripple Beads

27800957-65s8       Silk Matt Yellow Czech Preciosa Ripple Beads

27800957-75s8       Silk Matt Periwinkle Czech Preciosa Ripple Beads

27800957-18s5       Opaque Medium Red Czech Preciosa Ripple Beads

27800957-19s5       Black Opaque Czech Preciosa Ripple Beads

32630137                 Dream catcher Pendant/Connector

27600215-00          Abstract Black/White Global Chic Tear Drops

25000666                 Beadalon Wire .018/49Strand

24002013                 4mm Bead Crimp Cover Stardust

24001016                 Wire Guardian

22801027                 7mm Jump Ring

23440047                 26mm Lobster Clasp

This final post is number six in our series from the Creativity on The Catwalk show

Look One – Golden Butterscotch can be viewed here.

Look Two – Wild Boho can be reviewed here.

Look Three – The Global Jet-Setter

Look Four – The Nomadic Travellor

Look Five – Let It Swing Look

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Japanese Porcelain and Soutache


It is always exciting to see what designers can create with vintage items.  Nancy Donaldson was given some of the Japanese Porcelain beads we have on sale this month and as you can see she combined them beautifully with soutache cords.

Japanese Porcelain Japanese Porcelain

The floral embellishment is wonderful and the gold highlights add an extra level of embellishment.


The large cabochons are spectacular framed in color.


We only have a small collection of these left.  They can never be restocked.


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Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads – 50% Off

Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads

These unique cabochons and beads were located in our warehouse and our staff have fallen in love with them.  We can’t source them again so order quickly before they are all gone.

Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads

They look amazing added to our filigree settings.

Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads Japanese Porcelain Cabochons and BeadsJapanese Porcelain Cabochons and Beads

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Japanese Porcelain


Our current sale has very limited quantities.

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Swarovski Design Project – Hair Bow Denim Fever


Design Project From Swarovski Create Your Style


Level of design: BEGINNERS

Have also a look at the text instructions at the last page!

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Tropical Punch Necklace Inspiration

Tropical Punch

The Lucite beads and components in the Tropical Punch collection are an impressionistic palette of colors.  Both necklaces designed by Fernando DaSilva.

Tropical Punch

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