Wired and Wild Beaded Nest!


Wired Flower By Nancy Donaldson

The fabulous wired nest was created by Nancy Donaldson.  It really is a shape that does not need a name.  It is all curves and twists and wild.

Wired Flower By Nancy Donaldson

It started out with some wire and beads.  What makes it unique is the component Nancy wired everything to.


Nancy used one of our flower maker components so this piece can immediately be strung onto a necklace.  She also used on of our unique cabochons (more information about hose soon) for the flower centre.

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Twisted and Tropical in UK Magazine


The current issue of Bead and Jewellery Magazine in the UK did a wonderful job featuring our twisted and tropical necklace submission.

IMG_5351 IMG_5352


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Creativity on The Catwalk Show – The Global Jet-Setter Look


Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI)


Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”  Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.


Fernando combined a traditional caftan with one of a kind art jewelry.  Sandra Baumgartena is the perfect model for this look because she radiates confidence.  The look implies that she loves drama and texture and Fernando believed if she walked into Diane von Fürstenberg’s office she’d be hired in a moment!


Sandra’s cuff prominently features wire and beaded flowers hand crafted by Lena Gillespie of Purple Lace Designs.  Her beautiful wirework uses our Tropical Punch flower maker as the centre.

Fernando used our leather sheets to wrap a brass cuff with hand stitched edging and a faux suede lining.  Lovely knots chocolate cord was used for the stitching.


Leather strips are riveted in place to attach the flowers using the rings already soldered to the back of the flower maker.


The earring are also show stoppers.

FD-TropicalPunch-Filigree (2)

Filigree is set with a Swarovski crystal stone.  Global Chic semi precious teardrop beads and gold chain tassels create the dramatic dangles.  These earrings could easily be turned into pendants as well.

968004-002FP 34035703-02


The Global Jet-Setter look was completed with the addition of these Czech rings which were already handmade and are being sold in our John Bead Outlet.

This is post three in our series.

Look One – Golden Butterscotch can be viewed here.

Look Two – Wild Boho can be reviewed here.

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Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Wild Boho Look


Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI)

Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”

Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.


Wild boho is modeled by India Farr.  She has on so many spectacular pieces that it will take a moment of looking to see everything.

Global Chic Channel Beads

First, we hope you noticed the longer necklace with these peyote stitched channel beads from Lena Gillespie.  Fernando selected a gradation of rainbow beads from our John Bead catalog and Lena crafted the beads using the Global Chic channel bead blanks.  The snake chain these beads are strung on is vintage and a special addition to the collection.


Global Chic-4

The statement necklace Fernando designed for this look is a showstopper.  It has a wildlife western influence.  The turquoise horn pendant with the pewter caps are separated by red coral beads that put a spotlight on the red pattern in the woven hitched braid used as a necklace extension.


Fernando also referred to this look as our “gypsy nomad.”  There are many cultural references scattered throughout the designs. He wanted to create pieces that would work well together or that could be worn one at a time.

Several sets of earring were designed and ultimately the model wore two distinct one that epitomizes the boho look.

Filigree-Global Chic-3

The earring on the left is exotic and features a waterfall of metal components.  The bells add a musical element and the Turquoise/Navy Global Chic teardrop semi precious beads adds an authenticity to the look.

Filigree-Swarovski 2

The earring on the right began with a dreamcatcher pendant and vintage Czech glass lava beads.  After seeing the unique channel bead Lena Gillespie added a beaded tassels to, Fernando opted for a stunning one of a kind combination.


The bohemian charm bracelet featured a little bit of everything that was showcased in the earrings and necklaces.


Last, but not least is the african influenced wrap bracelet.


Fernando added rivets to the weave but chose to leave the patterns visible.

The “Wild Boho” look was a success.

This is post two in our series.

Look One – Golden Butterscotch can be viewed here.

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Vintage 50’s Necklace With A Kumihimo Twist



Designed by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead Corp and Perles et Cetera Winter 2016 Issue. This is the English translation of the step by step that appeared in French in the current issue of the Magazine.

Kumihimo Kumihimo

This simple kumihimo disk has become the most loved tool in my studio. Made of foam, it is surprisingly sturdy. Kumihimo is an ancient braiding technique. Today, the classic 8-strand braid is easy to create with a variety of stringing materials. Most kumihimo disks come with instructions for this braid. Rattail is usually included because it the most common string used by kumihimo designers. It braids easily and is available in a wide selection of colours and several thicknesses.


I love the 8-strand braid and have tested it with virtually every stringing material I have in my stash.   Thick and thin lengths of cording combine to create the most elegant braids. They look complicated and unique. This really appeals to me as a designer.


To create the three tiered necklace I set up three completely different braids. My disk looked different each time. For one braid I used Neo Chain and classic kumihimo polyester rattail.


My second braid features several different thicknesses of cotton wax cord.


The third braid is especially unique with one extra thick piece of Nappa leather cord, soutache cord, cotton wax cord and rattail.


The color palette for these braids was influenced by the announcement of the 2016 Pantone Color of the year. This is the first time they have selected two colours; Rose Quartz and Serenity.


2016 Pantone Color(s) of the Year.


I glued my three braids into a special large kumihimo end cap. I made sure to let this cure overnight before adding my lobster clasp in order to ensure that the three braids were permanently in place.


I think the necklace looks lovely on it’s own. The chain I added to one of the braids adds a tiny bit of glitter.


However, what is life without a little extra embellishment? As a jewelry lover I also have quite a few of these vintage brooches in my collection.


I added this over the top rhinestone brooch and felt quite satisfied with the final necklace. The brooch is in place with just its pin back, so it is easy to remove, replace or switch out for a different color.


Here is how the necklace appears in the current issue of Perles Et Cetera.

Products Used from John Bead Corp.

Kumihimo Circle Disk

Dazzle-it Rattail

Dazzle-it Cotton Wax Cord

Metal Complex Napa Leather

Kumihimo End Cap #23820105-01

Lobster Claw

Quick Grip Glue

More Information

If you go to blog.dazzle-it.com you will see over sixty posts I have written featuring kumihimo.

If you would like to see a video demonstrating the classic 8-strand technique go to this link.

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Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Golden Butterscotch Look


Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI)

Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”

Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.


Golden Butterscotch is modeled by Emily Jill Poulter.  Her standout pom pom earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings all require some detailed review.

Ripple Beads-33 copy

The necklace was spectacular.  A completely new design by Fernando taking advantage of the Preciosa Ripple (TM) beads being stacked amongst glass lava beads.

Ripple Beads-30 copy

The colours in this tiered necklace are fresh and the Global Chic vibe is beautifully illustrated.


Emily’s wrists were well adorned.  One hand modeled a signature Fernando tapestry cord wrap bracelet highlighting black, white, ivory and gold.  A color palette we think is Très Chic!  Our Global Chic channel beads are showcasing seed beads in colours to match.  Her rings were already handcrafted and are being sold in our John Bead Outlet.

FD-Seed beads-8

The wrap bracelet was paired with this TO DIE FOR beaded cuff.


The cuff is a collaborative effort between Lena Gillespie of Purple Lace Designs and Fernando.  It is the perfect example of what happens when one designer takes a look at another designer’s project.


FD-Seed beads-5

Originally, Lena had created a very large wire and beaded leaf shape for a different project with Fernando.  Fernando saw the cuff in the shape and added bells and tassels to close the cuff.  A wonderful result!


We’ll continue featuring our runway looks throughout the Spring.

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Instant Glam Bead Embroidery


When our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva popped into a local beading store he met a designer wearing the most interesting necklace.  You can imagine how wonderful it would be for the designer of the hand crafted bezel to meet a beader who found a truly inspired way to work with in it.  Fernando designed all the Instant Glam bezels and they are perhaps the most interesting ones on the market for designers.


The beading designer is Peggy Thompson.  At first glace you might think all of these beads and crystals were glued into place.  Instead Peggy is sewing them to leather prior to inserting them into the bezel.

Peggy said  “The Instant Glam bezels are my most favourite bezels to use with my bead embroidery.  The bezel has a beautiful finish which adds to my design. The depth of the bezel is perfect for this technique.  In 2015 I found myself recovering at home from a long illness, this started my bead embroidery journey. Having no pattern to follow allowed me to spend many hours auditioning my Swarovski crystals to create my one of a kind jewelry.


Each bezel is truly a one of a kind.  We appreciate peggy sharing her work with us.

Instant Glam Tuscany

Peggy worked in the Tuscan drop bezel which is available in gunmetal and silver.  If you would like to see how other designers have used these special bezels we have a link here to a blog hop featuring Instant Glam.

If you are interested purchasing a finished peice or learning more about how to make one in a workshop Peggy can be reached by email:  Peggythompson_356@sympatico.ca

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Retro Blooming Necklace

RETRO BLOOMING Necklace for CHA 2016

RETRO BLOOMING Necklace Workshop Created for CHA 2016

“Make a cutting edge leather necklace using components from the Tropical Punch line by John Bead Corp in association with Sizzix machines and brand new dies created by Jill MacKay.   Mixed media has never been this hip…until now!   A workshop literally to die for.”  Workshop by Carmi Cimicata

Soft Leather

This workshop was created to showcase our soft leather sheets and some of the unique components in the Tropical Punch jewelry making collection.  Since the workshop techniques were demonstrated in person, these pictures are a good summary of what you need to do in order to create something similiar.

cut1  RETRO BLOOMING Necklace for CHA 2016

The Retro Blooming Necklace stands out because of the layered leather blooms.  We were able to create and cut the flowers with special dies from the Jill Mackay collection. Thank you Sizzix for allowing us to use your new “Movers and Shapers” dies for workshop.

Tip – You will be able to die cut more flowers if you cut your leather into smaller shapes. There will be less waste. (see picture above)

RETRO BLOOMING Necklace for CHA 2016

You can cut as many flower shapes as you may want for your necklace. Some of my pieces are over the top with more than three layers. You may prefer far fewer flowers on your necklace.  Simply cut and build layers until you are satisfied with the groupings.


I used a tiny dab of glue between each flower layer to secure it in place.  For the layer on top I added the special circular bead.

RETRO BLOOMING Necklace for CHA 2016

The bead I used as the flower centre is a Preciosa Ripple™. I sewed mine with a tiny bead anchor to give my necklace more of a hand-finished appearance. RETRO BLOOMING Necklace

I only sewed through a single layer of leather.


One good stitch with a knot holds the bead in place. Then I glued the layers of leather together. The Ripple bead covers the tiny hole in each flower and any possible glue seepage. (Notice where I added glue.)

NOTE: If you do not enjoy sewing, you can glue the bead in place too.


I worked on a non-stick surface so I did not accidentally glue my leather flower to my table/work surface.


I always let glue dry overnight if I can.  In a classroom setting, we are on the clock, so it was great to be able to use a fast glue such as Quick Grip for this project.



To make the flowers wearable I used Tropical Punch polyester pipe for my necklace.


I created the tiered look by cutting my pipe to the length I liked and taping it in place to maintain its shape.



I added a pendant bail slider to my last polyester pipe cord before gluing on my end caps.


The bail slider allowed me to add this special lucite Tropical Punch flower to the necklace. Then I glued my leather blooms to the polyester pipe necklace so that the lucite flower was perfectly framed.


If you do not like working with frayed ends (1),  you can tape your polyester pipe before cutting it (2)  or use a flame to seal the edges (3).


The Tropical Punch endcap I picked has a deeper center, so I cut my cords into a triangular shape so that I could glue them properly into the cap.  This allowed the cords to sit side by side snuggly in the cap with glue.


If you are working on a beading board, place a little masking tape under any area where you apply glue.  This way your project won’t accidently stick to the board if glue seeps out.

Your last step is to add a clasp.

Retro Blooming Necklace

I used these products from John Bead Corp.

Soft leather sheets – Retro Pink and Black Suede   75103102-05 + 75103100-00

Tropical Punch Polyester Pipe   75001000-01 (available in many colors)

Tropical Punch Findings   26002001-03

Tropical Punch Lucite Flowers   28400684-04

Pendant Bail Sliders   26002053-01

Bead Design Board   74530132

Quick Grip Glue

Czech Preciosa Ripple Beads  27800957-01s5

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Tropical Punch Spring

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

Tropical Spring Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead.

This gorgeous flower pendant was created with some of the fabulous products in the Tropical Punch collection at John Bead


Tropical Punch Flower Maker

The new flower maker component featured yesterday allows you to customize your flower to reflect whatever color palette your heart desires.  I used these Tropical Punch products for my floral corsage:

Gold Flower Maker

Rose/Salmon Drop Beads

Lucite Mini Flower Bead Caps

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

I chose the 12mm Scarabaeus Green Crystal for my centre jewel.  It sits beautifully in the Flower Maker.

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

These two colors are a breath of fresh air.  Once I set my crystal I thought it might need more so I also added the bead caps.

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

The bead strands in the Tropical Punch collection are absolutely inspired.  I knew I would have no problem creating a necklace with components to set off my rose/green pendant.

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

Tropical Punch lucite chain is available in two sizes and several fantastic colors.  They are easy to add to the Flower Maker component with jump rings.

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

I added some strung beads and completed my design with many wonderful bright beads to compliment my main color choices.  Ready to wear!


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Tropical Tea Party


0Tropical Tea Party designed by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead Corp.

Spring has finally arrived which means summer is just around the corner!  I am starting to think about gardening and picnics and all sorts of outdoor activities.  It is time to create some fun jewelry!2

To make my bracelet I began with the elements I needed to make the unusual flower pendant component.

Tropical Punch Flower Maker

Tropical Punch Curved Petals

Elastic, Resin Clay –  Apoxie Sculpt

Miniature people, cupcake, teacup and saucer from my only collection.

26011514 (1)

This is our latest flower maker.  The original Flower Maker already has a crystal in the centre but we wanted to give designers the opportunity to select their own colours and products to customize their projects.


We have a complete step by step showing you how to add the lucite petals to the flower maker linked right here.


To add my tea party miniatures I added a little “dollop” of resin clay to the open area. Since my miniatures would be placed at odd angles, I opted to make sure my lucite petals were already in place.


You can see that I just pushed my miniatures right into the clay.  This was left to cure for 24 hours.


At first I thought about wearing my pendant on a necklace.  I gathered two sets of color strands (these are lucite beads) from Tropical Punch.  A necklace would have been nice but I opted for a bracelet instead.  Beadalon memory wire was the simplest way to make everything wearable quickly.

Tropical Punch Bead Strand Collections

Beadalon Memory Wire For Bracelets

28400685-01 (1)

The bead strands are so pretty.  It makes sense to grab two if you like the color palette.


While adding my lucite beads to the memory wire I also added a few extra seed beads.


My tea party now sits straight up from my wrist.   The final touch was a leather tassel to finish the end.



Here is a closer look at the Flower Maker component.  You can see the loops allowing you to easily attach a finished piece to any stringing material.  It is also available in silver.

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