Bead Mixes – Designer Challenge

Bookmark this post because we will be sharing 12+ one-of-a-kind designer pieces featuring the unique bead mixes created by John Bead Corp.
(see picture of all the mixes at end of post)

2016 John Bead Necklace3

Brazilian Fiesta – By Jamie North

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your 12 Days of Christmas project! It pushed me out of my comfort zone in both colors and shapes – it was fun to play with some yellow and butterflies too. The colors in the collection I receive remind me of the Brazilian flag and since they were selected by Fernando DaSilva, who is from Brazil, it seemed appropriate.”

2016 John Bead Bracelet2

Jamie also made this bracelet with the leftovers in her bead mix box.


Jamie’s projects feature – Citrus Sparkles Bead Mix


Wired Floral Necklace by Lena Gillespie

Lena Gillespie necklace featuring:  Day of Joy Mixed Bead Box

About The Bead Mix Box Challenge
Each designer received one mixed bead box and almost all of them have reported that they still have so many left over after completing their projects.
We have designers participating from Canada, The USA and the UK.
Our Facebook page will have giveaways featuring these mixes so Like our page for details.



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Lush Meadow Nail Art Design Free PDF


Lush Meadow PDF linked here.

John Bead now sells a complete Nail Art Program.

nAIL-aRT (1)

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Nail Art Now at John Bead Corp

nAIL-aRT (1)

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Our Next Overstock Sale


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New Project – Choker Step by Step from Swarovski


New PDF from Swarovski linked here.

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Cornelian Star Bead and Project PDF

Cornelian Star

Our latest bead is now in stock.


The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star can be used in the same way as a regular rocaille. Here, we offer a relatively simple tutorial for jewelry made from simple PRECIOSA Cornelian Star balls.   PDF to make these star balls linked here.

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New Tee Bead Step by Step Project PDF


Woven bracelets made from PRECIOSA Tee™ beads

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Tee™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Its dimensions of 2 x 8 mm mean that this product complies with the current trends for mini beads. The axially symmetrical flat “T” shape enables the use of vacuum half-coatings with the resulting effect of a full-coating decoration and other popular surface finishes.
The strung beads closely interlock and as such simplify the creation of varied three-dimensional structures and interesting planar structures.

The new Czech PRECIOSA Tee™ bead can also be used in weaving. You can also try this creative technique without the need for an original weaving loom. You can thread a warp onto an old frame or a wooden board where you have tacked in small nails with the necessary  spacing. So, try the many interesting options for arranging and connecting these pressed beads in the shape of a letter “T”.

Designer: Helena Chmelíková

PDF linked here.

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New Metallic Braided Cord!


Now on the website.

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Swarovski Project PDF


PDF for this project linked here.

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Astonishing New Mixed Bead Boxes!

PicMonkey Collage


Limited Edition.

High End Czech Glass .


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