Macrame With Genuine Leather Cord

Leather Cord

This is the perfect time of the year to wear necklaces that feel a little more substantial. These simple but stylish necklaces were made by Nancy Donaldson who spent a few hours working with our leather cord collection.



While softer cords are a more traditional approach to macrame, the use of leather allows you to really showcase the individual knots.




Ends can be left just cut.DSC01073

For this collar Nancy added in some metal blank washers.DSC01076

The look is industrial and contemporary.

Metal Blank Washers

Nancy used german silver metal blank washers.

Leather Cord Leather Cords

We have a very large assortment of leather cords to select from on spools and retail ready packaging.

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Global Chic Unique Components – Second Post

Global Chic

You may have immediately been drawn to the fabulous Global Chic components on this bracelet designed by Fernando DaSilva.

Global Chic


These are the components from the Global Chic Line Fernando used:  one gold hammered heart, one round dome gold button and one slider.  They all work with the Global Chic Tapestry cord.

Global Chic

The first step is to make a loop at one end of your cord.  Glue a slider in place and make sure the gold button will pass through it.

Global Chic

Make sure you add your hammered heart to the cord and then glue your button dome in place.

Global Chic

These components make the bracelet look so decorative and finished.  A little glue is all you need to make magic!


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The November Overstock Sale is on Findings!


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Global Chic – New Hook Clasp

This gorgeous new bracelet by Fernando DaSilva features a little bit of everything in our new Global Chic collection.  You are seeing Tapestry Cord, Channel Beads with personalized thread and fish leather centres, Sliders and a unique new finding we call a Hook clasp.  Fernando said:

“I selected this style of hook because once a loop is formed on the opposite end of a cord it hooks without a second component. On top of that, it is perfect for mens jewelry, a segment that lacks neutral components.”




The sliders and hooks are available in gold and rhodium.


We’d like to show you how it works.

The first step is to thread some tapestry cord through the single hole.  Fold the tapestry cord and cut it at a spot you think it looks best.  An inch or slightly longer looks super.


I placed a little Quick Grip glue on the cord before I slid my slider in place to give it a little more security.  It is always good to wipe away excess glue at this point.



I also added a tiny bit of glue to the tapestry cord that was cut so it does not fray.6


To create the second side we folded the tapestry cord by itself and repeated the steps to attach the slider.  This loop will be used on the opposite side of the hook so use your fingers to make it a little flatter at the end.  Make sure you test the sizing before adding your glue.

Here is what both sides should look like.8

We let the glue set for a few hours.

Global Chic

Then we cut the extra Tapestry cord away and added a little more glue here to stop any fraying.


The second side now slides right into the open half of the hook.

Most glues perform best if they are left to thoroughly dry over night.  Masking tape will help to shape your bracelet during the dry time.

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John Bead Workshops in California for CHA

W702 (300dpi)

Friday January 8, 2016  6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Join free-spirited designer Suze Weinberg and learn how to mix bright colors to design an asymmetrical necklace created with high-tech components from the Tropical Punch collection by John Bead.

W808 (300dpi)

Saturday January 9, 2016  –  6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Make a cutting edge leather necklace using components from the Tropical Punch line by John Bead in association with Sizzix machines and brand new dies created by Jill MacKay. Mixed media has never been this hip…until now! A workshop literally to die for.


Sunday January 10, 2016  –  8:00AM – 11:00AM
John Bead’s Creative Director Fernando DaSilva promises to add glamour and a stunning splash of color to your long winter season. Work with fantastic Lucite components
from the Tropical Punch collection by Dazzle-it™when you attend this back to basics workshop. Learn how to assemble exotic flowers using the new Flower Maker findings
combined with a high-tech polyester pipe. The necklace you will make was inspired by Billie Holiday.  The techniques involved are stringing and gluing.

W1007 (300dpi)

Monday January 11, 2016  – 8:00AM – 11:00AM
Fernando DaSilva, John Bead’s head designer will show you how to glamorize soft leather and well-made Lucite components. Leave the room wearing a girlie and ultra trendy cuff that combines products by John Bead’s coolest product lines: LeatherWorks and Tropical Punch.

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Instant Statement Necklace


Instant Statement Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead.  This necklace is easy to create if you enjoy simple twisting techniques and hand stitching.


Polyester Pipe was one of the newest stringing materials to be introduced by John Bead as part of their Tropical Punch collection.  There are many color options to choose from.  For this project I used Aqua/Royal Blue and Navy/Burgundy.

The fabulous crystal filled bezels you see featured are created with Instant Glam components.  The Blue Crystal Rock applique paired beautifully with the blues in the polyester Pipe.


In order to get my necklace shaped, I used masking tape to help me keep both polyester pipe strands side by side.


Strategic hand stitching on the back side of my piece ensured that the curves would stay in place.


I even added a tiny bit of glue to my thread knot for extra security.


The Instant Glam bezels already have three soldered links on the back.  I used a needle and thread to join the bezels components to the polyester pipe using those links.


I was almost done.  I could not decide if a third bezel was needed.


After showing my work in progress to our Creative Director; Fernando Dasilva it was pointed out that perhaps another loop was needed.  So I added these three loops by simply gluing end caps to some of my leftover polyester pipe pieces and attached them with a jumpring.


I think the bezels are now balanced and the asymmetrical look I was envisioning has been achieved.

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New Global Chic Channel Beads and Two Part Apoxie

Global Chic

You are seeing unique crystal and clay channel beads that are easy to make and then string on our new Global Chic tapestry cord.

Global Chic Channel Beads

28800006-00 28800002-01



The project begins with our new Global Chic channel beads which are available is several shapes and sizes.  We also used Apoxie Sculpt, some diamond back crystals and a Crystal Katana tool.

Two Part Apoxy

Following the manufacturers instructions I made a small batch of clay.  It air cures, so no oven needed.



The “channel” of the bead gives you a perfect place to add clay.  The edges keep the clay from protruding out the sides.  The wooden tool you see is the Crystal Katana.  It makes picking up the crystals easy and fast.  You can see in this image how crystals were simply embedded in the clay.


A combination of crystal sizes also helps you to create interesting patterns.



The two finished beads air cured for 24 hours.  Then can now be incorporated into other Global Chic designs.


We could also pair these finished beads with some of the Global Chic Geometric Chain. Options are endless.  You can switch the color of the clay or crystals to create unique beads that coordinate with any component in this collection.


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Global Chic Earrings


This is the first piece of finished jewelry we are showcasing from the Global Chic catalog. It was designed by Fernando DaSilva and features our new reconstructed stone teardrop beads.

12189751_908997612469109_4775676467798153143_n11224106_908999989135538_4126133757631390687_n (1)

This dream catcher was used to create the drop.



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Global Chic – Our Latest Collection

Global Chic Launch

The desire to explore distant lands and to experience cultural diversity is the inspiration for our LATEST product line called Global Chic.

Many of us want to feed our adventurous spirit. We want to stay connected to our urban reality without losing a sense of ethnic authenticity.

Instant online communication and visual sharing allows people to feel like they belong anywhere in the world. People discover that citizens from different nations appreciate similar colors, flavors and aesthetics.

Creative Directors and head designers from the main French and Italian fashion houses are taking inspirations from a variety of cultural groups and lands to create patchwork designs. Unswept landscapes are the background for vibrant browns, olives, oranges and yellows. Floral landscapes and natural backdrops are creating expansive views of the world we live in.

Old world tapestry has been reintroduced in fashion with substantive decorative embroidering as seen on long ponchos, dresses, bracelets and leather goods. Soft leather, gold hardware, multi colored beads, tassels and fringe highlight the goddess, gladiator and soldier attitude. Cultural prints, feathers and First Nations looks are being highlighted by American fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Diane Von Furstenberg.

For John Bead, this urban tribal trend has been translated into a range of products, which are easy to wear, organic, sensuous, colorful and modern. This juxtaposition of ideas and diversity is what we believe will inspire designers and hobbyists to create wearable art.

Global Chic Catalog

We have a new catalog on our website allowing you to see the entire collection.

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Our Latest Overstock Sale – Ceramic and Cloisonne Beads


PicMonkey Collage

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