John Bead and Fernando DaSilva at Fall Creativ Festival

Do you know about Toronto’s Creativ Festival?

The Creativ Festival (formerly Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) since 1988 has been offering an unbeatable combination of tantalizing shopping and dynamic instruction. Designed to intrigue, involve, excite, stimulate and celebrate the art of creating your own personal style.

There are 5 days of intimate conference classes which feature exceptional hands-on learning filled with ideas, inspiration and instruction by some of the industry’s best!  John Bead’s Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva is teaching three classes.

Here is a closer look at the Mandarin Soutache Sensation class you can take.

Classes sell out quickly.  Registration has begun by phone this week and online this weekend.  You can look at the digital conference brochure by clicking on this link.


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Exotique Jardin Necklace

The necklace featured on the cover of our Leather Works Manual can be made by you following Fernando DaSilva’s step by step instructions with photographs.

“The projects within this manual clearly show that is possible to bridge basic elements of a traditional craft with trendy components to create a new look that’s full of rich textures. Loaded with fantastic step-by-step photos and instructions, an inspirational gallery and extra tips. Leather Works will teach you how to express your creativity to become your own manufacturer, and to shine with original ideas made with genuine leather. ” Fernando DaSilva.

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Our New Booklet – It’s Soutache!

It’s Soutache! Is the latest adventure of Fernando DaSilva on his mission to bridge the DIY segment and fashionable designs for the creative-minded.  Fernando is our Product Development and Creative Manager.

“I saw soutache for the first time on the pages of Italian Vogue and months later in person at jewelry stores located on the famous Ponte Vecchio, in Florence.  This booklet is an introduction to the art of passementerie using soutache trim.  The projects represent a fresh interpretation of this ancient technique tailor to an amateur, who just like myself, wants to expand their DIY universe.”

“It’s Soutache! Will introduce clever applications of these fantastic trims to create equally trendy and one-of-a-kind designs.  It’s Soutache! Mixes the traditional ancient technique with modern and trendy applications that exudes freshness.  Turn the pages and let the beauty of Soutache capture your heart.”

“In the do-it-yourself market, the jewelry-making segment is heavily influenced by the past, pop culture and looks from the catwalk.  For the last decade, DIY has been the most important tool to create unique fashion and to express people’s personalities.  That being said, the materials used with different techniques are the essence for crafters and hobbyists to reach uniqueness.”

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Nappa Leather Fabulousness!

Fernando DaSilva created this fabulous necklace to demonstrate the numerous techniques you can use with our nappa leather.  It is knotted, cut, riveted and gathered into this one of a kind wearable.  When I asked him to describe the necklace he said:

“Edgy, vibrant, over the top, sexy!  The juxtapositions are unorthodox and I used dozens of rivets to design the necklace.  And, yellow is on trend!”

 Choosing the yellow from the collection was a dare indeed!

We do have quite a few options.  Now I want to use the yellow as well!

 A few of the other components Fernando featured in his necklace.

Faux Suede Tassels

Butterfly Pendant Bail

Pendant Bail Slider

Swarovski Drops

Swarovski Butterfly Bead – TANGERINE

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The Christmas Sunrise Necklace


Fernando Dasilva for John Bead made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person we have been showcasing his design work here on the John Bead blog.


1. Feed a crimp tube on 2 strands of red beading wire together and string back to crimp forming a small loop, and using crimping pliers crimp  properly, and then trim any excess wire.

2. Using only the 6mm golden shadow crystals begin stringing beads following pattern below:

3 crystals + pearl + metal bead + pearl + 3 crystals + pearl + metal bead + pearl + 3 crystals + pearl + metal bead

Finish the end. Repeat 3 more times to create 4 separate strands and set aside.

3. String the following pattern:

6mm crystal dorado + 8mm crystal golden shadow + 6mm crystal dorado +pearl + metal bead + pearl + crystal dorado + crystal golden shadow + crystal dorado +pearl + metal bead + pearl + 6mm crystal dorado + 8mm crystal golden shadow + 6 crystal dorado + pearl + metal bead + pearl

Repeat one more time to create a second strand like the one above. Set them aside.

4. Wrapping snowflake pendants:

Cut red Artistic wire in pieces of 10 inches length.

For the large pendants:

Wrap the wire vertical, on one side of pendant, wrap tightly in between the “v” in the pendant pedals. Press tight making 5 turns and trimming excess wire on the AB side (back) of the pendant.

Repeat same on the opposite side.

Then use a third piece of wire to wrap it horizontally, forming a “belt” around the pendant and on top of previous wraps.  Place half of the wire on the center of pendant and wrap both ends at same time finishing crossing both ends around the center of the AB side of crystal pendant/ Trim excess wire and use nylon p jaw pliers to tighten all the wires together neatly.

Repeat the same to wrap 3 more of those and set them aside.

5. Wrapping small pendants:

Use one 10-inch piece of red wire.

Wrap each of the snowflake pendants any way you choose. Start at the center of the wire and wrap the ends.

6. Add gently one pinch bail to each of the snow pendants made previously and set them aside.

7.  Wrapping beaded ring:

Cut a piece of 2ft length of gold plated 26 gauge German style wire.

Wrap the end of the wire around one section of TC beaded ring, and then after 4 turns add one crystal Indian red bead. Pull it tight and continue wrapping around the whole edge of the ring, always making 4 turns. Use your nail to pull the wire together and tight.

8. Assembling strands:

Cut a piece of 22 gauge German wire 3 inches and make a half loop using the large portion of round nose pliers. Make a loop big enough to fit 2 strands made in step 2 and one strand made in step3.

Finish the loop wrapping it around the wire 3 times down and going back up more 3 times covering the first wrapped section. Trim excess wire.

9. Feed all the strands assembled in step 8 through one square bed cone and then make wrap on top of cone. Trim excess wire.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to finish the opposite ends. Braid the 3 strands before you attach to half loop and then finish on same fashion using a round cone.

Repeat on same fashion to finish the other half of necklace.

11. Add a copper jump ring to the pendant bail. Add a second jump ring to previous ring and then add to a section of links of connectors in between the marquis shape links of gold matte chain to pendant.

12. Open one 9mm jump ring and thread through beaded ring. Add a second 9mm jump ring to it.

13. Open one 9mm jump ring and attach the square cone end of necklace to beaded ring. Attach the other side of necklace on same fashion.

14. Attach round cone end of necklace to a oval jump ring and then to “s   hook” clasp.

Build a small section of chain using 7 links of same oval jump rings and attach to opposite round cone end of necklace.

Add a 9mm jump ring to the end of the small chain section.

15. Make another extended chain section using 10 oval jump rings.

16. Make a single dangle using pearl and head pin, wrap twice and attach to final link of extension chain.

17.  Open a copper jump ring and attach one large snowflake pendant on necklace, going through 2 strands together and then close it gently. Start adding on same fashion all others snowflake pendants symmetrically using the photo attached as your guidance.

18. Attach a 9 inches of matte gold chain to one end of necklace using a copper jump ring. Attach the opposite end on same fashion.

19. Take apart 4 sections of links of connectors in between marquis links of matte gold chain.  Use them evenly throughout the chain to hold the extra inches of chain around the beaded strands to keep them together. You will be creating a “cage like” around those strands.

Repeat on the side of necklace on same fashion.

20.  Use leftover piece of 26 gauge gold plated wire to close one side of “s hook” so that side of necklace will not come out.


4 30mm Crystal AB Swarovski Elements Snowflake Pendants

3 25mm Crystal AB Swarovski Elements Snowflake Pendants

37 11x8mm Crystal Bronze Swarovski Elements Pearls

15 4mm Indian Red Swarovski Elements Xilion Beads

36 6mm Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Elements Round Beads

6 8mm Crystal Golden Shade Swarovski Elements Round Beads

12 6mm Crystal Dorado 2x Swarovski Elements Round Beads

1 antique gold 25mm TC beaded ring

1 gold plated Tierra Cast “s hook” clasp

2 bronze cones with slots

2 bronze cone square

18 9x8mm antique gold 2 cone metal beads

26 gold plated 20 gauge T.C. oval jump rings

1 spool (6yd) of 24 gauge red Artistic Wire

1ft 22 gauge copper German style wire

3 ft 26 gauge gold plated German style wire

10ft red Beadalon 19 Strands .015’ red stringing wire

18 inches matte gold plated marquis linked chain

12 copper #3 crimp beads

4 gold plated 9mm round jump rings

7 gold plated pinch bails by Beadalon

Tools:   Side cutter,  Flat noseRound Nose 

All of Fernando’s projects for the Atelier are linked here.

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More Show Room Masterpieces – The UFO Beaded Crystal

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

Here is how Adela described this sample in the showroom.

“The UFO is nice big crystal (diameter approx. 6cm) covered by Miyuki seed beads and Swarovski MC rounds. The technique is tricky, because there is no glue.”

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The Holiday Schedule

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Soutache With Samba Red and Silver Cords

With so many new soutache enthusiasts it is exciting to see the colour palettes and bead choices they are selecting.

Nancy Donaldson is teaching herself how to incorporate soutache cords into her projects. It is clear she has really enjoyed the process.

Samba red and silver cords look wonderful side by side.

Nancy’s focal bead is a Fire and Ice agate oval dyed black.

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Show Room Bracelet from Adela Kodonova

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

What Adela had to say about the GREEN CURLY BRACELET which is one of her favorites:

“When you are in rush in the morning, just put this masterpiece on quickly. No clasp – no problems, LOVE elastic bracelets!

I used hundreds of Preciosa machine cut beads combined with many meters of Soft-Flex wire to make my bracelet. This bracelet was also featured in a special exhibition at the Canadian Embassy in Prague.”

How Adela managed to weave her way through this bracelet is a wonderful testament to designer ingenuity!

We have a wonderful Soft Flex collection of wire to choose from.

To inspire you even more, here is a set of earrings featuring Adela’s special wire and crystal combination technique.

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The John Bead 60th Anniversary Beads and Breakfast

The history of our company through all the elements displayed in our timeline boards.
These will now be displayed in our showroom.

On Saturday June 7, 2014 John Bead hosted a very special event we called “Beads and Breakfast” at the Iron Horse hotel in Milwaukee.  It was an opportunity for us to start celebrating our 60th Anniversary.

Each table featured mason jars and double vases filled with white and cream pearls, white roses and calla lilies (classic Chanel-inspired) 60th Anniversary brochures, a celebratory gift for each guest and hand-beaded napkin rings with white pearls.

“It is with great pride and joy that we mark the occasion of our sixty years in business. It has been an honor to serve the Bead and Craft marketplace through the decades and we enthusiastically look forward to what lies ahead. We are now a third generation, family operated company, that extends sincere thanks to our current and past employees, suppliers and customers. Our business philosophy continues to place our customers first and we enjoy bringing the latest trends and products to the market.”

Mike John, President and Daniel John, Vice-President

Vince Scalera from Swarovski North America browsing the “ Turn of the Century” board, the year our company became a Swarovski distributor in Canada.

Kenji with Miyuki taking a detailed look at the decoration of our tables with eyes of a Japanese hawk. (we love him so we can joke)

Our President, Mike John chatting with Doug with Unicorne Beads.

Mike and Daniel John, president and vice president of John Bead, stopping for a pose with Julie Young and Kelli Taylor, form Tierra Cast Findings.

Sassy girls united– Kristal Wick from, Designer and Inventor Sandra Lupo, and Christiane Ross from Jewelry Television- Jewel School.

Kenji Katsuoka from Miyuki stopping for a pose with his two brothers.

Crystallized meeting with Vince Scalera from Swarovski and Cindy Wilson with Dreamtime Creations.

Daniel John, Vice President of JBC with Kenji Katsuoka, Sandra Lupo and UK designer Patty McCourt.

Wyatt White from Beadalon with Vince Scalera.

Naomi Fujimoto editor of Bead Style and Wyatt White having a good time!

Our guests enjoying themselves and browsing the history of our company through all the elements displayed in our timeline boards.

Our breakfast included watermelon shooters, house made sausage and potato frittata, mini pancakes with smoked salmon, crab and dill canapés and Spanish figs and date tarts. This gourmet selection was designed to please our guests.

Another highlight of John Bead Corporation Ltd. 60th Anniversary Beads & Breakfast was the presence of up town girl and fashionista Alexandra Mirecki who was our hostess during the event. She is wearing jewelry designed by Fernando DaSilva for the event.

It was wonderful to see so many of our friends and customers at our celebratory breakfast. Our event was organized and styled by Fernando DaSilva who lead a team of John Bead employees who worked behind the scenes for two months to prepare for this memorable breakfast.  We will have more celebrations leading up to our official anniversary this summer.

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