Our Soutache Collection

We are so pleased to announce that our soutache collection is now in stock.  There are 30 solid colours and 12 duet colours to choose from.

Soutache trim is available in 100 yard spools.

We also have 3 yard retail ready bobbins.


We’ll be posting lots of soutache news in the coming weeks!

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Interchangeable Earrings

These are earring you can design in minutes.  How is that possible you might wonder?

These are our new Interchangeable Earring available in three shapes; Marquise, Rectangle and Round.  Fernando DaSilva our Product Development and Creative Manager called them “Italian style” as they are sleek, modern and lightweight.

You simply open the earring and place your chosen beads.

This is a unique and new way to make earrings that match beaded designs.

The interchangeable earrings are also an ideal way to use up the extra beads left over from other projects.

They are also a wonderful showcase for higher end beads as well.


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Something You Might Not Know About John Bead

  The John Bead Corporation is headquartered in Canada and provides excellent service to our American customers. We ship direct in the USA through Buffalo, New York so you do not have any brokerage, duty or customs costs.  Also, the John Bead catalog is already priced in American dollars.  

 We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see our very competitive pricing.   

We invite you to peruse our on-line catalogs and allow us the opportunity to work with you on your product selections.  As always, we appreciate your business and enjoy presenting new products and ideas from our global network of suppliers and associates.  
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Neo Chain in Perles et Cetera Spring Issue

A fun Neo Chain project has been featured in the spring issue of Perles Et Cetera magazine.  The english translation will be posted next!

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From The Treasure Chest – Spectacular Metal Beads!

There are days when I count my lucky stars to be creating social media posts for John Bead.  As you can imagine, I have access to what I think is the world’s biggest bead store! Each time I venture into the warehouse I look up and wonder what might be on the top shelves, or in the extra rooms or around the corner.  Working with Mr. Mike John and his son Daniel John has exposed me to more jewelry component knowledge than I could gain at a four year collage.  Recently we announced that John Bead is celebrating its 60th year in business.  In speaking to Mr. John, he commented that if you think about 60 years of buying…you can imagine that the warehouse has quite a few odds and ends from buying trends in the past.  There are vintage items scattered throughout and I am hoping to help put a spotlight on some of them here on the blog.

This is how I feel about the John Bead Warehouse.  There are treasures hidden and stored throughout the buildings and I want to see them all.

We’ll begin with these metal bead grab bags.  They are in the catalog and I have never seen them in my catalog perusing travels.  They are quite simply; SPECTACULAR!  The colour options are antique gold, antique copper and antique silver.  I took home two bags of each colour and had a wonderful time designing the pieces I am showing you today.

The bracelets seemed to make themselves.  I found so many unique beads in each bag. Not knowing what I would find made it fun to open and sort each bag.

The antique silver looks gorgeous paired with turquoise.

The antique gold I paired with our new Fire and Ice Yellow agate beads. I only found one gold fish so I decided to feature him.

The antique copper looked great with so many colours.  In the end, I let it shine by itself with only a few small additions.

 I think these metal grab bags are my new favorite item in the catalog!  I know there are not too many left and when they are gone they are gone.

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Pom Poms – The Happy Craft Supply

Pom poms are a classic inexpensive craft supply.  You may not realize that John Bead has always featured craft supplies in their catalog.

We have a rather large assortment of pom poms in the catalog.

Brian Atwood Shoes –WWD, ASOS Bracelet, Confettipop
Anna Evers Key chain, AuntPeaches.com, CC Cellphone and bright colours WWD
Pom Pom branches on Buzzfeed, Napkin rings from Artbar blog

It is a good thing we have a large supply because crafty pom pom projects are popping up everywhere.  They are just such a happy addition to your supplies stash! You can add them to your next order or stop by the pom pom section in The John Bead Outlet for a quick purchase.

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