Shells, Shells and More Shells!


I have had this huge assortment of shells from the Dazzle-It line on my table for weeks.  Realizing it was AUGUST I was suddenly wanting to create something ASAP to wear before summer was over.

I also had a package of three hole connectors that I have never used.  It was time for me to stop thinking single strand only!

I created a collage of strands.

These are shell beads – OVAL w/Centre Hole and I used the light gold.

These are called shell dice!  They are available in nine colours!

These irregular shell beads with holes are also in many colours.  I have used pink and purple already.  This is the natural strand.

Navette Shape Shell strands are in the catalog in eleven different colours.

I could not resist adding a little Swarovski crystal.

I used Dazzle-It 100% silk bead cord to string all my shells. I think I can say I am finally out of my single strand box!

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