The John Bead Company 60 Years In Business -The 70′s

You can read all the 60th Anniversary posts linked here.

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The John Bead Company 60 Years In Business -The 60′s

You can read all the 60th Anniversary posts linked here.

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The John Bead Company 60 Years In Business -The 50′s

It is with great pride and joy that we mark the occasion of our sixty years in business. It has been an honor to serve the Bead and Craft marketplace through the decades and we enthusiastically look forward to what lies ahead. We are now a third generation, family operated company that extends sincere thanks to our current and past employees, suppliers and customers. Our business philosophy continues to place our customers first and we enjoy bringing the latest trends and products to the market.

Much has changed since our business was founded on August 31, 1954.

Over the next two weeks we will showcase some of the highlights of our history and provides a glimpse into our future.

Mike John, President

Daniel John, Vice-President

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Have you seen the new Knot-a-Bead from Beadalon?

The Beadalon Knot-a-Bead is a Patent Pending tabletop knotter tool that allows you to tie knots naturally with two hands and position the knots tightly against beads for professional looking jewelry. The sturdy, ergonomic design is safe and simple to use even for beginners.

Will accommodate any shape bead up to 16 mm in diameter, and the specially designed yoke and stainless steel auto-reset awl allow you to position knots precisely where you want them. Use with most diameters and types of bead stringing materials.

Knot-a-Bead Features

  • Make professional looking hand knotted jewelry quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic design allows for natural two-handed knot tying between beads
  • Spring-loaded stainless steel, auto-reset awl places knots with precision
  • Accommodates any shape beads up to 16 mm in diameter
  • Use with all diameters and most types of bead stringing materials
  • Fast and easy-to-use, even for beginners

This YouTube video is the best way to see this new tool in action.

Beadalon has a new board on Pinterest with new designs and how tos.

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Dazzling Soutache Necklace


This is a closer look at one of soutache artisan Liz Macfarlane’s samples in our “It’s Soutache” booklet gallery section.

This is one of my favorite colour combinations; brown and pink.

In our catalog we call these colours strawberry pink and espresso.

I also love the sparkly Dazzle-it shamballa beads featured.

It’s Soutache! will introduce clever applications of these fantastic trims to create equally trendy and one-of-a-kind designs.  It’s Soutache! Mixes the traditional ancient technique with modern and trendy applications that exudes freshness.  Turn the pages and let the beauty of Soutache capture your heart.

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More Showroom Samples from Adela Kodonova

Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.

This bracelet features a Unicorne bead no longer in the catalog known as the “pretzel” bead.   The UNICORNE FLOWER BRACELET is a simple stringed piece and you can see here how Adela used a bead that did not have a hole as the focal points.

This is a wonderful accessory to make.

The purse fob showcases a watch component perfectly.  This is both pretty and practical!

We have a great selection of swivel clips if you want to create some similar pieces.

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Imitation Sinew – Two New Colours

We have two beautiful new colours in the sinew collection.

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New Shape and New Effect from Swarovski!

The new Swarovski Elements are available to review online.

Nostalgic Grandeur echoes the beauty of the past in the subdued hues of the Crystal Patina effect. In contrast, Poetic Punk Rock signals a futuristic edginess encapsulated in the Crystal Spikes and Studs collection in co-operation with Jean Paul Gaultier.

New Effect:  Crystal Patina Inspired by Venice’s beauty, rich history and masquerade balls, “Nostalgic Grandeur” recalls baroque ballrooms and opulent mirrors.  This theme is reflected in the new Crystal Patina effect: entirely unprecedented in the industry, its vintage look conveys a sense of timelessness.

Poetic Punk Rock - Crystal Spikes and Studs Collection.  The re-emergence of high-glam, punk rock inspired fashion coincides with a rising sense of “austerity fatigue,” prompting the return of opulence to our lives.  With his extraordinary ability to interpret and redefine fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier has co-operated with Swarovski to take the theme to a new level in an avant-garde assortment of breathtaking couture pieces with a cool, contemporary edge:  Crystal Spikes and Studs.

John Bead customers can review a new downloadable catalog later this week.

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Do You Know the Farfalle Bead?

These John Bead showroom pieces are just gorgeous!  Before John Bead’s social media program began we had a series of stunning jewelry and jeweled pieces created by one designer for the showroom.  These pieces were designed Adela Kodonova and you can read more about her here.  The bracelet and earrings shown showcase the FARFALLE bead.


Farfalle beads, (Adela refers to them as the sisters of the pellets) are a unique shaped bead in the catalog. We also call them a “bow bead.”


They are available in many colours and I am partial to this special collection called “the Candy mix.”

“Beginners can learn how to use this very clever and special shape of seed beads quickly. With almost no energy and with basic stringing techniques it is possible to create very nice pieces of jewellery ” said Adela.

I love this sample.  Pearls and farfalle beads.  What a wonderful tag team!


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John Bead and Fernando DaSilva at Fall Creativ Festival

Do you know about Toronto’s Creativ Festival?

The Creativ Festival (formerly Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) since 1988 has been offering an unbeatable combination of tantalizing shopping and dynamic instruction. Designed to intrigue, involve, excite, stimulate and celebrate the art of creating your own personal style.

There are 5 days of intimate conference classes which feature exceptional hands-on learning filled with ideas, inspiration and instruction by some of the industry’s best!  John Bead’s Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva is teaching three classes.

Here is a closer look at the Mandarin Soutache Sensation class you can take.

Classes sell out quickly.  Registration has begun by phone this week and online this weekend.  You can look at the digital conference brochure by clicking on this link.


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