Flat Kumihimo Braid – I Think I Got It!

I am so proud of this bracelet!  I didn’t think that less than 12 hours after my first attempt that I would be able to show you something that looked this good…so quick! I took me one hour to complete the braid this time!

My rattail colour choices are inspired by something I already made.

This fabric brooch is very sweet.  It needed a matching accessory.  I am so glad I picked up every colour in the Dazzle-It rattail line.  I never know what palette I will be working with.

Once again I set up my square disk using the instructions John Bead provided.

But this time I did something extra. Lilla at John Bead reminded me that I really needed to weigh down the strand as I braided it to keep it from getting curved or uneven.  There are lots of things you can use for a weight; a bag of pennies or even a heavy fishing lure.  I chose this brass cat paper weight.

This time my braid is excellent!  I give the brass cat all the credit for my success.  My knots are so nice and tight and my edge is straight!

I used gold ribbon clamps again to finish the edges.  I covered that technique in yesterday’s postSo, day two:  cool flat braid. What are you waiting for?  Get the kumihimo plates!

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4 Responses to Flat Kumihimo Braid – I Think I Got It!

  1. SarahS says:

    love the braid! I will have to get the square disk soon.

    For a weight on my round disk, I use a small bag of ‘special’ rocks and a binder clip. I can tie the bag to the clip and then clip that to the knot of the braid. Depending on the braid and if I am using beads, I can add or subtract rocks from the bag to adjust the weight!

  2. Nanci Dill says:

    I love this! Now, I want to try it too! Thanks, Nanci

  3. Sharon Mulder says:

    I love these braids! Will have to start saving up the pennies for the round and square Kumihimo Disks – are they available through mail order? I live in a rather small town and have no bead store here.

    • John Bead does not sell directly to consumers…..sorry! They are a very large wholesaler, with over 60,000 items, so they do sell to many many stores. If I get a recommendation from someone selling these online I will post it!

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