Flat Kumihimo – The First Attempt!

Hello John Bead friends!  I will be showing you the results of my first attempt to experiment with the new Dazzle-It kumihimo square disk.  You’ll find easy to follow written directions and images in the square disk kit. I followed them in order to make this first sample.  This flat braid design is known as a Anda-Gumi Braid.

I am quite pleased with this flat braid!  I also really like the rattail colour combination I choose.

The square kumihimo disk can be used to make both flat and rounded cords.

My first flat braid is a little wonky…..my knots are not perfect.  But you have to start at the beginning to learn a new skill. And I definitely need to make a few braids if I want perfection.

The other skill I need to learn is how to finish the ends of a flat braid.  For this I pulled out some ribbon clamps and my Hypo Cement.

When I cut my cord it would unravel faster then I could get all the ends into my clamp.  So I dropped a line of Hypo Cement in the area I would cut to make these sections stay together.

You can see that when I cut my cord (post cement) that the end was very stiff and went into the clamp easily!

That looks great!

It is really helpful to use a nylon jaw plier.  This way you do not scratch your ribbon clamp when you close it.

I pulled out a few things that I considered sewing to my new bracelet.  In the end I used the metal “LOVE” attachment and glued an embellishment to it.  (I bought that in a scrap booking store.)

Now that the bracelet is done, I can see a few loose areas in my knot.  I can do better.  Come back tomorrow to see how I do with my second attempt.

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3 Responses to Flat Kumihimo – The First Attempt!

  1. Nanci Dill says:

    Very nice, I’d like to try this!

  2. Sarah S says:

    my favorite thing about this post, is seeing that other people’s GS Hypo cement tube is as gunked up as mine!

  3. I love the internet. Just type in whatever comes across your mind and there it is. That’s how I found your blog, googling Kumihimo blogs. So much inspiration and tips I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!!! Booking this site right now!!!

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