Snowflake Wire Frame Tips and Inspiration!

These snowflakes are a gorgeous addition to any decorating projects.  Naturally, they are associated with Christmas, but by selecting different colours, they could be showcased year round in windows and in other home dec designs.

They are a simple concept with unlimited possibilities for ornamentation.  They are available in three sizes.

When I want to create a snowflake I usually pre select the beads to see if I can create an interesting pattern.  The wire will even accept 4mm Swarovski bicone beads, so I can use almost any bead in my collection.

The wire is silver plated and is very strong.  I would not recommend shaping the prong ends or cutting it with my good jewelry making tools.  I have been using an older set of tools and a pair of pliers from my regular tool box to finish my snowflakes.  This is not intended for children.  If you want to have children participate, have them design their snowflake, but adults should finish the prong ends if the wire is being manipulated.

You also want to remind yourself to leave about 1/2 inch of wire if you plan to bend the prong ends.

If you don’t leave enough wire, this will happen.  It might hold your beads, but it does not look finished and may catch on clothes or curtains.

I have strong hands, so I am able to make a rounded edge.

Since you have to do this six times, you’ll find that you will get better and better at leaving just the right amount of wire on each snowflake prong.

I have also discovered that making a flatter prong end with regular pliers looks just a pretty.

You just want to be sure to close this gap to keep your snowflake perfect.

You could also use a combination of glued ends with bent wire ends.

For this snowflake I glued small beads to 5 of 6 prong ends.  I only bent one of the prong wire ends so I could hang my ornament with wire or ribbon.

The classic tree ornament hook can be used to display these pretty snowflakes.

When you design your snowflakes, you’ll find that by changing the centre beads, you can get a tighter grouping.  Mixing and matching makes this enjoyable.

I used chiffon ribbon to finish these.  You could also use rattail, satin ribbons, cotton cords and even a thinner leather cord.



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Are You Going to The Craft and Hobby Show?

John Bead will be there and we have two great workshops you can sign up for.  The conference registration begins tomorrow!

Mega Show 2015: Conference & Education Artisan Workshop: Tropical Sensation Bracelet

Friday January 9, 2015    3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Soutache, used in the 16th century to make a wide range of trims and tassels as well as in bookbinding, is now one of the hottest trends in jewelery making. Lengths of soutache are stacked to create a visual element and stable base for crystals. It can be curved and shaped into many patterns.  Fernando DaSilva takes soutache to a playground where style merges into attitude with pizzazz. Class  sponsored by Dazzle-it! – a house brand of John Bead Corporation.  Instructor: Fernando DaSilva

Mega Show 2015: Conference & Education Artisan Workshop: Create, Klik© Repeat

Sunday January 11, 2015     11:30 AM – 1:30 

Your personal touch is “just a klik away” with the Metal Complex’s new product range cleverly titled “klik©.” Sensational new looks can be created and then modified with interchangeable jewelry. In this workshop, resin diva and designer Carmi Cimicata will teach how to add your own flair to blank bezel snaps, which can be filled with resin, epoxy, beads and more. Create unique and coordinated jewelry that’s trendy and versatile with an incredible added value.   Instructor: Carmi Cimicata

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Halloween Inspiration!

Don’t be frightened to plan your Halloween projects, classes or costumes!  We have plenty of beads, skulls, trims, feathers, masks, sequins and more to make this occasion easy to organize.


Here are a few of my favorite things for Halloween costumes, jewelry and decorating from our Catalog.




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More Klik Projects

This is another grouping of artist submissions to our Metal Complex KLIK collaboration.

These artist KLIK bezel snaps are just amazing.

These are the KLIK components I used to make these finished KLIK projects instantly wearable.

I even made a few extra pieces with vintage items and the KLIK snap bases.

About the KLIK Collaboration

Over 50 artists were the first to receive the new Snap Bezel designed by Metal Complex. They received either the small or large bezel to work in.  These “blank” snap bezels “klik” into place when combined with the other jewelry-making components in the new KLIK collection.

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The KLIK Snap Base For Mix and Match Button Jewelry

My necklace is now a show peice for some gorgeous buttons I purchased in Paris.

The buttons can now be mixed and matched with all my KLIK components because I have attached the KLIK snap base to the back of the button.


Snap bases are also available in small and large.

They are easy to attach because the base has space for the button flange.  I used a combination of small and large bases so I could klik these into the Klik – Combo Pendant.

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KLIK Cuffs With Hand Crafted Buttons


I have a new set of favorite cuffs to share with you!

In order to make them, I needed Button Covers (1) a vintage piece of linen (2) and KLIK glue on snap bases (3).


Making your own buttons are easy if you buy a well known sewing supply called a button cover.  Our new KLIK snap bases are designed to make attaching buttons easy.  The wire back of the button gets glued into the nothing has to be cut.

Here are my vintage linen buttons after I placed them in my button cover sets.

The buttons were pretty, but beaded edges made them even lovelier.  I was so pleased to upcycle the hand embroidery on the linen.

I simply glued the KLIK snap base to the button.

I also made a few extra snap buttons with Dazzle-it resin sew-on stones.  Now I can mix and match these into my KLIK projects.

These are so gorgeous on the KLIK leather cuffs!

The entire KLIK collection can be seen online.

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PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ Bracelet Of Thorns

The PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ collection at John Bead has had a line extension of 15 more colours.

This summer I had the opportunity to study these two sample bracelets which are in our showroom.

The combination of  PRECIOSA Pellet™ & Thorn™ beads makes this bracelet design so pleasing.

The title most used is “bracelet of thorns.”

The bracelet looks complex but as you can see is a simple wire project.

The colour combinations are endless.

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Shades of Gray – Dazzle-it Leather Cord Kumihimo

Creating a kumihimo necklace with leather cord is just a joy!  My braid is so unique and I can see myself wearing this unadorned and perhaps later with a pendant.

I used our Dazzle-it kumihimo disk to create my braid.

The new collection of genuine leather cord includes metallics, so I used the silver and grey in various sizes to create my necklace.

Here is a closer look at all my cords.

I didn’t waste one bit of my braid.  I had a few extra inches of braid which I used to make this necklace.

Twenty Four colours to choose from in three sizes!


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Flat Leather For Designer Jewelry

These gorgeous bracelets were designed by Fernando DaSilva to highlight all the new colour options in our flat leather collection.

The addition of pearls makes this bracelet very feminine.

The flat leather animal prints are gorgeous.

Fernando combined the animal prints with solid colours.


He used our new Metal Complex oblong punch to create the open areas and also added a grooved line to the inside leather for additional detail work.

Our slider collection makes adding additional embellishment a breeze.


Your options are endless!


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New Preciosa Villa Pressed Beads

We have new Preciosa Villa colours in the catalog!

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