The Swarovski Secret Garden Cushion Project Step by Step

The Swarovski Create Your Style team has a wonderful Secret Garden Cushion Project PDF for you.  Try combining the Secret Garden Cushion with others that have different patterns. It will look great alongside
florals, animal prints and stripes on a sofa or a bed.

Step by Step Instructions for Rivoli Trio Christmas Ornament









The Rivoli Trio Christmas Ornament will look beautiful on your Christmas Tree.  After the holiday season you can hang it in the window as a sun catcher.

Techniques:   Basic bead weaving knowledge, Peyote stitch, Herringbone stitch

Approximate Finished Size: 3 3/4 inches

Linked here also:  Rivoli Trio Ornament Step by Step Compressed

Swarovski Crystals Around the World – Austria Inspired Project Step by Steps

The inspiration of these pieces is derived from a multitude of Austria’s most iconic wonders — deep valleys, vast farmland, whimsical woodlands, raging rivers, and of course, its majestic mountains.

Link to both projects is here:  Austria Earrings and Necklace projects


Swarovski Crystals Around the World – Focus on Austria

Austria may be one of Europe’s smallest countries, but it is also one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Hallstatt, traditional wooden village on a lake in Alps mountains, Austria, is UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site

Whether you’re traversing across its drawbridges or hiking up the Alps, the region’s roaring waters and crisp mountain air will greet you as if you were home.

The Green Giant

We’ll share a project celebrating this wonderful country tomorrow.