Back from The Craft and Hobby Show

As you may have noticed from the John Bead emails….there are teams of people traveling the USA right now.  I met up with Danial John and his group at the CHA conference in Califonia.  The John Bead booth was busy!  I bet you recognize the Jewel Star at the table; that’s Fernando Dasilva showcasing his skills at the table…and let me tell you…he gave me a great idea for a blog post next week!

The kumihimo boards are a hit!  Look how happy people are when they try it!  Chad taught Sarah in minutes to use the board!

Daniel was a special guest at my workshops too.  John Bead was a sponsor of “Crafting Embellishments with Jewelry Resin.”  It was an amazing convention.  Thanks to John Bead for your help and sponsorship!

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