Beaded Floral Hoop by wildboho for John Bead

John Bead Wildboho Floral Pattern

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The steps Nichole went through to create this stunning beaded, embroidery hoop.

To begin, choose a fat quarter and place it in the 9 inch hoop.

Tighten the fabric and then hoop, making sure there are no wrinkles in the fabric.

Trim the fabric, leaving approximately 2” around the hoop.

Remove the fabric from the hoop and place it right side up on the light source (you can use either a window or a lightbox).

Center the pattern below the fabric and transfer the pattern to the fabric using a chalk pencil or water soluble pen/pencil. Pattern is a linked PDF you can get here.

Place the fabric back in the hoop and center the floral design.

Tighten the fabric and the hoop once again.

Remove the inner hoop from the 7” hoop.

Place it on top of the fabric, making sure it is centered.

Using the chalk pencil or water soluble pen/pencil once again, trace the shape of the circle onto the fabric.

Now you have an inner circle around your floral arrangement!

Begin by embroidering the flower pattern first in whatever colors you have chosen to work with. For free embroidery videos, search “Nichole Vogelsinger” on YouTube to find my embroidery channel, or check out both of my Boho Embroidery books.

Once the floral design has been embroidered and you have added beaded details, it’s time to embroider the inner circle. Using the backstitch, add the beads to the circle.

Extra Note:  Be sure to carefully pull your fabric tight as you are embroidering it. It may need to be re-centered at times. It is normal for your fabric to shift as you are working with it.

Finally, it’s time to add the beads to the outer circle. Once again, make sure your fabric is tight and centered inside the hoop.

It is easiest to add a Pip bead, lining it up so that it overlaps onto the wooden hoop.

After the Pip bead, add the 3 Link beads.

Add a super duo bead and then move onto the next cluster of Pip bead/Link Bead.

Continue until your entire outer edge has been beaded.

Gently pull the fabric tight and retighten the hoop.

Trim your fabric, leaving ½” all the way around.

On the reverse side, use white school glue to run a strip of glue all the way around the wooden hoop. Fold your fabric edge over the glued edge and let dry.

You are now finished! Add a ribbon to the hoop hardware to hang and enjoy!

Beads Used from John Bead

Beads used for outer border.

Beads used for inner border.

Beads used for floral pattern, leaves, vines.

All the beads featured.

About Nichole

Nichole’s creative journey began when, as a child, she would explore the local fabric shops with her mother. She developed a love for fiber arts and as an adult, hand embroidering printed fabrics became a favorite hobby. That hobby soon became an Instagram feed and then a book, Boho Embroidery (Lucky Spool, 2016) and then another book, Boho Embroidery: The Pattern Collection (Lucky Spool, 2018). She is the creator of the Boho Stitch Along, teacher of embroidery workshops and writer of her adventures in the world of stitchery at

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