Beads and Bears Oh My!

Patricia McCourt has designed several unique pieces of jewelry for John Bead.  As the designer of the Cali bead, we have had the opportunity to share some of her projects with you throughout 2017.  She has also created four Cali bead project PDFs that we shared with our customers.

This necklace (above)  is special to us.  We rarely have the opportunity to share some of the components at John Bead that are staples for First Nations designers.  This is a wonderful example of using traditional components in brand new designs.

Patty was born in Colombia and moved to England in 1985 along with her husband, Bill and has since lived in Jordan, Indonesia and Ecuador. She has 2 lovely girls, Katerina and Stephanie.

Patty’s beading career started after successfully finishing her Diploma in 3D Design, Custom jewellery and her City and Guilds Teaching Certificate and her patience and enthusiasm for beading knowledge  have made her workshops very popular in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, including many branches of the Women’s Institute.

You can read more about Patty on her website.

Acrylic Imitation Bear Tooth.  Available in two sizes.
Seedbead 12/0    Strung Opaque   Dark Red
Seedbeads / Rocailles
Claw Toggle