Big Love Necklace by Fernando DaSilva


This is yet another stunning necklace featured in our Swarovski Cafe (in the John Bead Showroom) which was designed by Fernando DaSilva.

Last week I had the opportunity to remove it from the cabinet to take these pictures.

All the crystals and links are so lovely.

I think you’ll agree that this is a wonderful show piece.

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person we have regular posts on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you. Welcome to the series we call: Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier. 

Swarovski Elements:

12 roundelle 6mm Siam Bead

6 roundelle 8mm Indian pink Bead

4 roundelle 8mm cyclamen opal Bead

4 roundelle 8mm greige Bead

4 roundelle 12mm crystal silver shade Bead

6 roundelle 18mm crystal red magma large hole Bead

6 flower 12mm Light Siam Pendants

12 heart 10.3 X 10 rose ab Pendants

1 heart 40mm crystal red magma xilion Pendant (many Swarovski hearts to choose from)

8 Brass bead cap square

6 Brass small side bails

1 Brass large plain side bail

16 Silver 2.13 Eye Pins

2 drilled hammered gold oval links

2 drilled hammered rhodium oval links

18 6mm round silver plated jump rings

12 6mm oval jump rings

17mm round jump ring

60 galvanized pink Miyuki seed beads

1 antique brass toggle heart clasp

Please, read all the instructions before you start working on your piece. Some steps will be referred as “a”, “b”, “c”, etc.  Have fun!

Tools:  Side cutter,  Flat noseRound nose Bent Nose


1:  Feed the following beads onto an eye pin: one Indian pink crystal roundelle bead followed by a brass bead cap, eight seed beads, a red magma crystal roundelle, another brass bead cap and one Siam crystal roundelle. Use round nose pliers to make a simple loop at the opposite end. Use cutters to trim excess wire. Repeat pattern to make a second link and set aside.  (this link will be referred as link A)

2: Repeat step 1 to create similar links following pattern given below. You will make two  links of each pattern and will set them aside.

Link B : Cyclamen opal roundelle + brass bead cap + 8 seed beads + crystal red magma roundelle + brass bead cap  +  Siam roundelle

Link C: Greige crystal roundelle + one seed bead + silver shade crystal roundelle + one seed bead + Siam roundelle

Link D: Indian pink crystal roundelle + one seed bead +  silver shade crystal roundelle +

one seed bead + Siam crystal roundelle

Link E: Cyclamen opal crystal roundelle + one seed bead + silver shade crystal roundelle + one seed bead + Siam crystal roundelle

Link F: one seed bead + one greige crystal roundelle + one seed bead

Link G: one seed bead + one Indian pink crystal roundelle +one seed bead

Link H: one seed bead + one Siam crystal roundelle + one seed bead

3: Use chain nose pliers to open an oval jump ring and attach to a hole of oval connector and then close it gently. Attach a second oval jump ring to the opposite hole and close gently. Repeat same step to attach in same manner oval jump rings to gold hammered connectors.

4: Attach large brass bail to big red magma crystal Xilion heart pendant. You can use  chain nose pliers to close bail around the crystal pendant but be gentle to not chip the edges of  the crystal.

5: Repeat previous step using small brass bail to secure a rose AB heart pendant. Use a bail for each of the crystal heart pendants and set them aside.

6:Use chain nose pliers to open a 6 mm jump ring and then slide a light Siam crystal flower pendant onto it. Close it gently and then repeat step with all the other flower pendants and set them aside.

7: Open a 6mm jump ring and attach to antique brass toggle bar ( half of the toggle). Close it gently.

8: Begin connecting all links mimicking a “rosary” style necklace. Follow sequence below:

toggle  bar + link “h” + one 6mm jump ring +  link “g” + one 6mm jump ring + link “f “+ one 6mm jump ring + link “e” + one 6mm jump ring + link “d” +  gold plated  oval connector  +  link “c” + link “ b” + rhodium plated oval connector +  link “a” + one oval jump ring + another oval jump ring feed with big crystal red magma heart pendant ( close jump ring) – this is the focal component of your necklace.

9: Use a 4mm jump ring to attach one crystal rose heart pendant between links “g” and “h”, and then another one between links “ c” and “b”.( you can use image as a guide).

10. Add a flower pendant next to gold plated oval connector and another one to rhodium plated oval connector. 

11. Attach a flower and a heart pendant to oval jump ring next to focal piece.

12. Repeat all steps to finish the other half of your piece.

Resources: All Materials used are found at John Bead Corporation. This design was created with products by: Swarovski Elements, Beadalon, Tierra Cast and Miyuki.


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