Button Covers at John Bead

I have always loved buttons.  Vintage or new.  Glass, plastic or wood.  You name it, I collect it.  I also really enjoy making my own buttons too!  These fabric covered buttons were made in minutes!

John Bead has a huge Button Cover collection!  The sizes range from small 18mm to extra large 75mm.  These button covers are well known in the fashion trade.

Over the years I have bought my button covers at my local fabric store.  They come with a little tool but you normally only get 6 buttons to work with.  I was happy to get a bag of 100 of my favorite size at John Bead last week.  Now I can make a huge stash of them.  (John Bead does not sell the little tool)

There are many ways to incorporate buttons into jewelery making.  For this post I chose to use a simple wire choker necklace.  My buttons will not move on the necklace because I glued a small felt circle to the back of each button which will hold it in place.  I used E6000 glue.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash to choose from…..I need a couple thousand more button covers if I even want to make a dent into my collection!

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