Cali Bead – Free Project PDF

By Patty McCourt

This is our second post sharing a project you can make yourself with the latest bead available to the beading market – The Cali Bead!

John Bead is thrilled to introduce a new shaped bead to the DIY industry. British/Colombian designer Patty McCourt designed this new bead.  Mrs. McCourt is considered a seed bead designer extraordinaire and named her bead after her hometown.

Cali® is a 3-hole bead made of Czech glass measuring 3×8 mm. It is available in over 50 colors and special effects. This new bead will showcase seed beads spectacularly, which are the staple of designer pieces that illustrate bead-weaving techniques.

Cali® is curved on both sides boasting a double convex surface, which gives the consumer the ability to use it as a spacer or as structural pillar. The creative beader will construct complex shapes, making the possibilities endless.

Create this trendy bracelet with a supple texture using the new 3-hole Cali® beads.


The PDF for the NIGHTFALL BRACELET Instructions is linked here.

Cali (1)