John Bead Rhombus Bead Bracelet Step by Step

The project pattern for this gorgeous bracelet is linked here.

When we launched the Rhombus bead after our search for the “Next Great Bead” contest ended we knew we had something special. Lena Gillespie designed the bead and won all the prizes associated with the search.
Now we have new designers discovering the bead and the attached free project pattern was written and designed by Danielle Wickes for John Bead.
The link to the new project PDF is here.
The Rhombus Beads are here.
Beads and Findings used in project are here.
Tools used in project are here.

Swarovski Around The World Trip to Africa Earrings

The Swarovski Around The World Trip to Africa Earrings were designed by Lena Gillespie.

The canvas upon which this continent’s epic story is written is not only beautiful but astonishing. Whether heading out at dawn on a safari game drive following millions of wildebeest on their Great Migration or soaring high in a hot-air balloon to embrace the Serengeti, Africa creates the wildlife encounter of a lifetime. Wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, you will be touched by the wild lands, rich traditions, artisan craftsmanship and natural beauty – all of which these pieces pay tribute too.

Products Used

277055-030     Swarovski 5328 Bicone 4mm – Light Siam

277055-051     Swarovski 5328 Bicone 4mm – Tangerine

277055-068     Swarovski 5328 Bicone 4mm – Fern green

74701010-11   Artistic Wire – 20ga, gold

Personal Stock Artistic Wire – 32ga, gold

26002057        Ear hooks, gold

Neon Summer Stacker Bracelets with Rola Beads – Project Step by Step

Stacked and showstopping!

Our Rola beads have been flying off the shelves.  This new bead by Preciosa is the first true large hole bead made with precision and new technology.

You might have ordered these beads in some of the original classic colors.  The Neon Beads are extra special.  Take a look at the collection here.

If you would like to make a stacked set, our designer Danielle Wickes has created an easy to follow pattern for you.  All you need are the beads and elastic cording!

Neon Summer Stackers With Rola Beads!  Project PDF linked here.

Terra Intensive Beads Pendant

When I first saw the new Terra Intensive beads from Preciosa I remarked that the beads were little tiny jewels.  They look absolutely beautiful by themselves.

Lena Gillespie was one of the first designers to work with the beads and this memory wire bracelet she designed featured a pretty dangle with matching beads.

I decided to make some straight dangles also.  Using one 10/0 bead as a stopper on my head pin, I added the bigger beads to my head pin in single colours.  I counted the beads so I could create a cascading effect.

I used a longer head pin and cut them shorter as needed.  I also set up my stringing wire and added one EZ Crip to keep my project together.

I could not decide if I wanted a bead spacer or not.  I tried them strung first with the Terra Intensive rose beads as spacers.

It looked pretty, but it did not give me the finished look I wanted.

So I restrung them like this.  A second EZ Crimp finished the stringing wire end.

Now I had a pendant really showcasing the colors of the Terra Intensive bead collection.


Terra Intensive Bead Collection is here.

Ez Crips are here

Beadalon Stringing Wire is here.

Head pins are here.


Crystal Lane Beaded Bead Step by Step

Crystal Lane Beaded Bead – Step by Step PDF
Crystal Lane Beaded Bead
Design & Pattern by Debra Schwartz for John Bead
Techniques: Basic bead weaving knowledge, Tubular Peyote, Circular Peyote, RAW-Right Angle Weave
Beaded Bead Step by Step Products Used
All the beads used in this project are linked here.
All the tools used in this project are linked here.

PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Beads – Prepare For Truly Hot Colors!

We just love this!  The Terra Intensive Beads in a fabulous necklace!

Designer: Hana Cerna

The PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range has an extensive color base. We now present the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive summer color collection.  This involves surface finishes in 11 shades on chalk ranging from clear yellow through to chocolate brown. You can combine these bright colors to create attractive and highly absorbing patterns.