The Bead Style Seed Bead Cover Necklace by Fernando DaSilva

We are so proud to showcase the dramatic multistrand seed bead necklace created by our Product Development and Creative Manager Fernando DaSilva for the cover and featured article in the March 2014 Bead Style magazine.  Bead Style quoted Fernando as saying “I was inspired to create this necklace by the women of the Ipanema neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro.  Seed beads are very popular in Brazilian culture, where women wear bright necklaces in tropical colours.  I added the colour-blocking style to give this necklace extra pizzazz.”

Here are all the seed beads (7) and the fire polished pink beads that Fernando used for his necklace.  (Only one seed bead picture is missing.)

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Pink  Rainbow Transparent

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light  Orange Matte Dyed

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Blue AB Opaque

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Ivory Opaque Pearl

Czech Seed bead 11/0 Light Pink Solgel

Czech Seed Bead 11/0 Pink Silver Lined Dyed


Also, Fernando used  Czech Seedbead 11/0 Pink Metallic Solgel – no picture available.

Fire Polished 8mm Pink Opal Beads

These are the fire polished pink opal beads featured throughout.


Bead Style has a wonderful set of instructions from Fernando explaining how to make your own version of the necklace using difference colour palettes.

One necklace also prominently features an Instant Glam by Fernando bezel.

Congratulations Fernando!

Duplicity Necklace – How To From Fernando’s Atelier

This is a wonderful project featuring purple and green, so favoured in so many of the trend reports for the Fall.  It is another necklace design created by Fernando for our series:  Fernando’s Atelier.

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person we will have a regular post on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you. Welcome to the series we call: Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier. 


1.  Cut an 8 inches piece of stringing wire and string on a crimp tube followed by a wire guardian.  Pull one of the ends of wire close to crimp and crimp it properly. Trim short excess wire.

2. String beads as follows: one seed bead + one large bead cap +  one 12mm pearl + one bead cap + one seed bead + emerald cat eye cube + one seed bead. Repeat pattern until you have 8 seed beads strung on. Alternate cat eye cube colors using one of each of the other two.

3. Finish end in the same manner that was done in the beginning.

4. Create a second string shorter than the previous using same style of  beads – this will be the inside strand.

5. Feed one peacock bead, followed by one spacer bar (through one of the end holes) and then add a second peacock bead. Make simple loop at the opposite end and trim excess wire. Add a similar link to far end hole of spacer bar using same quantity of beads. Create a second section to be used on the other side of necklace. Set them aside.

6. Cut chain in 2 equal pieces of 7 inches. Set aside.

7.  Cut a second piece of chain in 2 equal pieces of 6 ½ inches. Set them aside.

8. Open 2 jump rings  and attach both to circle portion of toggle clasp, followed by one 7 inches piece of chain. Close both jump rings and then attach end link to one of the loops of the peacock-beaded link. Open opposite eye pin loop and attach to beaded section created on step 2.

9. Attach another 7 inches piece of chain to the opposite side of previous strand.

10. Attach short chain, beaded-peacock section and beaded link on same manner you attach the previous strand, adding other portion of toggle to finish necklace.

Here is a list of the materials he used for Duplicity:

2 emerald green cat eye cubes

2 apple green cat eye cubes

2 olive green cat eye cubes

8 peacock beads

4 multicolored 12mm pearls

4 multicolored 10mm pearls

4 gold plated wire guardians

16 galvanized green Miyuki seed beads

2 ½ inches of antique brass large/small heart link chain

6 round gold plated 7mm  jump rings

2 bronze spacer bar 5 holes

8 bronze bell cap flower

8 bronze cap

4 copper crimp tubes #2

Beadalon satin gold stringing wire


 Side cutter,  Flat noseRound nose  Crimper Tool 

One of A Kind Showroom Necklace

Is there anything more exciting that a necklace that will stop traffic?  This is just one of the showroom samples created by Fernando DaSilva.  Last week he took it out of the showcase for me so I could study it.

These floral stacks are so unique.  They are a brilliant way to showcase just a few of the colour options in the peacock bead collection.

The yellow and green dagger beads were used for the petals.

Paired with the checker beads, the flower stacks are gorgeous.

Fernando said that this Fancy Chain is one of his favorites.  He used it as an embellishment and for the necklace structure.

 Fernando always adds a special touch to any of his hand crafted closures.

If you were wondering, yes, those fabulous emerald drops are indeed Swarovski.

The next time you are in the showroom, you might ask to take a closer look at this necklace.  I just have to return it first…and it will be hard to give up!

Fire Polished Beads


Is there anything more interesting then a stack of gorgeous fire polished glass beads?  This easy-to-assemble bracelet is a showcase for all the many fire polished glass bead shapes, colours and designs in the John Bead catalog.

The bracelet is also a great way to just simply use up left over beads.  All you need to do is string them onto memory wire in a pleasing order.

 Here it is already on my wrist.  These colours will take me right into the autumn!

There are so many wonderful glass leaves to choose from in the John Bead catalogue.  Really, every colour you might imagine!

The cut round Czech fire polished beads have a marble edge.

Semi precious chips are always a perfect way to add length or to separate beads in any project.

Snowflakes You Will Want to See!

Yesterday on the Dazzle-it blog I showed off the first snowflake I made with glass beads and the snowflake frames that are on sale right now.  Yesterday’s snowflake was pink and a very retro Christmas colour.  Today I am showing you my class Christmas colour scheme.

The red ornament was made with the smallest frame: 3.7 inches wide.

The beads featured are red coroline bronze donuts.

This is the nine inch frame.  I thought this turned out beautiful!

1.  Fire polished emerald beads.  2.  Glass Fancy oval bead. 3.  Green Wavy Icy glass beads.

My green snowflake with the pink one from yesterday’s post.  They look great stacked!