New – Unicorn Exotic Tear Drops

The rich new colours from Unicorn in a lamp bead tear drop shape require no embellishment from me today. The photos from the John Bead photographers say it all.  I have no idea how I will choose just one or two strands.  This truly is eye candy!


Azure Caves

Bird of Paradise


Chilean Flame

Newport Blue (Flowers)


Mango Tango


Dark Sea Scales

Coral Flourish

Sea Scale

Sea Foam

The complete collection is linked here.

It’s After Labour Day…..Put Those White Shoes Away!

It may be the day after Labour Day but there are some whites you don’t have to put away!  I am not entirely sure who originally said you had to put your white shoes away after this holiday weekend.    It is a hard habit to break though.

I don’t think crystals should be included in that list.  And you definitely should not include this fabulous agate slab.

With the fall Pantone Trends report top of mind I noticed how great this necklace looked on purple.  You see lines and colours that would not be highlighted on a white background.

Clear crystal look fantastic against all colour backdrops.

I used a pre-finished stainless steel wire with lobster clasp to string my crystals.

I used Czech Crystal Twisted Cut beads.

The agate slice/slab has the finding already pre-attached.

Pearls and Summer Sandals

I think flip flops are the universal sign of either summer or vacation.  These are shoes you can’t wear to work…but you could happily wear them to the beach.

My flip flops are from the dollar store.  They were cute….but easily made more attractive when you have a beading studio in your home….

I simply sewed some pearls across the front straps and now they look $$$.  You still have time to make your current flip flops look like new before the long weekend!  This took me about 30 minutes to complete.

And while my pearls were out….I made a quick bracelet to match too!

I used glass translucent pearls for this project.

A Little Coral Goes A Long Way

It took me a very long time to finish this simple necklace.  The coral beads have been haunting my table ever since I brought them home after a planning meeting at John Bead.

The bamboo coral beads can be quite intimidating in one long strand.  I can see how a few people would make one fabulous necklace by just restringing the original strand.  It isn’t a look I could pull off.  So I decided to just pick three pieces to start a coral project.

My strand uses the bamboo coral, natural coral dyed chips, SWAROVSKI ROUND
and on the necklace I also added SWAROVSKI TWIST 14mm LUMINOUS GREEN Crystals.

I love this colour!  Choosing it took some time though….

I had more than a few options at my disposal.

I tried Chinese Crystal donuts in jet.  Hmmm.  Still like this.

Then I thought why not capture the look of water with a teal crystal beadHave you seen the new Dazzle-It Ori Crystals?  The choices are unbelievable.

Had to see what pearls would look like…..picking a pearl at John Bead is even harder when you see their options.

This was my second favorite option.  It really is a salute to summer and underwater elements.

The coral is still stealing the show…but it doesn’t overwhelm the final piece.

And, with so many coral pieces left over (over 25) from the original strand, I could make up every sample shown!

Simple Summer Bracelet

This bracelet is light and airy!  It is ideal for these hot summer days and will pair nicely with virtually any summer outfit.  This post could have been titled “how to save $845 Euros on a bracelet.”

Looking at some of my favorite sites I came across this pretty bracelet.  The price tag was very steep!  It reminded me that Lilla from John Bead had given me a bag of small wood beads a few weeks ago.  I had no idea what to do with them until I saw this advertisement.

A bag of 500 beads sure does go far!  I used memory wire and one of my crystals from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Fall/Winter innovations launch.

My options for dangles and charms are endless.  In the end I decided to just showcase the pretty beads on their own.  A new bracelet in ten minutes!


Beadalon Memory Wire Bracelet

Fire Polished Beads and Metal Complex Bezel

This necklace reflects light and changes colour as it moves.

I received this “grab bag” of Fire Polished Glass Beads from John Bead a few weeks ago and was looking for a good opportunity to show them off.

There are so many unique shapes in the bag.

I filled a Metal Complex Bezel  with some tiles, rhinestones and a brass charm.  I then encased it all in Jewelry Resin to create this beautiful glass-like component.  The bezels in this collection which feature a lip look especially beautiful.

I hope you like this finished necklace as much as I do!

John Bead has Jewelry Resin in stock!