Bangle Bracelet Weaver With Unique Fibers


This bracelet is beautifully woven and unique because of an easy to use new tool from Beadalon.


The fibers I used include our Lovely Knots 1mm cord along with a small ball of recycled sari yarn.


Kleshna’s Bangle Bracelet Weaver tool was launched in January and you will find a step by step photo how-to in the box detailing how to both set up and use the tool.  I also included a video tutorial at the end on this post.


You can see how my two very different fibers wove to create a gorgeous kaleidoscope of color.  I also used the Lovely Knots cord to sew the finished weaving together by running a needle next to the weft pins and following the Beadalon instruction.



This is a delightful one of a kind fiber bracelet.

The Jewel Loom™ by Julianna C Hudgins!

Earlier this spring I showcased the success I had working with the The Jewel Loom™, designed by Julianna C Hudgins!

It really is a fabulous new loom!  Prior to this class I had only experimented twice on a loom.  Now I feel like I could make anything!

The instructions included will have you making jewelry quickly!

Ready to order at John Bead now!

New-The Beadalon Jewel Loom

Would you like to make this bracelet?  I know I wanted to after seeing it in person in January at the Craft and Hobby show.  The instructor; Juliana Hudgins class was sold out.  So I admired them in the booth instead.

So I waited for my chance and discovered that was Juliana teaching in Minneapolis in March.  This class I was able to get in to!

Juliana has invented a new Jewel Loom.  I could not wait to try it and managed to make this bracelet in her three hour class.  The loom is brilliant and I can happily report that John Bead is now stocking it!  I am so excited that I am writing this post before the pictures of the loom even appear on our website!

Prior to this class I had only experimented twice on a loom.  Now I feel like I could make anything!  I will be happily showing you the results of new experiments over the next few months.