Major Price Drop on our Crystal Motif Collection

We have a stunning collection of crystal motifs that can be used to embellish clothing, costumes and uniforms.  They can also be incorporated into jewelry designs or worn as a brooch.
You’ll be shocked at the markdown from previous years and our selection is bigger than ever.

There are six unique shapes in nine colors.
 Crystal AB Gold
Fuchsia AB Gold
Amethyst AB Gold
 Topaz AB Gold
Green AB Gold
Blue AB Gold
Red AB Gold
Purple AB Gold
Yellow AB Gold

Instant Glam By Fernando Cuff


Here is another fantastic cuff design by Anna Elizabeth Draeger for Instant Glam by Fernando.  It beautifully features the Swarovski Elements Blue Crystal Rock Quatro designed by Fernando to add to the Instant Glam Tuscany Quattro Bezel.

The glass peacock daggers really pick up the blues in the crystal rock applique.

Two layers of ultra suede create the body for the cuff.

Two fabulous products create one fantastic focal piece!

Metal Stamping a T-shirt

The best thing about metal stamping is your ability to create a wearable message anytime you think of one.  Daytime, nighttime anytime, your pendants can be designed and created in moments.

The t-shirt shaped blank is available in German silver, copper and brass.

Our metal stamp alphabets are gorgeous.

You can see all the metal blanks and alphabets in the catalog now available on the Metal Complex website.

Metal Stamping For Birthdays

This tiered metal stamp pendant reads “live your life and forget your age.”  It also features a Preciosa crystal for some added sparkle.

I like to write my words on my metal blanks with a sharpie marker.  The metal blanks I used are the 32 mm and the 25mm no hole brass rounds.  There are so many round blanks that it is easy to create a tiered pendant.

I used the Playground lower case metal stamps for this set.

My last steps included punching my holes at the top of each blank to join them and I added a little gilders paste to make the lettering pop.

Fire Polished Beads and Metal Complex Bezel

This necklace reflects light and changes colour as it moves.

I received this “grab bag” of Fire Polished Glass Beads from John Bead a few weeks ago and was looking for a good opportunity to show them off.

There are so many unique shapes in the bag.

I filled a Metal Complex Bezel  with some tiles, rhinestones and a brass charm.  I then encased it all in Jewelry Resin to create this beautiful glass-like component.  The bezels in this collection which feature a lip look especially beautiful.

I hope you like this finished necklace as much as I do!

John Bead has Jewelry Resin in stock!