Wired and Wild Beaded Nest!


Wired Flower By Nancy Donaldson

The fabulous wired nest was created by Nancy Donaldson.  It really is a shape that does not need a name.  It is all curves and twists and wild.

Wired Flower By Nancy Donaldson

It started out with some wire and beads.  What makes it unique is the component Nancy wired everything to.


Nancy used one of our flower maker components so this piece can immediately be strung onto a necklace.  She also used on of our unique cabochons (more information about hose soon) for the flower centre.

Chain Necklace by Thanh Tran

This exquisite necklace by Thanh Tran brilliantly showcases our new aluminum chain in a high end designer sample.

The chain is available in seven sizes and in ten colours.  Thanh choose the gold family including the new cut chain available in gold and silver.

 She wove soft goat suede through the cut chain and finished it with a sweet bow.

Aluminum chain.  Not just for costumes.

Flat Leather and Beads

I wanted to lighten my mood with a pastel colour that reminds me of warmer days.

There are so many pink czech beads to choose from.  I used a mixed bag as well as two sizes of round beads.

I thought the beads went very well with our new flat leather.

My necklace is showing off a flat leather pendant Nancy Donaldson shaped with aluminum wire.

There are many ways to use the new leather!


How To Showcase a Leather Crimp

I made this sweet choker over the weekend.

I have been wanting to twist some wire flowers for a while and was not having much success with the final shapes.  Dazzle-It Aluminum wire is ideal for learning how to wire wrap.

Then it occurred to me that I might have more luck if I used a wig jig!

I really liked my new looped wire flowers!

This post was originally designed to showcase the leather crimps at John Bead!  They simple fold over the end of leather to create a very finished end.  I used Sea Green goat suede to finish my necklace.

A little crimping, some wire twisting and my choker was done!

My inspiration.  I saw this cute car antiquing this weekend and thought the colours were classic!

Crocheted Shells

I love the trend to crochet with wire and beads.  I have several pieces of crocheted jewelry.  I myself have not mastered the craft of crocheting…but Nancy Donaldson has!

During our last visit to John Bead we were both attracted to shells and in particular abalone.  Have you seen the shell components in the John Bead catalogue?  Shells are always popular during the summer months when you want to wear lighter weight jewelry.

Nancy used very thin copper wire to crochet with.

Seeing Nancy’s set up makes me want to take another crochet class….

The One-Upped Bezel with Jewelry Resin

Last month I showed you what my friend Nancy did with a metal complex bezel I gave her.  She sure made that bezel look spectacular with her wire twisting skills! It challenged me to create a finished piece that was equally as beautiful.

Jewelry Resin is available at John Bead.  We had a class featuring it in February and I am always excited to show jewelers how amazing this new resin is.

The bezel I started with was wrapped with Dazzle-It copper aluminum wire.  This kept it very light.  I choose one of Nancy’s photographs to work with.

Before you pour resin over paper you need to seal it with several layers of a gel medium or mod-podge.  You can learn all about these techniques on Resin Crafts Blog.

Once my paper was sealed I selected some dried leaves.

I also added a few scraps of copper wire to accentuate the tree branches.

Of course, I had to add in some beads…this was after all a sample for John Bead!  Glass seed beads are the ideal inclusion for resin work.

I did two pours of resin.  The first pour was to the halfway point in the bezel.  This allowed me to make sure all was perfect.  A day later I did the final pour to the bezel edge.  I let my piece cure for a full 48 hours after my final pour.  This bezel may be my best.  Now I just need to craft a super kumihimo cord to string it!

Goat Suede and Dazzle-It Aluminum Wire

The  goat suede at John Bead has me thinking of ways to incorporate this soft stringing material into my designs.

These two goat suede colours were perfect to highlight the glass bead in this aluminum wire pendant designed by Nancy Donaldson.

I cut a point on my leather pieces so they would be easy to thread through the little hole on each side of the pendant.

The patterned pewter end caps by JBB, were ideal to finish my ends before adding the hook and loop clasp.  I love these hooks.  I chose not to add the matching clasp so I could show off a little more of the suede.

I can’t believe how quick this bracelet came together!

When a Washer Becomes Wearable

This post will have you wondering why you didn’t notice the new collection of Metal Blanks and Stamp Washers at John Bead.  Okay, maybe I didn’t notice them.

I brought Nancy Donaldson to tour the John Bead warehouse and she happily left with this collection of Dazzle-It Aluminum wire and an assortment of washers.

She also picked up her new favorite tool:  a metal hole punch.

She was so surprised at how easy it was to make a hole in metal with this little tool.  She put her dremel away for now!

Adding holes to the washers turns them into a new type of bead.

Wire wrapping makes them even better!

I hope you enjoy this eye candy!

The best part for me is that these necklaces are beautiful but inexpensive to create!

Washers!!!  Who knew?