Dazzle-it Crystals and Soft Flex Wire

Today’s necklace was inspired by the latest book “Show Your Colors featuring 30 projects by SoftFlex designers.”

I asked designer Nancy Donaldson to feature Dazzle-it Ori crystals in her sample.

Setting up her design took some time because there are so many crystals to choose from.

Dazzle-it Ori Crystals-Metallic Copper became the star of her necklace.

Soft Flex Extreme

Glass Pearls


Pantone Fashion Colour Report!


The quirky color combination of early ‘60s interior decorations — think Olive refrigerator and Pink walls

prominent colors

We are using two color stories that use bold contrast colors to really make our prints pop: Tangerine Pink and Black Polka dots on a Midnight Slate background or Citron Lime and Aqua dots on a Light Rust background

signature color

We are using bright accent colors, such as Tangerine Pink, in prints as well as color blocking details to add pops of color while keeping the palette warm and dark for fall

must-have item

A ‘60s inspired wool swing coat in an unexpected color such as Light Rust

cosmetic accents

Bright lips in Berry Citrus colors complement the accent colors sprinkled throughout the collection

Get the look with Dazzle-It Ori Crystals

Metallic Blue


Shells, Shells and More Shells!


I have had this huge assortment of shells from the Dazzle-It line on my table for weeks.  Realizing it was AUGUST I was suddenly wanting to create something ASAP to wear before summer was over.

I also had a package of three hole connectors that I have never used.  It was time for me to stop thinking single strand only!

I created a collage of strands.

These are shell beads – OVAL w/Centre Hole and I used the light gold.

These are called shell dice!  They are available in nine colours!

These irregular shell beads with holes are also in many colours.  I have used pink and purple already.  This is the natural strand.

Navette Shape Shell strands are in the catalog in eleven different colours.

I could not resist adding a little Swarovski crystal.

I used Dazzle-It 100% silk bead cord to string all my shells. I think I can say I am finally out of my single strand box!

Pearl Knotting Success!


I am the girl with a pearl necklace!

I was able to teach myself to use the Dazzle-It Knotting tool after seeing our demo at the Bead and Button show (see yesterday’s blog post).

I chose to work with Dazzle-It glass pearls (light olive) and Dazzle-It Silk cord size 6.

I spent an hour practicing with the tool before starting my first project.

When my knots were consistent I felt confident that I could try making a necklace.

My finished necklace is pretty darn good!

Look at those knots!  The tool does so much of the work.

I did make one or two spacing errors.  That is something I will work on and perfect over time.  If you have not tried the knotting tool I am sure you will enjoy working with it.

Dazzle-It Ori Crystals and Glass Pearls


The new Ori Crystals are easily paired with Dazzle-Its glass pearl collection.

I used memory wire to craft these super easy bracelets!  This pink bracelet features Pink Crystal Cut 10mm ori crystal beads with Lt Chocolate round glass pearls.  I also added some wire mesh.

Artistic Wire Mesh is available in many colours and sizes.  I used the silver.

My teal crystal and aqua pearl bracelet was pretty all by itself.

I added a brooch from my personal collection to jazz it up.

The brooch can be added and removed anytime.

Sponge Coral and Ori Crystal!

Summer is almost here!  Images from the beach and hot spot destinations come to mind and coral is a wonderful way to capture the feeling of water, vacation and summer.

John Bead has a fabulous collection of coral.  For this necklace I started with a strand of hexagon shaped sponge coral.

Ori-Crystals are new and exclusive to the Dazzle-It line of glass beads.  They are highly faceted to beautifully reflect beams of light.  Ori Crystals feature rich, vibrant tones in transparent crystal hues as well as memorizing AB coatings and metallics.  They are available in jewel tones and birthstone colours.  They are also available in donut cut as well as round rich cut.

I had a very hard time deciding which Ori Crystals to pair up with my coral.

One Facebook poll later and I settled on Dark Topaz Luster.

This necklace is ready to wear with the addition of these fancy heart toggle sets.