Flat Braid Kumihimo Tip

I wanted to share with you a tip for working with the waxed cotton cords and the flat braid.

The waxed cotton cord creates a much more open weave, so it is more likely to unravel when cut.

I attach a good double sided tape to my flat braid before I cut my cords.  That give me a good strong edge to place in the ribbon end cap.  If I had used glue, it may have stained the cord and become visible.

I taped the edges for both of these projects!

Here is a link to one of my favorite flat braids.

Instant Glam – Tuscan Windows Necklace

I have been working in a new Instant Glam bezel.

I found this image of “Tuscan Windows” and thought they would look beautiful showcased in a rectangle bezel.  When you pour resin over paper, you need to do some work ahead of time.  I sealed the paper image with three different applications of a decoupage medium and let it dry clear.  Then I poured in Jewelry Resin.

The colours in the window scene are bright and colorful.  I had this special yarn in my personal collection and I was hoping to add it to a necklace.  This was my chance!

I set up my kumihimo disk with some of the yarn and some classic rattail for strength.

My braid was just what I was hoping for!

I finished my braids with silver endcaps.

I also added two different gunmetal chains to complete my necklace.

The One-Upped Bezel with Jewelry Resin

Last month I showed you what my friend Nancy did with a metal complex bezel I gave her.  She sure made that bezel look spectacular with her wire twisting skills! It challenged me to create a finished piece that was equally as beautiful.

Jewelry Resin is available at John Bead.  We had a class featuring it in February and I am always excited to show jewelers how amazing this new resin is.

The bezel I started with was wrapped with Dazzle-It copper aluminum wire.  This kept it very light.  I choose one of Nancy’s photographs to work with.

Before you pour resin over paper you need to seal it with several layers of a gel medium or mod-podge.  You can learn all about these techniques on Resin Crafts Blog.

Once my paper was sealed I selected some dried leaves.

I also added a few scraps of copper wire to accentuate the tree branches.

Of course, I had to add in some beads…this was after all a sample for John Bead!  Glass seed beads are the ideal inclusion for resin work.

I did two pours of resin.  The first pour was to the halfway point in the bezel.  This allowed me to make sure all was perfect.  A day later I did the final pour to the bezel edge.  I let my piece cure for a full 48 hours after my final pour.  This bezel may be my best.  Now I just need to craft a super kumihimo cord to string it!

Metal Complex Bezels and Jewelry Resin

The Metal Complex family of bezels are truly an opportunity to create your own wearable art.  Some of the hand made bezels feature a “lip” as you see in the sample above.  Later this week I’ll show you how to use that area too!

I used Jewelry Resin to create my pendant.  The clarity of this resin is easy to see here.

I also added some wonderful beads to complete my necklace.  I could not wait to use this red opal bead!  It is a Czech Fire Polished glass bead and it is available is many wonderful colours!

Dazzle-It has new CZECH F/P 4mm Bronze Metallic beads now.  A great bezel, a few beads and voila!  A new necklace!