Macrame Choker With Hemp

This choker features traditional macrame knotting.  It really is a skill that is useful in so many stringing applications.

Nancy Donaldson created this necklace to feature our natural hemp strings.

Isn’t it delightful?  It will be just perfect for summer outings.

Dazzle-it has a huge assortment of hemp strings in many colours and thicknesses.  The natural collection is classic macrame for the 70’s

These Preciosa Rocailles in the opaque brown iris color added just the right amount of bling to the necklace.

Summer Love Dazzle-it Blog Hop With Friends

I have a very inspiring blog hop for you to enjoy today.  Each of the eight featured artists/designers in this post were sent a selection of new Dazzle-it gemstones, beads, hemp and finishing components to play with.  I invited non-jewelry makers and established book writing jewelers to participate.  The results are just wonderful!  It is DAZZLING!

The theme “Summer Love” is all I gave each participant.  You’ll see one image of their project here and I have made sure that there is a link to the artist’s site to read more about their work.

Suze Weinberg created a necklace that is a collage of colours and the peace symbol beads just pop!  She has a great post showing you how she painted a bezel for her focal pendant while incorporating the hemp.

Debra Quartermain was quick to point out that she isn’t a jewelry maker.  However her bracelet made me think she might want to start making some jewelry in the future!  She braided felt and sewed her beads in place beautifully.  I love how she made one bead and the hemp her clasp.

Vicki O’Dell made the most fabulous necklace with the white hemp beautifully showcasing all the colours in the new gemstone collection.  You won’t believe how she managed to space everything...just read her blog for her technique!

I love the yellows and oranges in Lori Mendenhall’s  necklaces.  Perfect for summer!  It is hard to just use one bead, but Lori proved that one can be enough.

Bindy Lambell does not have a blog.  She is a wonderful glass art bead maker!  Her bracelet is exactly what I would look for in a shop.  The turquoise really stands out when added to the crystals she received.

Charlotte Gordon made a trio of bracelets to wear together but this featured piece really sings to me!  The braided hemp cord would make this a perfect summer accessory.

Lisa Pace wrote not one, but two tutorials showing you what she did with her Dazzle-it products!  You’ll really enjoying seeing her projects and how she knotted her bracelets together!

Jean Yates is my over-achiever!  Thank goodness everyone didn’t see her work until just before I posted or I never would have been able to keep the new jewelry makers in the blog hop!  She has a wonderful post explaining her shaballa bracelet and everything else she made!

This is the second summary image of Jean’s projects.  I want to make a peace necklace now too!

Thank you again to all my jewelers!  I am sure you have given lots of our readers inspiration for summer projects!

What Was In Each Summer Love Kit

Dazzle-it Semi Precious Special Shapes Beads

Dazzle-it Bright Colours Hemp

Shell Beads Dice Shape

Dazzle-it Clasps sets

Mixed Strand Kumihimo Necklace

I have a pretty new necklace to wear during the Valentine season.

My 8 strand kumihimo necklace was made with three different fibers.  I used

1.  Rattail

2.  Hemp – red 20lb

3.  The Dazzle-it kumihimo disk

4.  Knitting wool I had in my stash.

I set up my disk using the 8-strand instructions that come with the disk.

 My strands are all different sizes so it created a very unique kumihimo cord.

 My crystal key now has a new necklace to be showcased on.  SWAROVSKI PENDANT KEY 50mm SILVERSHADE CRYSTAL

Hemp for The Holidays

It seems like the more I embellish my jewelry the more I need a simple wrapping idea for gift giving.

Retro wrapping ideas are all over Pinterest.  I think everyone could use a big ball of hemp this year.  This simple wrapping idea is lovely.

There are many colours in the Dazzle-it Hemp collection to choose from.

Wrapping with more than one colour may satisfy my “over-embellisher” natural inclination.

Kumihimo With Hemp and Beads

This adorable bracelet is the result of a new experiment.

I have been wondering how a kumihimo braid would look if it was part beaded and part hemp cord.

The Dazzle-it Hemp collection has a number of great colour options, but this month I have been very attracted to the Vintage Colours collection in the thinner 10lb cord.

My first thought was to use a twisted needle to help me add all my beads to the hemp cord.

However, I realized that the hemp cord didn’t need the help.  It is stiff enough to pass through the beads without help.

I prepared my circle kumihimo disk with the standard 8 cord setup.

I learned very quickly that the hemp with the beads on it would get very stiff as I braided.  I needed to add some extra slack…so on the open end I used a bead stopper which I could move to give the beads a little more space.

When my braid was a good length I knotted one end.

Ordinarily I use string to finished a kumihimo cord before I cut it and then glue on an end cap.  In this case the beads would all unravel, so I glued a section of my kumihimo cord before I cut it.

I really like this effect.

Soon I will complete a braid using all beaded strands…but before I do I need one of these bead spinner to make my task go quicker!

Hemp – Gorgeous Dazzle-it Colours

I found a hemp collection that I had missed during other trips to the warehouse.  This is the Vintage Colours Collection!

Isn’t it beautiful?  Last week I saw the Swarovski trends report and this palette works well in the “Reflections on Beauty” Glamour section.

This weekend I will make a new kumihimo necklace with it!

For Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving!

For our other friends, see you Tuesday.

Hemp 100% Natural 1mm 20lb