Photos From The Emmys

It has been a dazzling summer for our brand.  In August we were at the Teen Choice Awards and this past weekend we participated in the Emmys Gift Lounge.  There are many more pictures to share.  These are just a few of the images we shared live on twitter and Facebook.

“These award shows celebrate creativity, imagination and artistic talent.  These three qualities are in keeping with John Bead’s business philosophy and as such we are proud and energized to be a part of this event with our Dazzle-it and Metal Complex brands,” said Daniel John, John Bead Vice President.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be going to Hollywood to be part of an event that directly connects our chic craft world with the fabulous show business industry. John Bead is an innovative company that helps creative individuals express themselves through our jewelry making components. I can’t wait to ‘dazzle’ the celebrities with our Instant Glam™ and fashion forward products,” said Fernando DaSilva, Product Development and Creative Manager.

Dazzle-it Will Be Going to the Emmys in Hollywood!

Last month we had the pleasure of showing you dozens of photos we took when John Bead and a select group of companies participated in the Gift Lounge at the Teen Choice Awards with the Craft and Hobby Association.  We were part of a special group who hosted crafty make-n-takes for the celebrities.

John Bead’s booth was a mini jewelers studio so that celebrities were able to customize a statement necklace featuring a gorgeous medallion.   The jewelry components were from the Metal Complex Instant Glam™ By Fernando and Dazzle-it signature programs. Each piece was designed and hand assembled on the spot.

Now we plan to travel back to Hollywood for a second big celebrity event: The Emmys.  We’ll be posting more about this all month!

Emmys Awards Gift Lounge

Saturday Sept. 21, 2013


Nokia Theater at L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA

Dazzle-it Kumihimo In A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine

I have the most colourful kumihimo braid jewelry set to share with you today. They appear in the summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine.

Every issue is jam packed with ideas and I subscribe to it digitally!

You might be surprised to know that this set was created with the classic 8 strand kumihimo braid and disk.  My fiber choices are making this look so complex.

I have been experimenting with non-traditional strands for my kumihimo projects.  This braid features five stands of hand spun artisan yarn, two strands of my own hand made t-shirt yarn (tarn) and one strand of this fun pom pom ribbon yarn.

My kumihimo disk is foam and it readily accepted the different fibers.  I was careful with my braiding so that I did not stretch my disk inserts.  The cut lines were very forgiving with these thick fibers.   I had no issues at all.

 As I braided, I made sure my pom poms were not twisted to the inside of the braid.  I was so happy to see how they looked free of the braid.

Since my braid was thicker than usual, in order to insert it into my end cap I needed to gather my fibers tightly.   I wrapped wire around each cut end making it easier to glue all these fibers neatly into the end cap. 

My hot pink necklace and bracelet are going to be just perfect for the summer!

Summer Love Dazzle-it Blog Hop With Friends

I have a very inspiring blog hop for you to enjoy today.  Each of the eight featured artists/designers in this post were sent a selection of new Dazzle-it gemstones, beads, hemp and finishing components to play with.  I invited non-jewelry makers and established book writing jewelers to participate.  The results are just wonderful!  It is DAZZLING!

The theme “Summer Love” is all I gave each participant.  You’ll see one image of their project here and I have made sure that there is a link to the artist’s site to read more about their work.

Suze Weinberg created a necklace that is a collage of colours and the peace symbol beads just pop!  She has a great post showing you how she painted a bezel for her focal pendant while incorporating the hemp.

Debra Quartermain was quick to point out that she isn’t a jewelry maker.  However her bracelet made me think she might want to start making some jewelry in the future!  She braided felt and sewed her beads in place beautifully.  I love how she made one bead and the hemp her clasp.

Vicki O’Dell made the most fabulous necklace with the white hemp beautifully showcasing all the colours in the new gemstone collection.  You won’t believe how she managed to space everything...just read her blog for her technique!

I love the yellows and oranges in Lori Mendenhall’s  necklaces.  Perfect for summer!  It is hard to just use one bead, but Lori proved that one can be enough.

Bindy Lambell does not have a blog.  She is a wonderful glass art bead maker!  Her bracelet is exactly what I would look for in a shop.  The turquoise really stands out when added to the crystals she received.

Charlotte Gordon made a trio of bracelets to wear together but this featured piece really sings to me!  The braided hemp cord would make this a perfect summer accessory.

Lisa Pace wrote not one, but two tutorials showing you what she did with her Dazzle-it products!  You’ll really enjoying seeing her projects and how she knotted her bracelets together!

Jean Yates is my over-achiever!  Thank goodness everyone didn’t see her work until just before I posted or I never would have been able to keep the new jewelry makers in the blog hop!  She has a wonderful post explaining her shaballa bracelet and everything else she made!

This is the second summary image of Jean’s projects.  I want to make a peace necklace now too!

Thank you again to all my jewelers!  I am sure you have given lots of our readers inspiration for summer projects!

What Was In Each Summer Love Kit

Dazzle-it Semi Precious Special Shapes Beads

Dazzle-it Bright Colours Hemp

Shell Beads Dice Shape

Dazzle-it Clasps sets

Dazzle-it in Quebec City

Erwin, our Corporate Account Manager and Sandra our bilingual Customer Service rep visited several Fabricville stores in Fredericton and Quebec City last week.  Today’s post covers the Quebec City visit.

When Erwin sent me this photo my first thought was “wow, look how many people are waiting to get fabric cut!”  My second thought was what a beautiful area to cut fabric, “what are in those gorgeous shadow boxes on the wall?”

Aren’t they beautiful?  I wish this was my local fabric and craft store!

Sandra has some super busy demonstration hours again.

These customers seem to really enjoy watching a friend learn kumihimo on the square disk.

Interest in jewelry making was just as great here as in Fredericton.

Sandra also started a DIY pillow project at this store.

The Dazzle-it hot fix applicator turns anything plain into something very special.  I did see a little chalk mark.  I was wondering how Sandra got the design so perfect.

This was the perfect demonstration to show off the tool and crystals.

It also helps when the demonstrator is so happy with her project!

It was so great to see these Fabricville stores!

Dazzle-it in Fredericton!

Erwin , our Corporate Account Manager and Sandra our bilingual Customer Service rep are traveling home after visiting several Fabricville stores in Fredericton and Quebec City.  Today’s post covers the Fredericton visit.

So many of you speak to Sandra on the phone.  Here she is in person!

Her table and demonstration area is all set up…and let me just say, this was the calm before the storm.

Sandra met with and demonstrated many different Dazzle-it products to Fabricville customers over two days.

She also showed Fabricville staff some of the newer tools and techniques.

Customers do have a lot to choose from in this store!

Everything is beautifully arranged and showcased.

The crowds got bigger and bigger.

Soon it was two to three people deep.

You can see that traditional sewers are indeed very interested in jewelry making techniques and products.

It is so exciting to see the response!

Sandra even demonstrated kumihimo!

Here are a few shoppers reviewing their options after seeing the demonstrations.

This pillow is very special.  To see how Sandra made it sparkle visit the Dazzle-it Blog tomorrow!