Summer Bright Kumihimo and Ori Crystal Interchangeable Necklaces for Perles et Cetera



These necklaces are going to make my summer bright!


I designed them for the spring issue of Perles et cetera.


My original idea for a summer necklace was to create something lightweight and bright. I wanted something unusual to pair with all the neon colours being showcased in the fashion world.


Last year while in Paris, I noted the use of neon in so many different displays and product groupings.  I fell in love with the hot pinks and yellows.  I can’t wait to add some neon to my own wardrobe!


To begin my summer jewelry collection I started by creating some kumihimo braids on my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk.  Hot pink looked fabulous.


I also had a spool of bright Dazzle-it rainbow rat tail.  I thought I would see what a kumihimo braid would look like using this multicolour spool.


I combined it with some gold rattail and created a very unique braid.


Now, I was torn between the rainbow colour braid and the hot pink braid so I made a new decision. Why not make several interchangeable necklaces?


Dazzle-it has ten neon Ori crystal colours in its collection.  I chose three two tone colours; pink/white, green/yellow and orange/yellow.


I made each necklace interchangeable by adding two clasps to each side of the necklace. I have the option of wearing it with the kumihimo braid showing or the crystals.  I can also interchange all the braids and crystal strands.


If I am feeling daring, I can wear all the necklaces at once!

9 11 DSC00404

Products Used

Dazzle-it Kumihimo Disk

Gold Kumihimo Findings Kit

Dazzle-it Rattail

Dazzle-it Ori Crystal Neon Beads

Dazzle-it Pink Glass Pearls, Crystals and Memory Wire

There are millions of combinations for beautiful and elegant bracelets using memory wire.  Memory wire allows you to have fun stringing and the freedom to make as many changes as you want later.

I selected a summer fresh colour palette for this bracelet.

Light Chocolate Glass Pearls

Pink Round Ori Crystal

A little silver wire mesh and an Asian symbol pendant I made myself completed my project.

New Dazzle-it Neon Two Tone Ori Crystals

This is a sneak peak to new Ori crystals coming to John Bead this spring!  They will be available early March.

Neon colours are definitely here to stay for a while!  These new donut shaped two-tone beads are going to make a great addition to your jewelry making projects.

Donut 2Tone Pink/White Neon 6x8mm and 8x10mm

Donut 2Tone Orange/Yellow Neon 6x8mm and 8x10mm

Donut 2Tone Green/Yellow Neon 6x8mm and 8x10mm


Thinking About Next Year


January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet, the birthstone for January,  signifies eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend.  Garnet, derived from the word granatum, means seed, and is called so because of the gemstone’s resemblance to a pomegranate seed.  References to the gemstone dates back to 3100 B.C., when the Egyptians used garnets as inlays jewelry.















I think I can substitute the garnet with this pretty strand of ruby ori crystals.

Black and Pink Kumihimo

I have been very inspired by the return of pink and black.

I love this gown.  I decided to make a bracelet on a whim which is easy to do if you keep lots of rattail in your supply drawers.

Dazzle-it Ori crystal is ideal to add some glimmer.  I chose to use three jet black crystals to give my bracelet a little more glamor.

I used 1.5mm black and 2mm pink rattail to make this kumihimo braid.