Dazzle-it Crystals and Soft Flex Wire

Today’s necklace was inspired by the latest book “Show Your Colors featuring 30 projects by SoftFlex designers.”

I asked designer Nancy Donaldson to feature Dazzle-it Ori crystals in her sample.

Setting up her design took some time because there are so many crystals to choose from.

Dazzle-it Ori Crystals-Metallic Copper became the star of her necklace.

Soft Flex Extreme

Glass Pearls


Hemp and Ori Crystals

This little bracelet is a simple way to showcase both my crystals and some pink hemp.

The Dazzle-It Eco Friendly hemp is a friendly alternative to cotton and other synthetic cord and stringing materials.  I have several sets!

The Spring Colours Hemp 100% Natural 1mm 20lb ( 4×29.9ft) palette is a favorite!

I selected crystal clear and pink round cut Ori crystals for my bracelet.  Doesn’t the hemp look great in this super easy overhand knot? The 1mm hemp cord passed through the bead with ease!

The finishing detail was my fancy heart toggle set.

Hemp stringing material is available at John Bead in many different colours, sizes and lengths!

Hemp is on sale this month too!

A Little Coral Goes A Long Way


It took me a very long time to finish this simple necklace.  The coral beads have been haunting my table ever since I brought them home after a planning meeting at John Bead.

The bamboo coral beads can be quite intimidating in one long strand.  I can see how a few people would make one fabulous necklace by just restringing the original strand.  It isn’t a look I could pull off.  So I decided to just pick three pieces to start a coral project.

My strand uses the bamboo coral, natural coral dyed chips, SWAROVSKI ROUND
and on the necklace I also added SWAROVSKI TWIST 14mm LUMINOUS GREEN Crystals.

I love this colour!  Choosing it took some time though….

I had more than a few options at my disposal.

I tried Ori Chinese Crystal donuts in jet.  Hmmm.  Still like this.

Then I thought why not capture the look of water with a teal crystal beadHave you seen the new Dazzle-It Ori Crystals?  The choices are unbelievable.

Had to see what pearls would look like…..picking a pearl at John Bead is even harder when you see their options.

This was my second favorite option.  It really is a salute to summer and underwater elements.

The coral is still stealing the show…but it doesn’t overwhelm the final piece.

And, with so many coral pieces left over (over 25) from the original strand, I could make up every sample shown!

Dazzle-It Ori Crystals and Glass Pearls


The new Ori Crystals are easily paired with Dazzle-Its glass pearl collection.

I used memory wire to craft these super easy bracelets!  This pink bracelet features Pink Crystal Cut 10mm ori crystal beads with Lt Chocolate round glass pearls.  I also added some wire mesh.

Artistic Wire Mesh is available in many colours and sizes.  I used the silver.

My teal crystal and aqua pearl bracelet was pretty all by itself.

I added a brooch from my personal collection to jazz it up.

The brooch can be added and removed anytime.

Sponge Coral and Ori Crystal!

Summer is almost here!  Images from the beach and hot spot destinations come to mind and coral is a wonderful way to capture the feeling of water, vacation and summer.

John Bead has a fabulous collection of coral.  For this necklace I started with a strand of hexagon shaped sponge coral.

Ori-Crystals are new and exclusive to the Dazzle-It line of glass beads.  They are highly faceted to beautifully reflect beams of light.  Ori Crystals feature rich, vibrant tones in transparent crystal hues as well as memorizing AB coatings and metallics.  They are available in jewel tones and birthstone colours.  They are also available in donut cut as well as round rich cut.

I had a very hard time deciding which Ori Crystals to pair up with my coral.

One Facebook poll later and I settled on Dark Topaz Luster.

This necklace is ready to wear with the addition of these fancy heart toggle sets.