New Semi-Precious Chips – Color Beyond Compare

Isn’t this strand spectacular?


We have new semi-precious chips packs in an artists palette of color options.

This collection is awash in supercharged colours.  

You’ll see earth-inspired colors, bright and bold, cool and luscious and candy colors.  Each grouping more beautiful than the next!

Kumihimo and Aluminum Wire Pendants

Todays blog post shares a new kumihimo braid I created to showcase a special wire wrapping pendant.

With a Dazzle-it kumihimo disk, you can create braids with so many different cords and fibers.  My braid today features rattail, beads and wool.

I needed a special braid to showcase this unique pendant Nancy Donaldson created with our aluminum wire.

Aluminum wire is soft and Nancy finds it very easy to manipulate.

Our fish features a gorgeous fire and ice oval semi-precious bead.

This is the Fire and Ice Agate Oval, dyed black.  The complete colour collection is linked here.

More is More


Designed and written by Fernando DaSilva


By the late 1930’s, Chanel’s necklaces had grown from single-strand chokers and sautoirs into bibs. In the early 1990s, Karl Lagerfeld occasionally paired Chanel haute-couture with over the top beaded jewelry. Currently, I have observed a comeback of the bib necklace, probably boosted by the opulent and luxurious jewelry worn on the movie “The Great Gatsby.”  Those were some of my influences to create this piece.


I wanted to showcase the latest and newest products that we added to our Dazzle-it! line. The products are the main inspirational source for this design.   I wanted to create something to be paired with a day dress and I wanted it to turn people’s heads.  It needed to be something with a “zoom zoom zoom” about it.

The Divas Who Could Pull This Off:  Carmen Miranda and Erika Badu.

The Creating:

The bib section was designed first and then I created a triple twisted Kumihimo cord to use as the structure.  The cord needed to be strong enough to sustain the “cascade” of beads. I combined our fantastic Lovely Knots braided cords with a satin aquamarine cord. I think it is much more interesting than other types of Kumi and it speaks louder to my style. It has texture, depth and by using two different sizes of cords together I made it three dimensional.

I also wanted to display one of our newest end caps.  Multi strands cords can be glued-in so the ends are impeccably finished.

The biggest problem for me was deciding on the right material for the back section. After experimenting with a variety of materials, I finally decided that the piece was calling for something light and airy and the satin ribbon became my final choice. It also brought a French romantic edge to the piece that works perfectly with summer luncheons, brunches and lazy delicious sunset cocktails. It’s ultra chic but at the same time simple.

Technical info:

Bib section was created with:

blue and green dyed agate round beads, sizes 6, 8 and 10mm

light blue neon glass round beads sizes 6 and 8mm

kumihimo end cap

head pins and 7.5x8mm nickel color bead caps

Kumihimo section was created with:

2mm white and turquoise Lovely Knots cord and 3mm rattail aqua blue cord

Pliers used:

round nose, bent nose and flush cutters from our Japanese Pliers collection

Also:  BeadFix gel by Beadalon was used to attach cone ends.

The Guessing Game

Several weeks ago I posted this picture of the design in progress and asked our Facebook friends to fill in the blank:  Working on a new piece – a bib style necklace held by ______________.

The winning guesses are:

“Maybe Kumihimo with two colors of lovely knots and tassels” by Jennifer Hunt
“by beautfiul Dazzle It Grass Green and Aqua Blue Satin Cord!” by Deborah Daniels
 ” held by a kumihimo braid made with Chinese knotting cord” by AC Beads

Your excellent guesses made you winners.  You will receive a signed copy of my new book “Lovely Knots – An introduction to Chinese Knotting” accompanied by 2 small spools of Dazzle-it lovely knots braided cord.

Please send us a personal message with your mailing address to


Crystals, Neons, Precious Gemstones and More!


This is just one of the many wonderful samples Fernando Dasilva created for John Bead.  Most weeks I have a hard time keeping up with all his fabulous ideas, especially if we have just been at a trade show or event.  Happily, our photography department sends me some superb images to share with you.


This classic wired bracelet features so many of our new Dazzle-it beads.  I see that our new Dazzle-it  neon rounds and our multi colour Buddha’s are featured.  Fernando alos added some pony beads and crystals that make this bracelet explode with colour.

This is what I want to wear on a summer weekend!

Aluminum Wire and Turquoise Horse Pendant

Some days I feel like my aluminum wire collection needs spotlighting.  This is easy to accomplish if you have a friend like Nancy who is a wire working genius.  All I have to say is “wouldn’t it be great to make a horse out of wire for our friend…..” and I know I am going to get one!

Here is my perfect horse silhouette within moments of the suggestion.  Nancy just twists the wire with ease.  She always thinks of the perfect place to make a dangle too!

Aluminum wire is inexpensive, so you never have to worry about making a mistake or even just experimenting.

The addition of the Dazzle-it  turquoise 8mm beads was my suggestion/contribution!

Aren’t they beautiful?

This antique copper chain did not need any embellishing from me.  It is gorgeous!


THE Most Fabulous Stack of Dazzle-it Bracelets!

Fernando DaSilva has created a collection of spectacular bracelets that feature the best and the brightest beads in the Dazzle-it new spring collection!

He used Dazzle-it Ori crystals,  semi-precious special shaped beads and rattail to make the most beautiful tassles!

Each of these bracelets look wonderful on their own too!

The combinations Fernando made between dark and light crystals added a great deal of interest to the bracelets.

One buddha per piece was indeed more than enough to showcase that special strand of semi precious beads.

The neon colours just pop!


Summer Love Dazzle-it Blog Hop With Friends

I have a very inspiring blog hop for you to enjoy today.  Each of the eight featured artists/designers in this post were sent a selection of new Dazzle-it gemstones, beads, hemp and finishing components to play with.  I invited non-jewelry makers and established book writing jewelers to participate.  The results are just wonderful!  It is DAZZLING!

The theme “Summer Love” is all I gave each participant.  You’ll see one image of their project here and I have made sure that there is a link to the artist’s site to read more about their work.

Suze Weinberg created a necklace that is a collage of colours and the peace symbol beads just pop!  She has a great post showing you how she painted a bezel for her focal pendant while incorporating the hemp.

Debra Quartermain was quick to point out that she isn’t a jewelry maker.  However her bracelet made me think she might want to start making some jewelry in the future!  She braided felt and sewed her beads in place beautifully.  I love how she made one bead and the hemp her clasp.

Vicki O’Dell made the most fabulous necklace with the white hemp beautifully showcasing all the colours in the new gemstone collection.  You won’t believe how she managed to space everything...just read her blog for her technique!

I love the yellows and oranges in Lori Mendenhall’s  necklaces.  Perfect for summer!  It is hard to just use one bead, but Lori proved that one can be enough.

Bindy Lambell does not have a blog.  She is a wonderful glass art bead maker!  Her bracelet is exactly what I would look for in a shop.  The turquoise really stands out when added to the crystals she received.

Charlotte Gordon made a trio of bracelets to wear together but this featured piece really sings to me!  The braided hemp cord would make this a perfect summer accessory.

Lisa Pace wrote not one, but two tutorials showing you what she did with her Dazzle-it products!  You’ll really enjoying seeing her projects and how she knotted her bracelets together!

Jean Yates is my over-achiever!  Thank goodness everyone didn’t see her work until just before I posted or I never would have been able to keep the new jewelry makers in the blog hop!  She has a wonderful post explaining her shaballa bracelet and everything else she made!

This is the second summary image of Jean’s projects.  I want to make a peace necklace now too!

Thank you again to all my jewelers!  I am sure you have given lots of our readers inspiration for summer projects!

What Was In Each Summer Love Kit

Dazzle-it Semi Precious Special Shapes Beads

Dazzle-it Bright Colours Hemp

Shell Beads Dice Shape

Dazzle-it Clasps sets