Soutache Wearable Pin!

I can see this soutache piece on my coat collar.  It is just adorable!  Nancy may add it to a necklace however.  I was very happy to see the piece as is.

I gave Nancy soutache cords from our new line and did not realize I was creating a new soutache designer.  She is completely self taught.

She does have quite a few more colour options!

Soutache Beauty From Nancy Donaldson!

Nancy Donaldson has completed another soutache beauty.  I am thrilled to be able to share it with you first!

I have watched from the sidelines as Nancy has taught herself how to make great use of our new soutache cords.

I thought she might whip up a few shapes…I had no idea she would create such stunning finished pieces!

She has incorporated many of our glass beads and pearls into her necklace.

These little gems are called metallic glass peacock pressed glass beads.

She does not make a plan when she starts her projects.  This section lead her to create a new design which featured her piece in a new direction.

Isn’t it stunning?

Learn Soutache In A Class With Fernando DaSilva

Do you know about Toronto’s Creativ Festival?  The Creativ Festival (formerly Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) since 1988 has been offering an unbeatable combination of tantalizing shopping and dynamic instruction. Designed to intrigue, involve, excite, stimulate and celebrate the art of creating your own personal style.

There are 5 days of intimate conference classes which feature exceptional hands-on learning filled with ideas, inspiration and instruction by some of the industry’s best!  John Bead’s Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva is teaching three classes.

Here is a closer look at the Mandarin Soutache Sensation class you can take.

Classes sell out quickly.  Registration has begun by phone this week and online this weekend.  You can look at the digital conference brochure by clicking on this link.

It’s Soutache! Jewelry Made with Embroidering Trim

The upside down pyramid pendant showcasing Dazzle-it alloy soutache trim and matte seed beads.

These soutache samples are in the Gallery of our new booklet.  They have all been designed by soutache specialist Liz MacFarlane.

This is one half of the set of earrings.  The “Blooming” earrings feature Dazzle-it nectarine and lime green soutache trim combined with Swarovski crystals and acrylic accents.

Newly Addicted To Soutache – Nancy Donaldson

Today I am sharing with you just a few of the soutache pieces Nancy Donaldson has been creating since I gave her a selection of our new Dazzle-it Soutache cords.

Nancy is already well established as an artist specializing in encaustic and mixed media arts.  She is the only person I allow to work in my studio.  When I get a new product line I usually invite her to spend the day experimenting with it.  It gives me a chance to see what another artist/jeweler would do with the products.  She loves the challenge of something different and when she arrives I usually have a table set up with items and the rule “make something with only these items.”  I had no idea what would happen after she sat in front of the Dazzle-it Soutache Cord collection.

I asked her to choose any colour cord she liked and to just play with it.  Nancy, being Nancy, began to research soutache and her pinterest board quickly became populated with some gorgeous inspirational images.

These are some of her first designs.  She loved the cord and became intrigued with the idea of being able to manipulate it.  It is like a puzzle to her…where she goes next she does not know, but somehow always manages to stitch her way out of a dead end.

This bracelet is one of several “experiments.”

This piece she worked on in my studio.  I wanted to see how her designs were coming together.

What I learned was how she was able to add, and then sometime subtract, entire sections!

We laid out designs and possible additions.  Really, the options are endless.

It was thrilling to see her incorporate the abalone shell I adore from the catalog.  We moved and rearranged these many times.

In the end, she went home and this amazing necklace was completed.  Wait till you see what else she is creating.  I may need to set up a soutache intervention.  She is well and truly “hooked on soutache!”

It’s Soutache! Jewelry Made with Embroidering Trim

I launched our new booklet by Fernando DAsilva last week.   I have been posting some of the pictures in the book on our Facebook page and wanted to share them here on the blog as well.  Here are some of the featured projects you can learn to make with the step by step pictures and instructions in the book.

The Aurora Pendant.

The “Tears of Mint” Earrings.

The “Sunflower Hoops” Earrings.

Tropical Sensation uses the Acai soutache cord.


Our New Booklet – It’s Soutache!

It’s Soutache! Is the latest adventure of Fernando DaSilva on his mission to bridge the DIY segment and fashionable designs for the creative-minded.  Fernando is our Product Development and Creative Manager.

“I saw soutache for the first time on the pages of Italian Vogue and months later in person at jewelry stores located on the famous Ponte Vecchio, in Florence.  This booklet is an introduction to the art of passementerie using soutache trim.  The projects represent a fresh interpretation of this ancient technique tailor to an amateur, who just like myself, wants to expand their DIY universe.”

“It’s Soutache! Will introduce clever applications of these fantastic trims to create equally trendy and one-of-a-kind designs.  It’s Soutache! Mixes the traditional ancient technique with modern and trendy applications that exudes freshness.  Turn the pages and let the beauty of Soutache capture your heart.”

“In the do-it-yourself market, the jewelry-making segment is heavily influenced by the past, pop culture and looks from the catwalk.  For the last decade, DIY has been the most important tool to create unique fashion and to express people’s personalities.  That being said, the materials used with different techniques are the essence for crafters and hobbyists to reach uniqueness.”

Soutache With Samba Red and Silver Cords

With so many new soutache enthusiasts it is exciting to see the colour palettes and bead choices they are selecting.

Nancy Donaldson is teaching herself how to incorporate soutache cords into her projects. It is clear she has really enjoyed the process.

Samba red and silver cords look wonderful side by side.

Nancy’s focal bead is a Fire and Ice agate oval dyed black.