Soutache Brooches

Designer Nancy Donaldson is teaching herself how to work with Soutache cords.  I gave her all the cord colours to play with and she sent me back these fabulous samples!

I love the combination of colours she choose for this first brooch.  Green and orange soutache cord with the green Fire and Ice agate beads.

This brooch is a showstopper!

Yellow and purple soutache cord along with the yellow Fire and Ice Agate beads!


Soutache Beauty

I am so happy to share this bracelet designed with Dazzle-it products by Elizabeth Macfarlane.  Elizabeth is from Burlington, Ontario and she has been making embroidering jewelry for the last 20 years.

Our new Dazzle-it Soutache collection includes cord and Czech pellets is many different colours.  You can create a design to match any colour palette you like.

A Soutache Bracelet made from PRECIOSA Pellet™ Seed Beads

“A practical pressed bead, PRECIOSA Pellet™, whose shape enables it to supplement many varied types of beads and seed beads, has been presented in Preciosa Ornela’s new collection for the upcoming season. The so-called interlocking effect is enabled by the central slimming of the glass cylinder in the 4/6 mm size which means that the individual beads interlock precisely during a simple stringing.”


We have so many different colours in the Preciosa Pellet family of beads.  I selected this one to match the design of a new free project from Preciosa Inspirations.

You can download the instructions to make this here.

Hot Pink Kumihimo Bracelet

This hot pink kumihimo bracelet showcases several Dazzle-it stringing options.

I used hot pink soutache, rattail, faux suede lace and waxed cotton cords.

Together the cords looked very nice on my kumihimo disk.

The finished braid is fabulous!  I used our kumihimo end cap set to finish my project.


Soutache For The First Time

These are my first attempts at working with soutache cord.  There are so many fabulous examples of Soutache jewelry that I wanted to see how I can add this special cord to my current design work.

I announced our new Dazzle-it Soutache collection earlier this month.  We have so many colours to choose from.


You can find our Soutache cord on spools or plastic bobbins.   I love this lemon zest and strawberry pink combination.

I think you’ll discover that you can create perfectly balanced or free form pieces.  If you are like me and prefer things that are not perfect you will enjoy working without a set design.