Macrame Choker With Hemp

This choker features traditional macrame knotting.  It really is a skill that is useful in so many stringing applications.

Nancy Donaldson created this necklace to feature our natural hemp strings.

Isn’t it delightful?  It will be just perfect for summer outings.

Dazzle-it has a huge assortment of hemp strings in many colours and thicknesses.  The natural collection is classic macrame for the 70’s

These Preciosa Rocailles in the opaque brown iris color added just the right amount of bling to the necklace.

Kumihimo With Many Types of Stringing Material

My agate slab pendant is the inspiration for this kumihimo cord made with rattail, hemp, suede lace and cotton waxed cord.

The colours in the pendant are just stunning.

I gathered all the stringing material that would highlight the colours the best and set up my kumihimo round braid disk for a lovely hour of braiding.

I used Agate Slab Pendant with Pewter/Turquoise Setting

Sea Blue Cotton Wax Cord

Sea Green Suede Lace

Aqua Blue Dazzle-It Rattail

Silver Dazzle-It Rattail

Pastel Colours Dazzle-It Hemp

The suede lace was a wonderful new addition for me.  I did break the strand at one point and was happy a small knot could repair it so the braiding continued.

When my braid was the length I wanted I tied each edge.

I used my favorite new glue to attach a 7mm kumihimo end cap.  This cord is thinner than others I have made, so I am happy there are three different sizes of end caps to choose from.

You will love all the Agate slabs in the John Bead collection.

Fine Chain Kumihimo

This braid looks fabulous in person!  You would think I worked with many different coloured strands in order to create this finished sample.

I used the Dazzle-It Kumihimo disk with Dazzle-It antique copper fine chain and one strand of hemp to create the kumihimo braid.

Dazzle-It hemp, natural earthy colours has one mixed colours string in the set.  It is the reason why my braid looks so complex.

I made my own kumihimo finished ends with wire and the end caps below.  The many different shades of hemp are such a great addition to kumihimo strand making.

These are the pewter end caps, 8mm gold.

Hemp, Shells and Kumihimo!

It did not occur to me until a few days ago that shells might look fabulous with a kumihimo cord.  This strand of shells is such a gorgeous shade of purple and I didn’t have anything in my collection that would work with them.

For my kumihimo cord I used both rattail and hemp.  I have worked with the Dazzle-It Rattail since it arrived at John Bead.  The colour and size options are superb and I can virtually match any item I am working with.  (You can see that my purple shells inspired this colour grouping.)   I think the addition of hemp made my cord look even more interesting.

The John Bead kumihimo program continues to grow!  There are new tools which include pre-strung rattail on reusable bobbins.  That sure makes it easy to create wearable cords!

I used some hemp and a simple overhand knot to join my shells.

The purple shell beads come on an eight inch strand.

I used my kumihimo findings set for my closure.  I attached these to my kumihimo cord and then to my shells and my necklace was compete!

Hope you like it!

Hemp and Ori Crystals

This little bracelet is a simple way to showcase both my crystals and some pink hemp.

The Dazzle-It Eco Friendly hemp is a friendly alternative to cotton and other synthetic cord and stringing materials.  I have several sets!

The Spring Colours Hemp 100% Natural 1mm 20lb ( 4×29.9ft) palette is a favorite!

I selected crystal clear and pink round cut Ori crystals for my bracelet.  Doesn’t the hemp look great in this super easy overhand knot? The 1mm hemp cord passed through the bead with ease!

The finishing detail was my fancy heart toggle set.

Hemp stringing material is available at John Bead in many different colours, sizes and lengths!

Hemp is on sale this month too!

Colour Matching With Kumihimo & How to finish off the ends!

When I began teaching myself kumihimo I didn’t realize that I would start pulling out all my old jewelery to see if I could give it a makeover.  This brown and red rose never seemed to work with anything.

I decided to try and colour match the tones in the stone and rose and selected two rattail and one hemp cord from the Dazzle-It collection to work with.  By using two strands of hemp, my finished cord is a lot thinner.

I should really call this kumihimo cord the super bowl necklace….I made this extra long piece on Sunday.

I made such a long strand that I knew I could make a bracelet too!  All you have to do is tie off a section and then cut it.

I added some links to my JBB pewter end caps by twisting a little wire. I created a loop and wire wrapped the bottom of the loop.

Then I glued my kumihimo cord ends in place with Hypo Cement. Hypo cement adheres to metal and fabrics , it will dry in a few hours and cures in about 24 hours.

Isn’t it amazing how this little bit of red hemp added so much to the cords final colouring?

I’m really happy with this necklace now!  I have one more round disk sample to complete and then I will be starting to test out the square/flat braid disk!

Asian Colour Kumihimo

My kumihimo necklaces are taking on a life of their own.

In my last post I told you I was going to be shopping at John Bead.  These are all the rattail colours I brought home.  I need them all.  Really, I do!

My first project was to try and match the fabric pendant. (I’ll show you what I do with the beads tomorrow.)

With all my new rattail colours, I knew I could and finally settled on red, green and an extra thin strand of gold hemp.

My Dazzle-It kumihimo disk is so easy to work with.  The instructions for this round rope braid are included.

Notice that I let the gold hemp wrap itself around two of the red strands.

The gold hemp added colour through-out in a random pattern.  I loved this effect.

Finally, a necklace I can use to hang this pendant!!