Rattail and Hemp Kumihimo!

This turtle pendant has finally become wearable!  He has been in my collection for years and I have struggled to come up with an interesting necklace so he could be worn.

Kumihimo to the rescue!  In my last post I mentioned that I only have four rattail spools to choose from.  🙁   My colour choices are silver, blue, green and black. So I wondered. Could I use some of the hemp cord I already have in my collection?

The new kumihimo disks have rattail included.  I think it is a brilliant and inexpensive way to give this craft a trial.  If you end up loving it…you’ll be buying the big spools of rattail at John Bead!

When I did my original colour matching I thought these two colours would be great with the pendant.

But with the addition of the hemp, I had one extra colour that made my finished cord a much better match.

I hope you can see how beautifully the hemp worked.  It is much stiffer than rattail, so I was careful to watch the knotting so all the areas were even.

By the way, the instruction you get in the kits is fantastic…it is all I needed to start learning this ancient art form.  Tomorrow I am at John Bead.  I’ll take a picture of my shopping cart for you…you just know I am getting all the rattail my little hands can grab!

Hemp and Twisted Beading Needles!

Here is one last sample to tempt you to try the new line of hemp stringing material from John Bead!

Today’s project begins with two items I really wanted to use.  The hemp 20lb Natural Earthy Colours Collection and brass metal beads.

Now, before I go one step further let me back track. Most of the beads in my collection have smallish holes.  I could not get the thicker hemp cords to pass through them no matter how hard I tried. And then it occurred to me to pull out the Twisted Beading Needles.

I was able to pull two thick hemp cords through this small opening by using the needles!  So if you are ordering hemp…get some needles too!

I really like how this bracelet turned out!

Hemp and Beads!

It only took me a few days to figure out that my new interest in knotting hemp would somehow lead to using beads.  And really. Would anyone be surprised?  John Bead has almost 12,000 listings on their website for different beads they stock!

For today’s project I selected string from both a a 10lb and 20lb hemp collection.  These sets are wonderful!  I love the colour palettes that have been pre-selected.

I also choose one of my John Bead glass beads vial.  The beads are size 6 and as you can see they are easily strung on the 10lb hemp string.  Hemp really is strong.  I didn’t use a needle to add the beads, just the hemp itself.

I do have a tip for you.  If you want your beads to be in a specific colour pattern it is helpful to line them up in the order they will be used.  This made my project go even quicker.  As a newbie knotter I can tell you I finished this bracelet in under 30 minutes.

Here is a little closeup.  I am pretty pleased with my knotting!

Ta Da!

Hemp Bracelet – Thin and Thick Cords!

I had to contact John Bead yesterday to tell them I was getting very hooked on the hemp!

Yesterday’s blog post was an introduction to the HUGE new line of hemp cords/threads in the John Bead Dazzle-It line.

For today’s project I used the red hemp which is 10lb and much thinner than what I used yesterday and 20lb gold hemp stringing material. Both colors are available in 10lb or 20lb spools.

I set up my board again.  I am using a standard macrame knot.

I used some wood beads that were in my stash…I am not sure where they were from accept that perhaps I removed them from another necklace.  All you need to remember is that the cord thickness will determine which beads you can use.  (I don’t have many beads with a wide hole..so back to John Bead I must go.)

My knots are getting better and better!  This is only my second project with hemp stringing material.  It is easy to work with, holds knots beautifully and is light and airy!

Since my bracelet didn’t weigh much I opted to use magnets as a clasp!  This finished it perfectly and makes it very easy to get on and off my wrist!  (I used the new magnetic clasp barrel.)

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Here it is Monday and I am thrilled to report I learned a new/old craft this weekend!  I have not tried my hand at macrame in over 30 years.  Why I set that craft aside I do not know. I made some extra special plant hangers for my Mom and then I guess I moved on to other projects.  But I am back!  Macrame is back! And John Bead has everything we need to return to this amazing craft!

During my last visit to John Bead I was given a wonderful grouping of pure hemp stringing materials.  Hemp is very eco-friendly and strong.  I have been wanting to figure out a way to incorporate it into my studio…even if it was just to tie my gifts.  The hemp I used for this projects is 100% natural Pure and is 48lb and Azo-Free.

I researched the word MACRAME on line and so many amazing tutorials and how to’s were made available to me.  I was helped the most by a YouTube video that made clearly showed me how to set up a board and how to create the knots.  That video is linked here.

And so I began.  This is a very low tech craft!  I didn’t need any special tools or skills!

My first knots were a little wonky.  I had a hard time remembering which way to place my hemp string.

But then I got it!  I understood how to make sure my knots were lined up.  I also found that adding the beads was simple.  I used metalized Peruvian pony beads for this project.  You need a bead that will fit over the thick stings.

I wasn’t sure how to start or end my sample when I started. I chose to finish my end this way.  I am sure there are dozens of ways to end your knotting.  That is something I’ll research next.

I LOVE this bracelet!  I am wearing it now because it is so light and airy.  I already have a request from my hubby to make him one too!  That will have to wait a day or two though. I need to go back to John Bead to get some special stones for his bracelet…and I want to pick up some of their hemp beading books……and I want more hemp!