Signature Cuff with Suede

I have mentioned before that a brass cuff is just a blank canvas to anyone creative.

This cuff was easy to craft.  To start I gathered my main items; cuff, gray ultra suede, Quick Grip glue and some embellishments.

The filigree connectors can be used in many ways.  I added a little glue to their backs to secure them in place.  The SWAROVSKI Crystal Rock circle could be ironed on, but I chose to glue it in place as well.

When my glue was dry I took the extra step to also sew my connectors in place.  I pre-poked holes through the ultra suede to make this easier.

My Dazzle-it needles and silk thread were ideal for my sewing task.

 I then added some Preciosa crystal flat backs for extra glitter.

I then glued my ultra suede cuff to my metal cuff.  The added stitches will ensure my connectors do not pop off on the curved edges.

Later, I wire-wrapped a vintage brooch to my cuff.  Options are endless!

The current issue of Perles et cetera magazine has another cuff Idea I designed featuring feathers and a button.

Shells, Shells and More Shells!

I have had this huge assortment of shells from the Dazzle-It line on my table for weeks.  Realizing it was AUGUST I was suddenly wanting to create something ASAP to wear before summer was over.

I also had a package of three hole connectors that I have never used.  It was time for me to stop thinking single strand only!

I created a collage of strands.

These are shell beads – OVAL w/Centre Hole and I used the light gold.

These are called shell dice!  They are available in nine colours!

These irregular shell beads with holes are also in many colours.  I have used pink and purple already.  This is the natural strand.

Navette Shape Shell strands are in the catalog in eleven different colours.

I could not resist adding a little Swarovski crystal.

I used Dazzle-It 100% silk bead cord to string all my shells. I think I can say I am finally out of my single strand box!

Pearl Knotting Success!

I am the girl with a pearl necklace!

I was able to teach myself to use the Dazzle-It Knotting tool after seeing our demo at the Bead and Button show (see yesterday’s blog post).

I chose to work with Dazzle-It glass pearls (light olive) and Dazzle-It Silk cord size 6.

I spent an hour practicing with the tool before starting my first project.

When my knots were consistent I felt confident that I could try making a necklace.

My finished necklace is pretty darn good!

Look at those knots!  The tool does so much of the work.

I did make one or two spacing errors.  That is something I will work on and perfect over time.  If you have not tried the knotting tool I am sure you will enjoy working with it.

Dazzle-It EZ Knotting Tool

Last week at the Bead and Button show you could hear a very satisfying clicking noise if you walked by the John Bead booth.  Fernando Dasilva was demonstrating the Dazzle-It Knotting Tool and let me tell you, it stopped traffic.  Each click meant another pearl was perfectly placed on a silk cord.

The Easy Knotter from John Bead comes with instructions and was designed to give you professional knots for your pearl stringing projects.

This is the tip that makes the knotting so neat!

Since I have not used the tool, I definitely watched Fernando’s demonstration.  I was amazed at how neat his pearls and knots were!

I think many people prefer to learn visually.  Watching how Fernando held the silk beading cord made me realize why I have not had success making knots in the past.

So.  I have seen the master at work.  Now I need to start my first project.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

Take a peak at the selection of 100% silk beading cord in the new catalogue!

Dazzle-It Silk Thread and Glass Pearls & Beads

This is a little mountain of happy beads!

The Dazzle-It line has so many threads and accessories in it that I would need a whole month of posts to show it all to you.  I also want to showcase the glass pearls and other new components at John Bead.

So I made a few special felt balls to both test and highlight the silk thread and pearls.

I love to sew and any time I get an opportunity to use a needle and thread I am very happy.  The new Dazzle-It magnetic pin pal needle holder has two needles included which are perfect for this project.

I could make hundreds of these!  I hope you like some of the beads I used:

Pink Glass Pearls

Light Olivine Glass Pearls

Pink Luster Fire polished Bead


Dazzle-It Silk Threads – Size D

Miyuki Bead Crochet Thread

Felt Balls – Carmi’s Stash