Halloween Inspiration!

Don’t be frightened to plan your Halloween projects, classes or costumes!  We have plenty of beads, skulls, trims, feathers, masks, sequins and more to make this occasion easy to organize.


Here are a few of my favorite things for Halloween costumes, jewelry and decorating from our Catalog.




Nappa Leather Fabulousness!

Fernando DaSilva created this fabulous necklace to demonstrate the numerous techniques you can use with our nappa leather.  It is knotted, cut, riveted and gathered into this one of a kind wearable.  When I asked him to describe the necklace he said:

“Edgy, vibrant, over the top, sexy!  The juxtapositions are unorthodox and I used dozens of rivets to design the necklace.  And, yellow is on trend!”

 Choosing the yellow from the collection was a dare indeed!

We do have quite a few options.  Now I want to use the yellow as well!

 A few of the other components Fernando featured in his necklace.

Faux Suede Tassels

Butterfly Pendant Bail

Pendant Bail Slider

Swarovski Drops

Swarovski Butterfly Bead – TANGERINE

Are You Ready for A Summer of World Cup Soccer Fever?

Are you ready for a summer of soccer fever?  We have placed all our soccer related items into one convenient section for you to review!

FIFA World Cup fever will last all summer!  The men’s games are in Brazil June 12 – July 13.  The women’s World Cup are in Canada August 5-24!

Year Of The Horse

Have you picked up one of the wonderful “Year of The Horse” stamps from Canada Post?These collectible series are always beautifully printed with special embossing and gilding. This years stamp is particularly beautiful.

Horse imagery has appeared in a number of creative designer lines.  This is the trend board Boticca.com created and the prancing horse necklace caught my eye.

We have several charms in the catalog if you want to add a horse to this year’s designs.

We have silver and gold to choose from

There are sliders as well.

Icon Inspiration Necklace

The current GLAMOUR  issue of Perles et cetera is on the stands and it features my Icon Inspiration Necklace for John Bead Corporation.

The article is in french, so I am going to share the “how-to” with you in English.

One of the hottest trends for fall/winter 2013 is a divine one with religious inspiration.  Byzantine icons, stained glass and the Maltese cross appeared on clothing, handbags and jewelry.  I clipped several fabulous examples and left them displayed in my studio.

I knew that somewhere in my studio was an icon image that would become the featured image for my necklace for this Perles et Cetera issue.

It took some time to find (because I do save everything) but I finally located a letter my husband had written to me several years ago.  The edge of the note had the perfect image!  The printed icon was quite large, so I decided to see if I could embed it in resin after dividing it between two large Instant Glam by Fernando rectangle bezels.

I carefully cut out my paper icon sections and sealed them into my bezels with glue.  I then made a small batch of Jewelry Resin (according to the manufacturers instructions) and poured it into my bezels.  I allowed this first layer of resin to cure for 48 hours.

I decided to add some extra paint lines and markings to the first cured layer of resin.

When the paint dots and dashes were dry, I painted a second layer of Jewelry Resin across the bezel surface.  This top layer of resin ensures that my own paint markings are completely covered in resin and cured in place permanently.

I did not have a plan or instructions to string two bezels into one focal piece.  I knew I would have to just gather some great crystals, chain and fibers and experiment with the design.

I started by wiring my two bezels together.  The backs of the Instant Glam bezels have two rings.  I knew they would help me to place my chain and beads too.

Working on the backside I was able to add and subtract beads.  This is the sort of free form jewelry making project when the only way to know if the necklace will work is by stopping to try it on regularly.  I wanted the bezels to sit quite high, so I needed a strong choker at the top to hold everything in place evenly.

I added seed bead chains through my chain to make it more glamorous.

The strung crystals and the seed bead chain looked quite beautiful by the time I was done.  I even made a dangle with some of my leftovers.  However, I felt as though the necklace needed more.

I pulled out some sari silk ribbon in colours that would match my featured icon.

I simply sewed my fibers in place and attached them to the body of the necklace.

I am quite thrilled with the Icon Inspiration necklace.  I can’t wait to wear it to a special event this holiday season!

John Bead Products Featured

The Bezels

Instant Glam by Fernando Tuscany Rectangle

Envirotex Jewelry Resin

Fire-polished 6mm White pearlized glass beads

Fire-polished 8mm Crystals AB glass beads

Platinum and orange Seed Bead Cube chain

Oval Cable Antique Silver Leaf Chain

Hook and Loop Clasp

Black Flat nose pliers

Other Jewelry Making Components Used

Wire to string beads.

Split Rings to attach strung beads to chain.

Wire Protectors and crimp tubes

Sari Ribbon

Carmi Cimicata is also the author and designer of Resin Crafts Blog where you can read hundreds of how-to articles about resin and how to work with it. www.resincrafts.blogspot.ca


Dazzling Blue – 2014 Colour of The Year Favorite

With Dazzling Blue now being featured as one of the 2014 Pantone colours of the year options, I thought I would showcase some of the NEW products in the catalogue that are close matches to this selection. We have many different names for this blue:  Bermuda Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dusk Blue, Ocean Blue and some of our Navy Blues match it as well.

Swarovski Pendant – NEW


Miyuki Tila Beads

Miyuki Seed Beads

Dyed Agate Beads

Flat Leather

Lovely Knots Cord

Dazzle-it Feathers

Fire and Ice Agate

Vanessa Marcil and Instant Glam at The Emmys

It goes with out saying that occasionally you just hit it off with a person you just met.  You might imagine that Fernando Dasilva and Vanessa Marcil are old friends.

Vanessa really liked everything that Fernando had on display in our Emmys Celebrity Gift booth last month.  In particular, she was attracted to the Instant Glam diamond bezel already made with the matching Swarovski aquamarine flat backs. On the spot, Fernando customized it for her to wear with an extra with tassel.

While he worked, they chatted.

Vanessa Marcil is best known for her roles as Brenda Barrett on General Hospital, Gina Kincaid on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sam Marquez on Las Vegas.

Look how happy she is with her finished necklace!  Oh and look at the ring!

From Fernando:  “She also received a finished ring form my Fernando DaSilva collection of moonstones briolletes and Swarovski crystal chatons…the ring was a copper blank…she loved it!”

The Instant Glam Tuscany Diamond Bezel by Fernando.

The Road To The Emmys…..

Did you miss our announcement on Friday?

John Bead is travelling back to Hollywood for a second big celebrity event: The Emmys. We are participating with a select group of companies in the Emmys Awards Gift Lounge on Saturday Sept. 21, 2013!  So if you notice a few awards images over the next few weeks on our Facebook page you will know why.

When the celebrities visit they’ll see our mini jewelers studio and they will be able to customize a statement necklace featuring a gorgeous medallion.   The jewelry components we are featuring are from the Metal Complex Instant Glam™ By Fernando and Dazzle-it signature programs. Each piece will be designed and hand assembled on the spot.  That is the time for glamour.

For now though, the glamour will have to be postponed as everyone works hard to get everything sorted and shipped.  Here is Fernando working on the perfect backdrop.  We have some busy weeks coming up!