Beaded Fashion Appliques Make a Dull Sweater a Sassy One!

This sequined beaded sweater began as an inexpensive bargain at Target.


What makes the sweater SASSY is the addition of six beaded applique motifs from our Fashion Embellishment category.

The sweater is then lined with wax paper.

There were several ideas for placement.  In the end the “collar” idea was the most popular.

Even though the appliques are glued in place, it is a good idea to do a little extra hand stitching.  This ensures that the applique edges do not catch on anything.  You can also add a few extra beads to your design while hand stitching.


The appliques are available in several colours including gold.


Trend Watching With Fernando

Last week Fernando Dasilva was in New York and he managed to spend a little time people and window watching.  These are some of the trends he picked up.
I can positively say that  burgundy or bordeaux, navy blue and metallic grey are the strongest early fall colors for this season. Most of the windows on 5th Ave have those colours featured.

On the jewelry side, the Lord & Taylor windows spotlighted the gold-plated, oversized chains and the ‘modern hammered metal’ look trends.
As far as beads, I saw about eight women wearing  bib-style necklaces assembled with clear extra large acrylic drops, long, short, medium; also lots of cluster and multi-strand pearl necklaces (mostly white and ivory faux and acrylic pearls.) I also saw some Egyptian style large neck rings that covered the entire shoulder area.
These are some of our beads that fit the styles currently in vogue in Manhattan.

September Sapphire


What is the Birthstone for September? From
Giving a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone gem will bring the wearer with good luck and protection. Monthly birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. What is the Birth stone for September? The following old poem provides the answer! And this page provides some information about the meaning of the September gem stone, the color, symbolism and significance of this lovely birth stone:

September Birthstone poem – the Sapphire
“A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze,
A Sapphire on her brow should bind;
To bring her joy and peace of mind.”

September Birthstone – Properties of the Sapphire
For those who were born in the month of September the Sapphire is the traditional birthstone. The September birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Sapphire is associated – truth, sincerity and constancy. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the September Birthstone Sapphire are clairvoyance, insight and interpretation. The healing properties of the September birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to lowering fevers and inflammation, hearing problems, cancer and burns. The Sapphire is also used to enhance the influences of Venus and and banish evil thoughts.

John Bead has a tremendous selection of sapphire beads, jewels and components!

Revamp a Jacket with Crystal Snaps

The new Crystal Applicator made changing the look of my jacket a very simple project.

The original buttons on this jacket were very inexpensive.  One even broke at the dry cleaners.

By adding crystal snaps I made it look much more polished.

I used the Crystallized – Swarovski Elements snaps.  There are five different coloured snaps to choose from.  I have the silver/crystal but I think the jet black might have been a good choice for this project too.

Now that I have had the Crystal Applicator for a few weeks I find it very easy to use.  I replaced all my buttons with the snap bottom first.

Then I changed my dies and attached the snap tops over the button holes.  They set perfectly!

I know I will wear this jacket a lot more this summer now that it has been refreshed with crystals.  I plan on replacing the buttons on a white shirt next!

How can Kumihimo Inspire you ?

I always love browsing the internet for new ideas and inspirations. Since John Bead carries over 65,000 products , I know I’ll always find something that I could easy re-create or draw inspiration from. So here I went and explored the fun world of Kumihimo Braiding, check out some of the fun ideas I found.

White and yellow rattail with a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Baroque Pendant in Golden Shadow.

I liked this idea of mixing chain into the design. You just have to be a little more gentle when working with the chain so that you don’t damage the slots on the foam disk.

Even though you can’t see the exact shape of the braid , I love Eyelash ribbon and it’s a fun way to use it to create a round braid.

Mens Black  Leather Kumihimo Bracelet w/Sterling Silver Bead - B45

I love how simple this bracelet it. Here the designer (Designs by Malone) used black leather and a simple large hole bead.

Here are some examples of large hole beads that work  well with kumihimo designs (Some are more ideal for thinner braids , so check the size of the inner holes and match it to your design. )

JBB Pewter Beads

Metalized Large Hole Beads


Metal Large Hole Beads


Stay tunned for more ideas and Kumihimo Techniques and check out the Dazzle-it Facebook page for a chance to win your own Kumihimo Disk !!

Kumihimo Contest

Saturdays New Item Showcase

Saturdays New Item Showcase Saturday proved to be a great success !

This past Saturday John Beads had it’s first New Item Showcase Saturday. Customers had the opportunity to see and purchase Swarovski Elements NEW colors and shapes for the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 season. The three new colors ; Sunflower Yellow, Silver Night Crystal and Light Gold Pearl were well received and customers who had attended Septembers Swarovski Seminar were happy to get their hands on the new items they had been shown in September.

Sunflower Yellow New Swarovski Element Color
Silver Night Crystal New Swarovski Element Color

My personal favourite from Swarovski Elements is the Wild Heart Pendant. Available in 12mm, 17mm and 27mm and in Sunflower, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Crystal, Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Silvershade, Crystal Copper, Crystal Red Magma, Indian Pink, Crystal AB, Dark Indigo ,Jet, Rosaline and Tanzanite.

It’s a more modern breakaway from the classic heart shape.  The Wild Heart Pendant owes its elongated shape and asymmetric faceting to the nostalgic mood sweeping through the design world. One of Swarovski Elements inspirations is Farmland/Fox. It’s based on a Classic style that embodies rich reds and golds. It plays off floral patterns, that ones your grandmother would wear on her approne. It’s a step towards nature and the comforts of farmlife. The mood is familiar, cozy and warm.

Swarovski Element -Inspiration Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

The perfect compliment to this Wild Heart Pendant is leather cording as it makes the overall look  more organic. I also combined the Helios Pendant with leather cording further playing off of this Farmland/Fox theme.

Wildheart with leather Cording

Wildheart with thinner leather cording

Helios Pendant with Leather cording

Holiday Booklet and Designs

Our in house designer; Thanh Tran showcased New Earring designs for the upcoming Holiday Season. Angels, Evergreen Trees and Light Bulb Earrings were part of her demos, complete with instruction sheets customers could take home. Swarovski Elements Create-Your-Style Website features even more design. ( Ask us what items we carry that are featured on other designs)

Part of the Holiday Booklet


Rishma, our newest in house designer, did demos with Tila beads and farfalles. And with her bubbly personality, who wouldn’t get exited about beads !? She did a great job showing the Farfalle Ball Earring and the Tila Cuff Bracelet. The tila cuff bead is shown below. It’s a great piece for the fall season. The creator of the bracelet our designer Brianna Walsworth choose the Rasberry Gold Iris Tilas because of their beautiful iridescence and the way the bead shows many colors as the light reflects off it. She complimented it with the Gunmetal Tila that is easily matched to any color of clothing. Brianna also prefers to work with A Sterling Silver findings to ensure strength and durability of her jewellery pieces. This piece is beautiful and finely crafted, if you’re up for the challenge, it takes approx. 4 hours to complete.

Tila Cuff Bracelet

Bead weaving: How to start

You need 10 strands 1 ½ to 2 ft long to start.
3 strands in one bead tip for the outer wires and 2 strands in one bead tip for the middle wires.Materials Used:

690TL00-2005B Raspberry Gold Iris Tila Beads

690TL00-2001B Gunmetal Tila Beads

63900502 Delica Beads

96003084 Sterling silver 4 strand tube clasp

96003001 Sterling silver bead tips

250STW01430SLV Soft Touch fine wire

Farfalle Ball Earring

Materials Used:

68003005 Farfalle -Bow Beads (Farfalle)-Cut 2x4mm Opaque Blue Iris

690DB00-1211V Delica 11/0 RD Grey Mist  Silver Lined

17402328 Pearl Bead-PEARLS 16mm WHITE

74423057-01 BEADALON WILDFIRE .006″ 0.15mm BLACK- Thread

74701009-07 Artistic Wire- ART WIRE 18G Lead/Nickel SAFE PURPLE-spool

26001000-78 HEADPIN SILVER 2″ 10pcs x12

Amazing Farfalle Beads

I came across some great pieces using Farfalle Beads!

BERNADETT VARGA’s blog AGABEN, showcases the designers beautiful work. The farfalle bead , also known as Bow beads or peanut beads by some, have an interesting shape that allows the beads to fit into one anothers curves. This interesting shape gives way for endless amount of possibilities. Whether strung in a simple row or sewn in an elaborate stitch there’s no wrong way to farfalle.

Bernadett Varga’s pieces look elegant and finely crafted. The necklace below looks like such a solid construction using the crochet technique.

(Possible beads used Bow Beads (Farfalle) 2x4mm
Crystal Labrador Transparent

Necklace with Farfalle Beads

The round earring balls make me think of how many possibilities you can come up with using the farfalles.  Bernadett uses crochet techniques to create the jewellery and each piece is more interesting then the next.

Ball Earring Using Farfalle Beads
Want to make it ?
Bow Beads (Farfalle) 3.2×6.5mm
Amethyst Labrador Transparent

She also has many seed bead variations creating balls and long necklaces with interesting shapes. I love her combination of colors and the way she combines glass beads with seed beads and crystal bead accents.

Necklace with Glass Bead detail
Want to make it ?
Lamp Bead Halo Heaven 2pc

The matte seed bead combination and transparent seed bead is great on this ring. The seed bead creation is nicely mounted on a base metal ring. Such an elegant yet showy look.

Transparent and Matte Seed Bead Ring
Want to make it ?
Possible materials  ;

We also have sample necklaces in our showroom made by a designer from the Czech Republic; Adella Kodonova. The jewellery combines farfalles, crystals, pearls and seed beads. These pieces have more movement and you can see the shape of the farfalles a little more. The necklace is full of sparkle and glitz. The focal point with the pearls is beautifully done with crystals bursting out. I love the weight of the farfalles and the pearls, it’s a true statement piece.

Copper Colorado Necklace

Want to make it ?
Possible materials  ;
Bow Beads (Farfalle)-Cut 2x4mm
Crystal Copper Lined
277 5500 1073 246 SWAROVSKI BEAD 5500 ROUND DROP

96961945734-18T.C. – BEAD CAP DOME CLASSIC
Labrador Jetsetter Necklace

I love this look because really you can combine any type of bead in any variation of color and twist them around. You can make it as chunky or minimal as you like! All you need is a little black dress and this necklace!

Want to make it ?
Possible materials  ;
68002454s – Bow Beads (Farfalle) 2x4mm
Black Opaque
68002456s- Bow Beads (Farfalle) 2x4mm
Black Labrador Opaque
68002518s- Bow Beads (Farfalle) 3.2×6.5mm
Black Chrome Opaque

27753011779280- SWAROVSKI BEAD 5328 BICONE
27750002151001- SWAROVSKI BEAD 5000 ROUND
27750001515001- SWAROVSKI BEAD 5000 ROUND

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