Pendants and Domes

We have a great collection of pendant frames and domes in our catalog.

They are so easy to work with.  If you want to share a photo or image you just need to make sure you size it according to the shape and pendant size you have.

You can use your dome to determine the area you will be featuring.

Once you have, you just press the clear dome onto the paper and trim it.  The dome already has adhesive on the back side.

The image you cut now can be glued into the bezel.

I have a quick video right here showing you the technique.

2mm Semi-Precious Beads

We have a spotlight on 2mm semi-precious beads right now.  They may be small but don’t underestimate their ability to create a stunning bracelet with the addition of a few findings.  2mm faceted semi-precious beads are difficult to manufacture.  You can imagine how easy it would be to break a small bead during the sanding process.

Simply draped you can see right away that these are not your average beads.  These 16 inch strands are in stock in limited quantities.

This grouping includes tourmaline, labradorite, lapis lazuli, pyrite and rhodonite.

I loved the rhodonite and pyrite and used them for the bracelets.  I chose to unstring them all and place them in a storage jar.  I don’t want to lose one single bead.

They have great holes and I strung them quickly using bead stringing wire.  I opted to use gold findings, so for one bracelet I used Ez-Crimps to close my stringing ends.  If you have not used them, I can tell you they create professional ends in the quickest time.  For the second bracelet I used a traditional wire guardian and crimp.

Products used in two bracelets shown

2mm Rhodonite strand

2mm Pyrite strand

Beadalon 19 Strand stringing wire BRIGHT

Small Gold Tattoo Om symbol charm by TierraCast

2nd TierraCast Om Charm in gold currently out of stock but we have it in silver.

Ez-Crimps from Beadalon

Wire Guardians in gold

Gold Crimp Tubes

Gold Lobster Clasp

Gold Magnetic Clasp

Gold Jump rings for clasps and charms

How to Use Our New Pendants and Domes

We have many new sizes of pendant frames with matching domes.

All you need to decide is what would you like to feature in the pendant as a design or photo element.  For my project, I have images from a painting by Lisa Finch of  frenchcanvas on Instagram.  I received permission from her to use part of the painting for a piece of jewelry.

I used my plastic dome to decide if my images were going to fit into the open space in the frame.  Most people call these components bezels.

Once I was sure the image was the right size, I peeled away the backer paper from my plastic dome.  It has adhesive on the reverse side, so I stuck it firmly to my paper image.

It is very easy to cut around the dome.  You can apply glue to the back of the new domed paper and set it right into the pendant.  Your new pendant is ready to wear!


Artistic Wire Mesh

Artistic Wire Mesh is also now available at John Bead.

I used it in combination with the new wire wrappers to create this necklace.

If you have not worked with mesh before you’ll be happy to learn it is available in two sizes (18 and 10mm wide) and all the classic metallic colours.

For my necklace I used a number of fantatsic new items in the John Bead catalogue.

1.  New for Dazzle-It :  Rhodium/Teal Agate Nuggets.

2.  Artistic Wire Horseshoe shaped wrappers and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS burgandy blue briolettes.

3.  Silver Artistic Wire Mesh 10mmx1m Silver

4.  Gold Artistic Wire Mesh 18mmx1m Gold

I was very happy with my finished sample.  I did get lots of inspiration from Fernando Dasilva’s blog posts.  I picked three of his samples to show you.  Go to his blog to see them all. Then you will really want some wire mesh!

He used the mesh in a number of interesting ways which showcased the numerous different techniques you could experiment with.

I love how these big baubles are cradled in the mesh.

I thought his idea to fold the mesh was fantastic!  Isn’t this gorgeous?

Take a look at the wire mesh today!   You’ll think of all sorts of great ways to incorporate it into your jewelry designs!

Amazing Wrappers!

Is this bead component not a show stopper?

Yesterday John Bead sent an email to its wholesale customers announcing the arrival of a whole group of new Artistic Wire Ltd. items.  Where to begin?  The wrappers are so unique I thought I would start with them.

This is just one of the shapes available: Silver Hexagon.  I also just received these gorgeous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS luminous green crystals to experiment with…..they seemed to belong together.

The crystals have now been safely “caged” just by simply wrapping wire.  You can see how the outer edge grooves make this super easy to accomplish.  I tried several different ways to wrap the crystals from many wraps to just two.

I think this wrap, using all the grooves, might be my favorite.

Now, where do you go from here?  If you are Fernando Dasilva you create a masterpiece like this!  More wrapping tomorrow!

New Kumihimo End Cap Idea

I made this pendant and knew that only a kumihimo cord would be able to showcase it properly.  The selection of rattail at John Bead allows me to colour match virtually any design!

I glued a sterling silver rope end cap to finish the cord this time.

It makes my cord look a little more glamorous.

Kumihimo keeps getting better and better!

If you want to learn about how I made the pendant I have a link here.

Kumihimo End Caps – How To Make One Size Fit All

The new kumihimo findings are available in 3 sizes: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm.  When I started making braids I didn’t realize I would be experimenting with so many different fibers.  I have both thick and thin kumihimo braids…but only bought one size end cap: 10mm.

I figured out a way to make my thinner cords look nice in a slightly bigger cap.

I am gluing some felt along the edges.  This keeps my braid from unraveling too!

Now my thinner cord looks just great in this end cap! It is centered nicely in the cap but you don’t see my felt edging.

Kumihimo Findings Tip

Yesterday’s post featured a beautiful copper pendant.  What I didn’t show you was the kumihimi end cords which I need to finish my necklace professionally.  I only have silver and gold end cords.  I never planned to make something with copper findings.

So I have a great tip to share with you!  Gilder’s Paste in Foundry Bronze transformed my silver end cap into a copper colour!

Doesn’t that look so much better?