Astral Pink and Instant Glam Show Stopper

This is a serious piece of eye candy from Fernando DaSilva!

Everything I love is in this necklace.  We have a kumihimo braid and fiber embellishments created with Dazzle-it rattail, new end caps, a Metal Complex Instant Glam Bezel, our summer sensation semi-precious peace symbol beads and best of all; Astra Pink Swarovski Elements floating on a bed of clear resin.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Metal Complex Instant Glam “Quattro” silver bezel is showcasing a collection of Astral Pink Swarovski crystals.  They are suspended in place because Fernando placed them on a layer of Jewelry Resin.

The pink and yellow rattail looks fabulous in both the braid and knotted elements. You can see how Fernando is using some of the Chinese knots from his book to create new embellishments.

The peace beads are semi precious and were launched by Dazzle-it this spring.

Metal Complex Instant Glam “Quattro” bezel.

Crystal Astral Pink Bicones

Crystal Astral Pink Wild Heart

Crystal Astral Pink Twist Bead

Our new End Caps are beautifully featured in this closure.  Fernando always makes his necklaces look gorgeous even in areas that may not be seen.

Kumihimo Glamour Belt By Fernando DaSilva

What a pleasure it is for me to post this piece today.  I am going to use a word I have never typed on this blog before:  BELT!

Leave it to Fernando DaSilva to create a belt that would steal the thunder of any outfit you wore it with.

He combined so many of the techniques I love.  Kumihimo braids make the main body of belt and their ends are beautifully finished in one of our new end caps.  The double oval link chain looks gorgeous with the addition of glass beads cascading like grapes on the vine.  I am inspired to make a kumihimo braid that I can use for a belt too!

What Fernando Used

New silver smooth kumihimo end cap.


Metallic Silver Ori Crystal Donuts available in 6 x 8 nor 8 x 10

Fire Polished Diamond Shaped

Oval Parallel Chain

And finally, a combination of 2mm and 3mm Green Rattail.

Magnetic Ball Clasp Designer Necklace


I love everything shown in this picture of Fernando DaSilva’s newest necklace.

This is Fernando’s way of introducing you to some of our new findings.

The new magnetic clasp range is wonderful and I have started a new category on the sidebar of the blog called “Magnetic” so you can see all our posts about it!  These glue-in clasps give you such a clean and professional finish.

He also used:

Our new Silver and Gold  end caps.

The knotted leather cord and Fernando’s hand made Lovely Knots tassels are a wonderful salute to the 2013 colour of the year; Emerald Green.

Last, my favorite feature is how Fernando incorporated these heart shaped pewter end caps into the cord design.


How To Show Off An End Cap

This stunning necklace is just one of the latest creations sent into the showroom from Fernando DaSilva.  His task? Show us what to do with the new end caps.  Naturally, he outdid himself.

These oval silver endcaps are ideal for kumihimo, but as you can see Fernando used them to finish a collection of leather cords.

The donut was created by wrapping fish leather around an open bead.  I didn’t think it was possible to make fish leather so pretty…but the addition of the pearls makes this necklace ultra feminine.

Here is one last look at how Fernando used our new end caps.  I bet you have ideas circulating in your head now too!  Here is a link to all the new end caps.

Fernando DaSilva is the Product Development and Creative Manager for John Bead Corporation.

End Cap and Bail Featured Stunner!

There are moments when I review new projects submitted by Fernando Dasilva where I just hold my breath.  This stunning necklaces is indeed a showstopper!

Fernando wanted to showcase our new end caps.  This is the first time I have ever seen a three tiered kumihimo strand necklace.

The new oval gold endcap made it possible to connect three strands so beautifully.

The new kumihimo butterfly bail steals the show however!  The pearls and extra butterfly charms are now dangling in just the right spots.

These bail sliders also help create the tiered charms in place.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration today!

New Lovely Knots Introduction To Chinese Knotting Booklet

This is my first Lovely Knots project.  It is a small one but I have been dying to use the new lovely knots cord as both a necklace and an accent in a summer lightweight wearable project.

Fernando DaSilva is the author and designer of all the pieces in John Beads new book.  This booklet (36 pages) is a fantastic introduction to the ancient art of Chinese knotting and has me thinking about different ways to add knots to my projects.

What I love about the book is how each knot’s construction is photographed.  The booklet instructions are clear and the font is big and easy to read!

These are the three knots I practiced this weekend.

The green Lovely Knots cord happens to be a favorite.

I used the cord for the necklace, I made my first “Cross Knot” and I added these pretty pewter end caps to finish my ends!