Tips For Cutting Fish Leather

Today on the Dazzle-it Blog I featured this leather kumihimo necklace.  It is showcasing our Instant Glam Arrow Bezel which was designed by Fernando DaSilva.

I chose to line the bezel with our Second Skin Fish Leather.  In order to cut a unique shape, I first photocopied my bezel so I had a paper pattern.

I cut out my paper template and tested it in my bezel to ensure it did indeed fit.

Then I taped the pattern to my fish leather.  The tape holds the paper in place making it easier to cut out.  You don’t have to worry about tape residue because you won’t be using the taped section.

Super Easy Fish Leather Pendant

There are a few products that need no embellishing to look beautiful.  Fish leather is just such a product.  On its own it is already unique and you can see gorgeous patterns.  My turtle pendant showcases this.

To make my perfect turtle I used a metal die that you can find in paper arts stores.  These dies are designed to cut paper but of course, they will cut fabric and even fish leather given the right pressure.

I don’t think I could have cut this shape with scissors.

The metal complex hole punching pliers made quick work of sorting our my jump ring attachments.

 I cut a second turtle from felt to line the reverse of my pendant.  This made the back very clean and finished.


Instant Glam + Fab New Kumihimo Bails!

Here is yet another Fernando DaSilva Instant Glam stunner!

These new Butterfly Bails look fantastic on the kumihimo braid Fernando made.

I noticed that he is using Lovely Knots Cord and Rattail in his braids now.  There are endless colour options and the tassels he made are unique.

The silver drop Instant Glam pendant is showcasing fish leather.  So brilliant!

Large kumihimo finding sets finish the necklace elegantly.

Fabulous isn’t it?

Fish Leather and Buttons Cuff


When Second Skin Fish Leather was introduced to the Metal Complex line I was not sure if I would know what to do with it.  Happily, I can’t stop testing and experimenting with it.

This week I wanted to see if I could make a button hole on my sewing machine.  I use a simple zigzag stitch to create my soon to be slashed opening.


Then I sewed on a button and already loved how this cuff was looking.  The fish leather scales create the most beautiful texture and used as is, is very light weight.


My main button component I made from this vintage handkerchief.


I do love to save hand stitched projects and as you can see someone worked really hard to embellish this fabric.

My cuff is ideal for the summer!


The vintage handkerchief has now been up cycled to become this gorgeous component and it is beautifully framed by the fish leather colouring.


Wired Fish Meets Fish Leather

This metal cuff is the perfect showcase for my wired fish.

Nancy Donaldson used Dazzle-it aluminum wire and beads to create my featured piece.

I knew I wanted to incorporate fish leather into a finished piece with wire and this was the ideal project.  Choosing a fish leather colour was a challenge.  There are so many options!

I sewed my wire work to the fish leather.

Then I just glued the fish leather to the brass cuff and trimmed away the extra leather.  I always use Quick Grip glue for these projects.