The Beaded Fabric Hoop from Fiber Artist Nichole Vogelsinger of wildboho

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Nichole first came to our attention through the first and then second BoHo embroidery books.

Nichole Vogelsinger is a self-taught fiber artist, stitcher, writer and teacher who has a weakness for lots of color and anything floral. From the minute we saw her embroidery art with thread, we wondered what would happen if she had our beads.  We have our answer with this amazing beaded hoop.


The project PDF is here:  JOHN BEAD Embroidery Hoop Project

Extra  PDF is here:  a closer look at the beaded hoop project

About Nichole

Nichole’s creative journey began when, as a child, she would explore the local fabric shops with her mother. She developed a love for fiber arts and as an adult, hand embroidering printed fabrics became a favorite hobby. That hobby soon became an Instagram feed and then a book, Boho Embroidery (Lucky Spool, 2016) and then another book, Boho Embroidery: The Pattern Collection (Lucky Spool, 2018). She is the creator of the Boho Stitch Along, teacher of embroidery workshops and writer of her adventures in the world of stitchery at

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