Instant Glam – Tuscan Windows Necklace

I have been working in a new Instant Glam bezel.

I found this image of “Tuscan Windows” and thought they would look beautiful showcased in a rectangle bezel.  When you pour resin over paper, you need to do some work ahead of time.  I sealed the paper image with three different applications of a decoupage medium and let it dry clear.  Then I poured in Jewelry Resin.

The colours in the window scene are bright and colorful.  I had this special yarn in my personal collection and I was hoping to add it to a necklace.  This was my chance!

I set up my kumihimo disk with some of the yarn and some classic rattail for strength.

My braid was just what I was hoping for!

I finished my braids with silver endcaps.

I also added two different gunmetal chains to complete my necklace.

Wrappers, Wire, Crystals and Clay

I have to admit. Once you start working with the new Wrappers at John Bead you get a little distracted. Yesterday was all about the wrappers!

This marquee wrapper shape is so interesting!  I knew that I finally had something great to use my coral/marble beads with.

I kept looking through my stash to see which of my beads would look great in these wrapper frames.

Once my wrappers were done….I decided I might as well make up the bracelet to showcase them.  This seems very Egyptian to me.

Inspiration was only a blog link away. Look at the wrappers used on Fernando Dasilva’s bracelet.  (I want to try the horseshoe shaped wrappers next!) Fernando always does something different than expected.

Then I spotted this necklace on Fernando’s site!  I recognized the shapes but didn’t know where he got those crystal encrusted beads.  Then I read his post.  He pressed clay into the wrappers!  Brilliant!!!

So, even though I had many many other projects to work on, I just had to pull out my Apoxie Sculpt clay to see what I could come up with.

Working on a non stick surface, I pushed some white clay into place.  (I have posted about Apoxie Sculpt many times.  You can check those posts for more information.)

I gathered some PRECIOSA M.C.CHATON diamond back crystals, a cameo from my collection and a few Rose peach SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  butterflies.

Love my new pendants

The wrappers are now solid. I could still add a little wire to them.

But I think I will leave them as is.  They are very unique and special already.

Next week:  wire mesh!!

A Pendant for Lilla at John Bead

This is a fun demo that could lead you down many different paths with Apoxie Sculpt.  Yesterday I was at John Bead meeting with Lilla and she mentioned something she had seen.  She was wondering about wrapping the top of a big crystal in resin clay.  Before she was even done telling me I had a little vision.

I told her I had some inexpensive chandelier drops at home.  I thought I would do an experiment before trying my idea out on a really great pendant.

This is why I love Apoxie Sculpt!  You can go from an idea to a finished sample in minutes!  I rolled out a few of my favorite colours for the wrap idea I had.

I decided to wrap the top of the glass in green and then continued to add some leaf shapes and flowers.  I have never done anything like this.  This is a first for me!

Since I still had so much time I opted to add in a few Preciosa Chrystals (29639-1434).  I let this cure overnight.

Ta Da!  It becomes a wearable item in 24 hours!  (That is the recommended cure time for Apoxie Sculpt.)  I want to try wrapping some glass with just black and white Apoxie Sculpt next.  I think it would look amazing!

Now that I have worked on something inexpensive I can confidently try working on a SWAROVSKI PENDANT next!

Transfer Technique With Apoxie Sculpt Bracelet

It is hard to believe that this bezel featuring a bird, flowers and crystals can be created with Apoxie Sculpt and some photocopies.

For the project I made myself a cup of coffee (optional) and a small ball of White Apoxie Sculpt clay.  I also selected some toner photocopy (not ink jet) images to work with.

I filled my Metal Complex silver plated bracelet link bezel with white Apoxie Sculpt.  Then I cut the image I wanted to the approximate size of the bezel surface.

I burnished this in place for about five minutes using my fingers.  You need to make sure you have a good adhesion between the paper and the Apoxie Sculpt surface.

Then I wet the paper.  I do this so I can see the images.  I removed the paper from the edges too so I could add some crystals to the Apoxie Sculpt before it cured.

Here is what my piece looked like at this point.  I let everything cure for 24 hours.  That is hard to do! You don’t know if the transfer worked and you can’t peak.

After the clay was cured I dropped this bezel into warm water and careful removed all the paper from the surface.  You just carefully rub all the paper pulp away.  You may need to do this a few times.  On the picture above I still had paper clinging to the surface.  What you are leaving is the toner from the copy which is now transferred onto the clay.

A final coat of spray sealer or varnish helps to make the image pop again.  I added my Metal Complex interchangeable bracelet and it is ready to wear!