Faux Suede Lace and Tassels

I always enjoy sharing designs from Nancy Donaldson.  Earlier this summer I spent a day with her as we experimented with the Faux Suede Lace and Tassel collection.

In almost no time, Nancy designed this necklace to feature our new products elegantly.

She found a quick and easy way to create this shape.  Do you know how?

Quick links from Beadalon are perfect for this task!

Dazzle-it In Bead Style New Issue

The February 2014 issue of Bead Style features several jewelry pieces designed by Fernando DaSilva.

Fernando’s necklace is also on the cover of this issue.

Here are some of the Dazzle-it products Fernando used for his Rhapsody in blue necklace.

Faux Suede Tassels

Faux Suede Lace

Ori Crystals



Tassels and Faux Suede Lace Cord Blog Hop!

Welcome to our latest blog hop featuring the work of many fabulous jewelers, crafters and designers!

Our new Faux Suede Tassels are the stars of this blog hop!

All the designer/artists in this blog hop received a “Dazzle-it Blog Hop Kit.” Each of the individual Dazzle-it colours was sent to one designer so they may have had white, yellow, green or even hot pink.  They did not get to choose their main colour, it was randomly shipped.  They were given an assortment of tassels, but I asked them to try and focus on using the one special colour set in their kit.


We could not resist sending the matching Faux Suede Lace cording when we planned this hop. The colour options are just wonderful!   The designers also received several different new closures and clasps which I will be featuring in additional posts next month!

Let’s take a look at each participant.  Simply click on the picture to go directly to the designer’s bigger blog hop post!

Suzann Sladcik Wilson created a necklace that is a gorgeous burst of colour on a grey winter day. “For my “Tasseled for Ombré” necklace, I used three of the tassels in complementary colors and cord that matched.  I decided to leave the cord long so that it could be tied in the back by the wearer. The tied look would then make the ends look like another tassel.”

Lisa Fulmer made a faux suede ornament so beautiful that I want to wear it. “Kumihimo is super easy to learn – this is the first time I used it to make a Christmas wreath ornament, as opposed to a necklace or bracelet. It takes 16 feet of cord to make this 7 inch piece – the braid is a little more than 1/2″ in diameter.”

June Beach’s jewelry is already beautiful.  The tassels just gave each piece a wonderful fresh update.  “Classic, clean and simple.  Sometimes that is exactly what makes up the best designs!”

Vicki O’Dell created such an elegant necklace!  “I love the way navy blue and gold look together. Classic, a bit nautical and always on trend. Of course, tassels are pretty trendy for jewelry right now too and this Easy DIY Suede Tassel Necklace has three of them.”

Suze Miller Weinberg had never used a tassel or cord in her projects before and clearly loved the entire Dazzle-it collection.   I was so overjoyed to play with something so different for me. How could I possibly make just one thing? “

Jamie North created some wonderful kumihimo peices with her faux suede cord. “I made 2 pieces – both Kumihimo – a necklace with 2 strands of the faux suede and 2 of chain – with a smattering of Unicorne teardrops and, of course, my beloved Swarovski elements (some Rose Peach rounds and Lt Green pearls) as accents.”

Nancy Donaldson used macrame and chain to show off the faux suede.  “As always, one project leads to several more.  I found 5 different styles of chain, wove some suede lace through the larger chain and added the tassels to the ends of another….”

Kristi Parker Van Doren accented so many pieces for her special tassel blog hop post.  You must go to her page to also see her Christmas tree!  “I was so pleased to be asked by Carmi Cimicata to join in a blog hop for Dazzle-it and their cool leather tassels and leather cording.”

Charlotte Gordon showed off her bright pink set“I made a necklace and a pair of earrings.  Both projects came together quite quickly. I could see myself making a group of these as a darling set of stocking stuffers this holiday season!”

Erin Prais-Hintz created three totally different projects.  A purse fob, a ring and an ornament. “They are really fun to add a little bit of color, texture and movement, and with the loop at the top and the metal color, they can match just about anything. Now I am looking for things to add tassels to!”

Amy Bowerman from Plucking Daisies wrote a Faux Suede Lace Charm bracelet tutorial and a post showcasing her finished piece.  “Not only did participating in this hop recharge my jewelry making mojo it has also given me a deep, deep love for Faux Suede tassels and suede lace.”


Fire and Ice Agate Beads – Blue Sky

The stars of this necklace are the extremely beautiful Fire and Ice Agate beads.

Blue Sky is available in three sizes 10ml, 12ml, 16ml,  I simply strung them all to create this necklace.

The beads really require no additional embellishment.  I made this shell pendant myself and it went so well with the colours that I added it.  I also included two of our new white tassels to balance the necklace.

The tassels are also new and available in so many great colours!

My last step was to select a closure and I chose this new hook and eye set.

Dazzle-it Fire and Ice Beads

The new Dazzle-it Fire and Ice Agate Semi-Precious Facetted Dye Beads are stealing the show on this new necklace.

This necklace uses three of the new products we launched this month:  Fire and Ice Agate beads, Faux Suede Tassels and Fancy Chain.

The necklace really just made itself.  The

The carnelian agate colour really caught my eye.  It has wonderful rust and white colours running throughout the bead.  Each agate colour comes in three sizes:  10mm, 12mm and 16mm

My colour choices for Fire and Ice are gorgeous!

I used red and white faux suede tassels.

I had several options for my chain.  This is our new Fancy Chain collection.

Three strands per side of Fancy Chain gave this necklace a very rich and finished look.