Lovely Knots – The How To Projects

The new Lovely Knots book is just filled with inspiration!

One of the featured knots Fernando DaSilva shows you how to make is the DOUBLE COIN KNOT.

Fernando always seems to come up with new and fabulous ways to showcase special beads and pendants.  The green and white cords he selected are so vibrant and perfect for this summer.  If you love this design as much as I do, you will be happy to know he has provided you with a complete step by step with pictures showing you how to make it in the booklet.

Lovely Knots Good Luck Earrings

How I love this picture of a Lovely Knots project!  These could easily become earrings or a pendant.  I am showing this to you to highlight one of the special knots you can learn in our new booklet Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese Knotting written and designed by Fernando DaSilva.  The knot you see here is the GOOD LUCK KNOT.

The instructional booklet is our newest release and with it we have stocked a fabulous new collection of Lovely Knots cords which make these projects super easy!

The first knot Fernando shows you how to make is the DOUBLE CONNECTION KNOT.

Once you learn these two knots your design options are endless.  Fernando used 3 double knots and the good luck knot to make these wonderful earrings!

New Lovely Knots Introduction To Chinese Knotting Booklet

This is my first Lovely Knots project.  It is a small one but I have been dying to use the new lovely knots cord as both a necklace and an accent in a summer lightweight wearable project.

Fernando DaSilva is the author and designer of all the pieces in John Beads new book.  This booklet (36 pages) is a fantastic introduction to the ancient art of Chinese knotting and has me thinking about different ways to add knots to my projects.

What I love about the book is how each knot’s construction is photographed.  The booklet instructions are clear and the font is big and easy to read!

These are the three knots I practiced this weekend.

The green Lovely Knots cord happens to be a favorite.

I used the cord for the necklace, I made my first “Cross Knot” and I added these pretty pewter end caps to finish my ends!

Lovely Knots Chandelier Earrings

Let me start today’s post with the release of a simple little phrase….oh my, how pretty!

Now that our new program and book dedicated to the art and craft of Chinese knotting is out I can show you some of the beautiful samples Fernando DaSilva created to inspire you.

With so many different colours to choose from it will be easy to design a piece of jewelry with Lovely Knots cord.

Fernando incorporated simple end caps to finish his earrings and make them easy to dangle.

The double coin knot (which you will learn if you have the book) features crystal drops from the Swarovski Elements Collection.


Lovely Knots Bracelet

Yesterday I launched the new Lovely Knots program for John Bead.  The ancient art of Chinese knotting has been beautifully explained in a new booklet (36 pages) written by Fernando DaSilva.

The book shows you how to create of the most popular knots; Double Connection Knot, Cross Knot, Pipa Knot, Button Knot, Double Button Knot, Sliding Button Knot, Double Coin Knot, Virtue Knot, Clover Leaf Knot and the Good Luck Knot.  All of these knots can be used to create featured embellishments in the jewelry you already make or they can stand alone.

 Fernando’s step by step instructions will teach you how to make the knots.  Then his gallery section will inspire you to use the knots creatively!  The picture of the bracelet I am featuring today shows you how Fernando used the Double Connection Knot to string and space his silver skulls and then he used a Button Knot for his closure.  He even managed to make a fabulous tassel with more cord!


Introducing Lovely Knots!

I am so pleased to be able to show you some of the spectacular new design work from Fernando DaSilva which features the ancient art of knotting cords.

Would you like to make this bracelet? 

You can by following instructions provided by Fernando in our newly released booklet entitled Lovely Knots – An Introduction to Chinese Knotting.

Fernando, the author writes “It was exciting an exciting endeavor to find out and learn about such unique and meaningful techniques based on an ancient folk art.  I hope you will join me on a fabulous adventure into the world of Chinese knotting.”

The booklet will help you to master many of the well known Chinese knots.  With a little practice, these knots can then be incorporated into jewelry like the pieces created by Fernando in the Gallery Section of the booklet.

Stunning isn’t it?

The special Lovely Knots cord collection is what makes these designs possible.  It is a special rat tail made of synthetic satin and its shiny texture gives the knots a feminine and delicate finish.  Our colour range is fantastic and Lovely Knots cord can be purchased on a reusable bobbin or on larger spools.

We’ll have many new samples to show you from Fernando.  For now, we hope you join us in learning more about Chinese Knotting!