Kumihimo and Metal Complex Bezels

Metal complex bezels and kumihimo cords are a great tag team!

These hand crafted bezels have a wonderful attachment that a kumihimo cord can really showcase!  The John Bead Kumihimo disk kits come with instructions and rattail, so making your first cord is easy!

The pendant was made by placing imagery into the bezel and then embedding everything with Jewelry Resin!

The One-Upped Bezel with Jewelry Resin

Last month I showed you what my friend Nancy did with a metal complex bezel I gave her.  She sure made that bezel look spectacular with her wire twisting skills! It challenged me to create a finished piece that was equally as beautiful.

Jewelry Resin is available at John Bead.  We had a class featuring it in February and I am always excited to show jewelers how amazing this new resin is.

The bezel I started with was wrapped with Dazzle-It copper aluminum wire.  This kept it very light.  I choose one of Nancy’s photographs to work with.

Before you pour resin over paper you need to seal it with several layers of a gel medium or mod-podge.  You can learn all about these techniques on Resin Crafts Blog.

Once my paper was sealed I selected some dried leaves.

I also added a few scraps of copper wire to accentuate the tree branches.

Of course, I had to add in some beads…this was after all a sample for John Bead!  Glass seed beads are the ideal inclusion for resin work.

I did two pours of resin.  The first pour was to the halfway point in the bezel.  This allowed me to make sure all was perfect.  A day later I did the final pour to the bezel edge.  I let my piece cure for a full 48 hours after my final pour.  This bezel may be my best.  Now I just need to craft a super kumihimo cord to string it!

The “One Upped” Metal Complex Bezel

Alright. Isn’t it enough that there are beautiful Metal Complex Bezels ready for you to use?

These hand made bezels have this gorgeous lip detail.  Well for Nancy Donaldson, that is an invitation to add wire.  She even sent me the “how to!”

She drilled holes into the lip.  How you ask?

With the super easy to use Metal Complex Hole Punch.

The she pulled out copper Dazzle-It aluminum wire.

She makes it look easy, doesn’t she?

Now I have the bezel and two of Nancy’s photosMy challenge is to make this pendant even more beautiful!

Metal Complex Bezels and Jewelry Resin

The Metal Complex family of bezels are truly an opportunity to create your own wearable art.  Some of the hand made bezels feature a “lip” as you see in the sample above.  Later this week I’ll show you how to use that area too!

I used Jewelry Resin to create my pendant.  The clarity of this resin is easy to see here.

I also added some wonderful beads to complete my necklace.  I could not wait to use this red opal bead!  It is a Czech Fire Polished glass bead and it is available is many wonderful colours!

Dazzle-It has new CZECH F/P 4mm Bronze Metallic beads now.  A great bezel, a few beads and voila!  A new necklace!

Pressed Glass beads and Metal Complex Bezels

This necklace features a few of my favorite items at John Bead:  Pressed Glass Peacock Metallics and a handmade bezel from the Metal Complex line.

I can’t walk by the Peacock Metallics without picking them up.  They reflect light and look different every time you see them.  They remind me of a Klimpt painting. They were a perfect addition to the art filled bezel I poured Jewelry Resin into.

I have been waiting to assemble this tray of goodies for some time.  I had some help on the weekend and so much got done!  I will have this on display next week when I teach and demo at the special John Bead event I posted about yesterday.

1.  Ivory Lustered Bead

2.  Glass Peacock Metallic Irregular

3.  Glassy Icy Coin 20mm Gold Metallic4.  LANTERNS 8MM SMOKEY

5.  Glass Peacock Metallic Diamond

Jewelry Resin Coming To John Bead!

This is just one example of what a Metal Complex bezel looks like when it features beautiful artwork and the new Jewelry Resin from ETI.

This resin is so special, that even these humble buttons can be turned into a beautiful pendants.

John Bead provided 100 students at the Craft and Hobby show with these items for our special launch workshop for the new Jewelry Resin.  The handmade brass bezel I have featured is linked here.  The buttons are so inexpensive and I linked them here.

We plan to have a class on resin at John Bead soon!  Will you join us if we do?

You can also place your pre-orders for Envirotex Jewelry Resin Today. Click HERE !

Here is the link to Jewelry Resin.  If you want to see even more you can check out Resin Crafts Blog!

Interchangeables: Now Available in SMALL

You’ll be happy to know that Interchangeable Bracelets are now available in smaller (5″ diameter) and a larger size (6.5″diameter) .  These bracelets work with the Metal Complex Bezel links in the Rectangle and Circle shapes. The 5″ is almost small enough for a child and the 6.5″ is a great fit for adults.

To figure out your perfect bracelet size; measure just one inch above your wrist ;

Wrist Measurement 5″-6.25″ – Small Interchangeable Bracelet – 5″

Wrist Measurement 6.5″-7″ – Medium Interchangeable Bracelet – 6″

Wrist Measurement 7″-7.75″ – Large Interchangeable Bracelet – 6.5″



They are handmade and available in brass, antique brass, silver plated and antique copper.

    The bracelet is called “interchangeable because you can use many different bezel links to create a new look everyday! There are many links to choose from too!

New Bezel Bracelets!

Ah ha!  There are additions to the Metal Complex Bezel line!

These hand crafted link bracelets are available in five metallic colours.  For my post I chose to work with Antique Copper.

The links are nice and deep so I knew I could embed anything I wanted into them.  I have been wanting to use these big pearl earrings for some time now.  I gathered them and the rest of my supplies and made this bracelet in under 30 minutes.

You may be wondering where I got so many pearl earrings…and why I wasn’t wearing them. For those of you who shop in person at John Bead you may have seen the grab bags that were available for a while.  I bought quite a few and enjoyed sorting them for my own stash.

My first step was to fill the bezel links with black Apoxie Sculpt.  (If you have not seen all the posts I did about this product you really should check out all the Apoxie Sculpt Posts.)

Apoxie Sculpt is available in many colours.  I love the black for a base.

I pressed my pearls and Preciosa Chatons into the black clay and voila.  Done. Apoxie Sculpt cures rock hard in 24 hours.

Now, my bracelet might be a little over the top.  Imagine what you could do with your own components! Better yet, get your jewelery box open and pull out all those single earrings and re-use them!