Dazzle-It Chain Link Bracelet Meets The One of A Kind Dangle

The Dazzle-It chain link bracelets are ideal for gift giving.  You can make a personalized piece in minutes!

TierraCast has so many beautiful charms in the John Bead warehouse!  This locked heart really looks beautiful on its own.  There is a key you could add as well!

The charm has two sides.  I created a resin filled mini art piece on the reverse side.

I also made one bracelet featuring a Metal Complex earring bezel!  The metal colours in this bezel range make them a perfect addition to the bracelets too!

This is the Dazzle-It Chain Links bracelet when you first get it.  It is a one size fits all and come with jump rings attached.  I used Brass Oxide today but you can also get them in silver, gold, copper and gunmetal.

This is the TierraCast Victorian Heart Charm I used for the sample.  I filled the bezel with some text, tiny watch parts and resin to create this one of a kind charm.

Have you seen the Metal Complex Earrings?  There are many to choose from.  I used one of the antique brass square earrings for the second bracelet dangle.  I wrote about making this piece on Resin Crafts blog if you want to know a little more about using resin.

Have You Seen Metal Complex?

There are some fabulous new tools and products in the John Bead catalog.  Metal Complex is the reason I have created these pretty leaf pendants.

The metal alphabet punches in the Metal Complex collection are the stars of this special blog post.

Alphabet punches are getting more and more popular.  They allow you to create your own names, sentiments or patterns on what would ordinarily be a blank piece of metal.  For this project I used a strip of metal to practice on and then three Metal Complex Leaf blanks.  The blanks are 24 gauge brass.  They are also available in copper and German silver.  The chasing hammer does all the work.  One strike with the hammer on the bench block and you get a very deep impression.

I used a charcoal pencil to write my sentiment on the blank.  It made it easier to see where I would be punching and I knew that the words would fit.

The metal hole punch made my holes for me.

Just a few twists with the tool and a perfect hole can be had!

Then the fun began.  I pulled out my Gilders Paste and choose a group of colours I wanted to work with.

I added dark colour into the letter impressions and then lighter colours around them.

I let these dry for 12 hours and then I applies a matte lacquer coating.  I hope you are inspired to start working with punches!

Stay tuned for many more posts about metal stamping!

The Dragonfly Dangle Ring

Some days you just need to make yourself something with a little whimsy.  I love rings that are conversation starters.  This ring will definitely make people smile.

To make the ring I needed a few things.

At first I thought I might add a few crystals too.  However the dragonfly pendants were already pretty glittery.

I made up my Black Apoxie Sculpt and put it into the ring bezel.  Then I carefully pushed my cameo into it.  The more I pushed, the more I created this frame which will really lock my cameo into place.  Then I slid six eye pins right into the apoxie as well.  I let this cure for 24 hours.

All I had to do was use my Beadalon Quick Links to attach the dragonflies!

This really took no time at all.  I could make dozens of these rings in an afternoon!

Apoxie Sculpt and Crystal Moon

This pendant makes you want to lean right in to have a closer look.

To make it I used some of the supplies I have been showcasing on the blog for the last two weeks.  I used both Black Apoxie Sculpt and White Apoxie Sculpt, a Metal Complex silver plated round pendant and Preciosa Pointed Back crystals ab(ca#36204).

I have already written several times about how to knead a batch of Apoxie Sculpt. (I have one blog post explaining this linked here.)   The white Apoxie I pushed into a moon face mold where it cured in 24 hours.  The black Apoxie I used to create my final pendant.

After setting my moon face into the black Apoxie I set the ring of crystals.  I still had some extra black Apoxie left over…so I pushed it right into the moon mold.  I never waste one bit of Apoxie Sculpt!

My finished smiling moon looks very elegant!

Apoxie Sculpted Fruit Pendant

This new pendant is a salute to Carmen Miranda!

In order to create the fruit I used some molds and Apoxie Sculpt’s four colour tray.

I did some colour mixing too.  In order to have purple grapes I mixed some red and blue Apoxie.

I had a nice little pile of fruit and leaves on my table but something was missing.  I bet you see it too.  I needed a banana!

So back to the tray I went to use some of the yellow and green to make one more piece of fruit.  Apoxie clay air dries rock solid.  It is so easy to mix and then put into a mold.  I only remove the finished pieces after it has cured in 24 hours. This banana delayed my project by a day.

I did a little filing on my finished fruit pieces to smooth out any rough edges.  Then I selected this Metal Complex silver plated round pendant to work in.  I filled the pendant bezel with black Apoxie Sculpt.

The black apoxie made it easy for me to place all my fruit into and around the pendant.  Everything adhered beautifully but I did have a few open spaces.    A few years ago I bought a grab bag of jewelery pieces at John Bead.  I found quite a few of these crystal ear studs in the bag and these were perfect to add to the pendant.  All I did was push the earring posts right into the apoxie as well.

I was thrilled with the results!! This project was very easy and I can tell you this is the first time I have ever made molded fruit. It did need just one more thing though……..

One simple coat of JB Craft Acrylic Protective Finish gave me the shine I wanted.

I wonder if I could make a hat too…..

Apoxie Sculpt In A Mold

Yesterday’s blog post highlighted using Apoxie Sculpt as a surface to embed crystals into.

Today I’ll show you how easy it is to create unique molded embellishments with it.  For this sample I used the Black Apoxie Sculpt, White Apoxie Sculpt John Bead also has a Apoxie Clay kit with Black, Brown, Grey and White that is a nice starter kit and is great for this project as well. I also used a handmade silver plated Metal Complex pendant bezel (36x32x2) and Preciosa Pointed Back crystals ab(ca#36204).

Whenever I work with Apoxie Sculpt I have a little bit left over.

Since I don’t want to waste one bit of Apoxie Sculpt, I started to leave a mold out on my table.  I press any leftover Apoxie Sculpt in my mold and leave it to air dry and cure for 24 hours.  I knew I wanted a black and white flower theme for my new pendant and these molded ones turned out perfect!  I did do a little filing to take off any uneven edges.

For this sample I filled my bezel with the black Apoxie Sculpt.

Then I arranged and embedded my flowers.  At this point I decided to see what else I had in my stash which would complete the black and white theme.  I found three of these vintage enamel flowers and embedded them too.

My last step was to put a small ball of black Apoxie Sculpt in the enamel flowers so that I could also add three crystals.  Now that I have worked in black and white I am excited to try all the colours in the Apoxie Clay family!

Apoxie Clay and Metal Complex Bezels

This sparkly new bracelet is so easy to make that you will want to create more than one at a time!

Bezel ring blanks provide you with an endless opportunity to show off your favorite crystals.  This ring is my new favorite.

These projects were created with two new products at John Bead:  The Apoxie Sculpt Modeling Compound (available in many colours, I used Black Apoxie Clay ) and the new line of bezels called Metal Complex.  I chose the handmade oval antique brass ring for this first project.

The crystals I used were all Preciosa Pointed back Chatons and Cushion Back Chatons in various shapes. I used a Jet Navette 8×4 mm, a Pear shaped Black Diamond 8x4mm and a Crystal Chaton  .  I selected a group of my favorites and did a little sample design on my table.

The Apoxie Sculpt is a two part clay-like system.  You mix two equal amounts for two minutes until the final colour is uniform.  This “clay” now has a working time of 1-3 hours and then it air dries rock solid!

I filled the bezel ring with Apoxie Sculpt.  The left-over clay I set aside.  (I’ll show you tomorrow what I did with my leftovers.)

Then I carefully pressed all my crystals into the clay.  At this stage I added a few impressions to the clay by poking into it with a tooth pick.  All I had to do now was wait for the clay to cure for 24 hours.  Project complete!  The crystals are permanently affixed with very little work on my part.

Since I had everything out on my table I thought it would be fun to try a second bezel.

These handmade interchangeable silver plated bezels links are perfect for quick projects.  I played with these aquamarine navette crystals until my flower idea was in a design format I could reproduce in the clay.

This time I made up a small amount of the Apoxie Sculpt in Super White.  I embedded all the crystals per my design idea.  I left a few crystals hanging a bit over the edges.  I wanted the flowers to look like they were growing out of the bezel.

I could have allowed the white clay to be visible but I wanted to test another idea.  I had these tiny silver glass beads on my table and decided to see if they would adhere to the clay in the open spaces.

As you can see from the final picture the little glass beads filled in the whole background.  I also used Preciosa crystal chatons for the flower centre and on the edges.

Crystal flower jewelery in minutes!  I look forward to showing you more ideas for working with Apoxie Sculpt, Metal Complex Bezels and Preciosa crystals tomorrow.