Leather Crafting For the Catwalk – Post Four

Here is a closer look at another set of jewelry that went down the catwalk during the “Goddesses and Gladiators” runway show in the United Kingdom.

Greek goddesses by Metal Complex.
British models wearing leather and crystal Swarovski accents designed by Fernando DaSilva exclusively for the Craft & Hobby Stitch International Show in Birmingham – UK.

Apoxie Clay and Our Hand Made Bezels

This pretty Parisian themed necklace was photographed when we launched our handmade bezel collection.

The necklace featured the copper lipped bezel.  It is also available in brass, antique brass and antique copper.  The shapes include oval, circle, rectangle and the square you see.

The project is unique because of the application of black Apoxie Clay.

Photographing the edge of this sample gives me the opportunity to show you how a higher frame was created.  Crystals were also embedded into the clay.  The distressed clay edging makes this pendant look aged.


Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace

The “Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace” is featured in the winter issue of Perles et Cetera magazine as a four page step by step project.  This is the english translation.

Elizabethan Inspired Pearl Tiered Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead

If you have ever studied more than one painting of the Elizabeth the 1st, you would have to take note of the many pearls that she wore throughout her hair, clothing and on her personal items.  She literally had hundreds of pearls on her person.  She was a Queen known for her love of clothing and it is documented that she had over 2000 gowns created.

Pearls were widely available in Elizabethan times and I am certain Queen Elizabeth kept the pearl collecting and stringing industries busy.  If a queen wears pearls, so will all the members of her court along with anyone wanting to appear well dressed in her company.

Elizabeth’s designers would have used real pearls.  Seeing so many draped in row upon row of strands reminds me that many of the current statement necklaces have been inspired by jewelry designs over 200 years old.  Imagine if Elizabeth would have had access to the new glass and coloured pearls?  Would she have incorporated the neons, pastels or other colour palettes into her clothing?  I believe she would have.  She had many unusual and one of a kind dresses made.  These would have been assembled and worn for one-time only special events.  Surely a bright yellow pearl necklace would have been desired?

I decided to create a necklace for her featuring Dazzle-it Vintage Pink glass pearls.   Glass being much more affordable, I knew I could design a necklace with many draped strands without fear of going over budget.  I also created my own resin filled bezel pendant featuring Elizabeth the 1st as a focal point for my necklace.

My necklace features pearls, rhinestone beads and a resin filled bezel I designed featuring a portrait to Queen Elizabeth 1st.


A google search of Queen Elizabeth shows us many paintings and portraits along with some portraits of her mother Anne Boleyn.  This painting enlarged here is a favorite and features so many pearls.

I printed and cut out a copy of the painting and placed it into my bezel.  I covered the image with resin.


When my bezel was ready I gathered all my supplies for this project.  The vintage pink pearls look so wonderful gathered in a group.  I worked with three sizes of pearls along with three sizes of rhinestone beads.

The back of my Instant Glam bezel has two attachments.  I strung my pearls through these opening.


It took some time to string all my different strands.  I used a beading board to help me choose where to place the rhinestone beads.

With five strands to link, I was careful to use a thicker jump ring to attach my pearls to my clasps.

This is a simple stringing project, but the pearls and beads create a stunning result.  I am quite certain I will feel like royalty when I wear my necklace! 

Supplies Used

Dazzle-it Pastella Czech Glass Beads 8in Strands Vintage Pink 

4mm    6mm    8mm 

John Bead Rhinestone Beads

8mm    10mm    12mm 

Metal Complex Instant Glam Tuscany

Diamond Bezel 70mm Silver

Jewelry Making Components

Dazzle-It Classic Slim Tool Set

Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire and EZ Crimps

Pewter Toggle Clasp Set and Jump Rings

Envirotex Jewelry Resin

Beading Board



Soutache Collars for KLIK Bezel Snaps

I wanted to share with you a brand new idea.  Soutache collars!  They are very special because they have been creatively designed by Nancy Donaldson to work with new Metal Complex bezel snaps.

Here is the first collar placed on the KLIK bezel.  The simple yellow Dazzle-it resin stone looks amazing framed like this.

Without Nancy’s collars, these would be simple and elegant components.

This looks absolutely stunning now!

Currently Resin Crafts Blog and Metal Complex blog are featuring the work of 50+ artists who are each working in a unique snap bezel component designed by Metal Complex for their KLIK components line.    Take a peek here.

Flat Leather For Designer Jewelry

These gorgeous bracelets were designed by Fernando DaSilva to highlight all the new colour options in our flat leather collection.

The addition of pearls makes this bracelet very feminine.

The flat leather animal prints are gorgeous.

Fernando combined the animal prints with solid colours.


He used our new Metal Complex oblong punch to create the open areas and also added a grooved line to the inside leather for additional detail work.

Our slider collection makes adding additional embellishment a breeze.

Your options are endless!

Provence Autumn Bracelet

With the cooler mornings I am day dreaming about France and the annual showing of fields of lavender in Provence.  I would really like to see this in person some day.

In the mean time, I can still add a little of the Provence feeling to my life with these stamped metal bracelets from Metal Complex.

My bookmark is the ideal artwork to permanently embed in resin.


I used Jewelry Resin for this project.  Once my images were placed in the open bezels and sealed with mod podge I poured resin into each opening.

The bracelet blank bottoms are not completely flat, so I suspended my bracelet this way before I poured in the resin.

You can do so much in these bracelets.  They are a blank canvas for your creativity.

Leather Works Earrings

I have a superb set of hand crafting leather earrings to share with you today.  These are the “Lisbon Earrings.”  If you love them, you’ll be happy to know that Fernando DaSilva has a wonderful step by step photo and instruction chapter explaining how to make these in his book; “Leather Works A Hands on Manual to Leather Crafting.

Each of the projects in this book are easy to follow.

It is just like having Fernando in your studio.

Another sample of earring Fernando created.