Create Your Own Badge With Leather and Beads

John Bead Beaded and Leather Badges!

Earlier this year we shared some images of the “make and take” project John Bead presented at the winter trade shows.  These leather and bead badges were very popular so we are sharing our step by step with you.


Color has meaning and we chose to focus on five unique palettes.


The leather badge was created utilizing tooling leather for the shaped background and leather sheets for the stripe.

Leather sheets  Tooling Leather

We have attached the PDF created by our Marketing department so you can make your own.


Leather Badges template


It is helpful to have a leather punch so you can make holes for the pins to go through.


We also provided some leather crafting tools so that the leather edges received some detailing.  This is the leather edge beveler.


Each badge featured one of these kilt pins.  There are three open spots to hang an embellishment or charm on.


Beads we have an abundance of!  We provided a selection of gorgeous Czech glass beads for our make and takes along with eye pins and jump rings.  We think everyone really enjoyed creating their own bead charms/dangles.  We also had some tiny metal spacers available for anyone wanting to add some metallic shimmer.


Although we had a color palette for inspiration we noticed quite quickly that some participants wanted to select their own colors.  That worked out really well too!


We also gave our participants one more opportunity to embellish their pins since there was a little extra space available before setting the kilt pin onto the leather badge.


I think the extra beads made the top look extra special.


This is an easy make and take to set up.  It is a great way to use up smaller beads and leftovers.  We hope you enjoy making your own badges, with and without, a leather badge background.  The kilt pins are perfect for all awareness campaigns.

IMG_8783 copy IMG_8739 copy

Leather Crafting For the Catwalk – Post Five

Here is a closer look at a necklace that went down the catwalk during the “Goddesses and Gladiators” runway show in the United Kingdom.

The necklace was designed by Fernando DaSilva exclusively for the Craft & Hobby Stitch International Show.



Stitching And Lacing Pony – New Leather Works Tool

We have another new tool for leather crafting enthusiasts.  Our “Stitching & Lacing Pony” is a traditional tool allowing you to secure your project in place so you can use both hands to focus on lacing and sewing.  You will be able to work a lot quicker to finish numerous projects with this tool.

It is like having a third hand to help!

Leather Crafting For the Catwalk – Post Four

Here is a closer look at another set of jewelry that went down the catwalk during the “Goddesses and Gladiators” runway show in the United Kingdom.

Greek goddesses by Metal Complex.
British models wearing leather and crystal Swarovski accents designed by Fernando DaSilva exclusively for the Craft & Hobby Stitch International Show in Birmingham – UK.

Flat Leather For Designer Jewelry

These gorgeous bracelets were designed by Fernando DaSilva to highlight all the new colour options in our flat leather collection.

The addition of pearls makes this bracelet very feminine.

The flat leather animal prints are gorgeous.

Fernando combined the animal prints with solid colours.


He used our new Metal Complex oblong punch to create the open areas and also added a grooved line to the inside leather for additional detail work.

Our slider collection makes adding additional embellishment a breeze.

Your options are endless!

Leather Works Earrings

I have a superb set of hand crafting leather earrings to share with you today.  These are the “Lisbon Earrings.”  If you love them, you’ll be happy to know that Fernando DaSilva has a wonderful step by step photo and instruction chapter explaining how to make these in his book; “Leather Works A Hands on Manual to Leather Crafting.

Each of the projects in this book are easy to follow.

It is just like having Fernando in your studio.

Another sample of earring Fernando created.

Tooling Leather

You can purchase a full hide or a small 6 x 9 piece of leather from the Metal Complex new Tooling Leather Collection.

A 12 x 12 piece would be great to start a new project.

We even have pre-cut belt lengths!

With the release of Fernando DaSilva’s new Hands on Manual on Leather Crafting we know that many designers will be trying tooling leather for the first time.  Metal Complex makes it easy with a collection of new tools as well.

Kenton Sorenson leather lunchbag, Shourouk-Bon Marche, candleholder by Makesmith, hummingbird necklace by Rosita Bonita, Koru nude necklace, LeatherGirlKelley Designs bracelets, Gildem etsy shop, homeofthrones chair

I have been seeing so many great ideas on-line for leather crafting.  I am looking forward to designing with leather this spring.