New Seed Bead Ring by Giovanna Fiume

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Rings by Giovanna IMG_2899-400x300

Bead weaving artist Giovanna Fiume is already well known to many of you.  As the author and designer for our publication “Rings by Giovanna” you may have already seen some of her spectacular ring designs.  Fernando DaSilva, our Creative Manager asked her to work with some of the newest beads in our catalog and this ring is just one of the new pieces of jewelry we will be sharing with you.

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We think this ring is fabulous!

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Miyuki Programs at John Bead


We have several ways to make your store a Miyuki buying destination!
We have a PDF on our website that will explain all our special Miyuki programs.  Our sales team can help you select which program may be right for you.
For more information please contact your sales associate:

Erwin Vivanco –

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Beaded Fashion Appliques Make a Dull Sweater a Sassy One!

This sequined beaded sweater began as an inexpensive bargain at Target.


What makes the sweater SASSY is the addition of six beaded applique motifs from our Fashion Embellishment category.

The sweater is then lined with wax paper.

There were several ideas for placement.  In the end the “collar” idea was the most popular.

Even though the appliques are glued in place, it is a good idea to do a little extra hand stitching.  This ensures that the applique edges do not catch on anything.  You can also add a few extra beads to your design while hand stitching.


The appliques are available in several colours including gold.


We Now Stock the Best Selling 11/0 MIYUKI Seed Beads!

We Now Stock the Best Selling 11/0 MIYUKI Seed Beads!

Japanese production of glass seed beads began at the beginning of the Showa Period (1940s). In 1949, Miyuki was founded in Hiroshima, and quickly became a renowned glass seed bead manufacturer. Since then MIYUKI continues to strive to increase quality and improved artistry through innovation and state of the art technology. Their highly respected name, excellent reputation, and the introduction of fantastic new products like Delica Beads are all testimonials to their dedication to beads and to all bead lovers.

Available in 250gm Bags and 22gm Vials!

 In the new John Bead Winter/Spring 2014 Product supplement you will find six pages featuring 214 new seed beads from MIYUKI.  

John Bead customers can log in and view the catalog or download a PDF.

If you need some beading inspiration featuring Miyuki beads look no further than Miguel Ases.  Proudly handcrafted in America, Miguel Ases pieces are intricately beaded with Japanese Miyuki beads along with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

Dazzling Blue – 2014 Colour of The Year Favorite

With Dazzling Blue now being featured as one of the 2014 Pantone colours of the year options, I thought I would showcase some of the NEW products in the catalogue that are close matches to this selection. We have many different names for this blue:  Bermuda Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dusk Blue, Ocean Blue and some of our Navy Blues match it as well.

Swarovski Pendant – NEW


Miyuki Tila Beads

Miyuki Seed Beads

Dyed Agate Beads

Flat Leather

Lovely Knots Cord

Dazzle-it Feathers

Fire and Ice Agate