Fish Leather, Buttons and Metal Cuff

This is one of the cuffs I brought as a sample to my special cuff making class at CHA.

The buttons are the featured embellishments.  I selected them from these special button jars from John Bead.

The metal cuffs are available in three sizes.  For this bracelet I used the 1.5 inch wide cuff.  I glued some rhinestone chain to the cuff and it allowed me to attach ribbon to the edges.

The fuchsia fish leather is what makes this bracelet look so rich.

I used only one glue to attach everything!

Quick Grip works beautifully with the leather!

Fish Leather – Purple Dream

This is a fabulous new necklace designed by Fernando Dasilva.  It beautifully showcases the new Second Skin fish leather.

The purples in this necklace work so well together.  Rattail, suede and feathers…such unique textures and yet so perfect together!

Purple rattail can be purchased on a large card stock bobbin or on a reusable plastic bobbin.  Purple feathers require their own page in the John Bead catalogue.  And finally, purple fish leather is available in glossy or suede.

Fish Leather – Glossy vrs Suede

In yesterday’s launch for our new “Second Skin” fish leather I mentioned that John Bead has ten different hand dyed colours to choose from in either glossy or suede.  Let’s take a closer look.  This is the black suede.

And this is the glossy black!  You can see how they are very different.  I am thinking about a project where I use both in the same piece.

Each piece of fish leather is unique.  They are packaged to showcase this.

In stock now!

Fish Leather Is Here!


Just when you thought you saw it all, Metal Complex’s Second Skin’s  100% Tilapia Fish Leather hits the do-it-yourself market!

This groundbreaking and sustainable material Second Skin  is perfect for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, shoes, and all kinds of leather goods rich in texture.

There are 10 fantastic fashion colors in leather and suede and they work beautifully teamed with Ultra Suede Brass Cuffs, and Bezels.

Brass Cuffs 

When purchasing any type of leather including our Second Skin Fish Leather, make sure you have the best Leather Scissors that provides a clean and professional cut.

Leather Scissors