New Semi Precious Beads

Semi precious strands (you could use Jade or Moss Agate) and our patina components.

28838007  28838001



Carnelian semi precious beads and a red cotton tassel.


1543410-09   27600623-03 (1)


Amazonite semi precious bracelet and metal patina components.

27600613-01  32640401 28838003



Mahogany Jasper Semi Precious Bracelet with Light Brown Cotton Tassel.

27600608-01        1543410-21


Semi-Precious Amethyst

Our new dog teeth amethyst natural beads are eye catching. They are also available in a dark amethyst as well.  A lavender tassel was added as a finishing touch.

Amethyst      1543410-11


Soothing and styled bracelet featuring our new green aventurine semi precious beads with patina components.


Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Wild Boho Look


Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI)

Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”

Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.


Wild boho is modeled by India Farr.  She has on so many spectacular pieces that it will take a moment of looking to see everything.

Global Chic Channel Beads

First, we hope you noticed the longer necklace with these peyote stitched channel beads from Lena Gillespie.  Fernando selected a gradation of rainbow beads from our John Bead catalog and Lena crafted the beads using the Global Chic channel bead blanks.  The snake chain these beads are strung on is vintage and a special addition to the collection.


Global Chic-4

The statement necklace Fernando designed for this look is a showstopper.  It has a wildlife western influence.  The turquoise horn pendant with the pewter caps are separated by red coral beads that put a spotlight on the red pattern in the woven hitched braid used as a necklace extension.


Fernando also referred to this look as our “gypsy nomad.”  There are many cultural references scattered throughout the designs. He wanted to create pieces that would work well together or that could be worn one at a time.

Several sets of earring were designed and ultimately the model wore two distinct one that epitomizes the boho look.

Filigree-Global Chic-3

The earring on the left is exotic and features a waterfall of metal components.  The bells add a musical element and the Turquoise/Navy Global Chic teardrop semi precious beads adds an authenticity to the look.

Filigree-Swarovski 2

The earring on the right began with a dreamcatcher pendant and vintage Czech glass lava beads.  After seeing the unique channel bead Lena Gillespie added a beaded tassels to, Fernando opted for a stunning one of a kind combination.


The bohemian charm bracelet featured a little bit of everything that was showcased in the earrings and necklaces.


Last, but not least is the african influenced wrap bracelet.


Fernando added rivets to the weave but chose to leave the patterns visible.

The “Wild Boho” look was a success.

This is post two in our series.

Look One – Golden Butterscotch can be viewed here.

Global Chic Glamour Necklace for Perles et Cetera

Global Chic by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead

Global Chic Glamour Necklace by Carmi Cimicata for John Bead Corp

The desire to explore distant lands and to experience cultural diversity is the inspiration for the new DIY jewelry making line from John Bead called Global Chic.

This twisted and curved necklace was inspired by several of the unique items in the collection. The necklace features; tapestry cord, channel beads, geometric chain and an unusual clasp feature.

12294744_964776933581879_8170134972590610388_n cover

The step by step instructions appeared in french in the current issue of Perles et cetera. This is the english translation.

Global Chic Tapestry Cord

The necklace is possible due to the new Tapestry Cord in our Global Chic collection. Colorful woven cotton threads wrapped around a cotton core are the main highlight of the Global Chic collection. It is incredibly flexible and can manipulated into many pleasing shapes.


Channel beads are ideal for the savvy jewelry maker who wants to make one-of-kind components. These metallic beads are used as charms to create an extra design element to your tapestry cord designs. The holes are extra large to allow tapestry cord to pass through. The collection contains a nice assortment of sizes so you can work with a big or small channel bead.


The open channel area around the beads can be embellished with seed beads and all types of stringing material such as: hemp, leather, faux suede, rattail or threads. For my project I strung seed beads on elastic and then placed them on the channel bead. A little glue was applied to ensure these would stay in place.


I also applied some rhinestone chain to my larger channel beads with glue. I always like to add a little sparkle to anything I create.


Creating the necklace was very simple. I started by placing two channel beads on the cord (as shown in the picture) so that I was working in the middle of my tapestry cord.


Then I continued to twist my cord into pleasing shapes using my channel beads to hold the cord in place. Pins were also very helpful to create curves that were equal on both sides.


I reinforced these curves with a few extra stitches. It is very easy to sew through the tapestry cord. Several more curves later I choose to stop so that my necklace would be slightly longer than a traditional collar piece.


I added my unique clasp when the length was correct. These button shapes also work well with the sliders in the Global Chic collection. I glued the cord into the clasp on one side.


On the other side, I folded my cord and used a slider to hold the shape. Glue was strategically placed to keep the slider in place and the one exposed tapestry cord end from unraveling.


The next part was super easy because Global Chic already has unique geometric chain to choose from.   The chains are made of acrylic, which allows for a bold and extravagant design, but it is also lightweight. I divided this piece into two.


A few jump rings attached to my tapestry cord created my frame of brushed silver and metal. I had to make sure the chain would not interfere with the clasp, so on one side I sewed the jump ring in place.


I also added an extra jump ring at the halfway point so it would keep the chain and cord together throughout.


My last step was to sew some of the Global Chic multicolored beads to my necklace. These beads resemble abstract art works. They are made of genuine reconstructed stones.


My finished piece, when worn, has a 3D effect. The cord is slightly higher than the chain and one cannot help but reach out to touch it to see what it is made from. I do hope you love it as much as I do.  Thank you Perles et Cetera for presenting this necklace so beautifully.

John Bead Products Used

Global Chic Tapestry Cord

Global Chic Geometric Chain

Global Chic Channel Beads

Global Chic Clasp

Global Chic Gemstone Beads


Jump rings, seed beads and rhinestone chain


Glue, needle and thread, pliers

New Semi-Precious Chips – Color Beyond Compare

Isn’t this strand spectacular?


We have new semi-precious chips packs in an artists palette of color options.

This collection is awash in supercharged colours.  

You’ll see earth-inspired colors, bright and bold, cool and luscious and candy colors.  Each grouping more beautiful than the next!

Rings by Giovanna

John Bead Corporation has its roots within the Czech Republic and is Canada’s largest master importer of Czech glass beads, crystals and components.

We are excited to announce our latest publication:

“Rings by Giovanna”

This manual is the first of a series that will showcase projects featuring seed beads from Dazzle-it Collection.

For our debut issue, we commissioned bead weaving artist Giovanna Fiume to create a collection inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

In this new manual you will find designs  from Giovanna that truly inspire any seed bead lover to re-create her universe following her techniques.

When you flip the pages of this gorgeous step by step guide you will see for yourself how Czech seed beads can be fashionable, architectural and above all easy to wear.

We are debuting Rings by Giovanna this Saturday in California at the Craft and Hobby Show.

Halloween Inspiration!

Don’t be frightened to plan your Halloween projects, classes or costumes!  We have plenty of beads, skulls, trims, feathers, masks, sequins and more to make this occasion easy to organize.


Here are a few of my favorite things for Halloween costumes, jewelry and decorating from our Catalog.