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New Resin Fashion Embellishments – You are Going To Love These!

We are adding more fashion embellishments to our Carnival and Performing Arts section! While all of these new items will look wonderful on a costume, crafty designers will also think of new and exciting ways to showcase these resin components in jewelry … Continue reading

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KLIK Cuffs With Hand Crafted Buttons

  I have a new set of favorite cuffs to share with you! In order to make them, I needed Button Covers (1) a vintage piece of linen (2) and KLIK glue on snap bases (3).   Making your own … Continue reading

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Brooches with Sew-On Resin Stones

Our new collection of sew-on stones for bead embroidery has me happily beading!  You will see a lot of these new stones appearing in beaded and soutache featured projects. They are unique and on-trend cabochons in the hands of a … Continue reading

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New Collection of Sew-On Stones For Bead Embroidery

We already have an extensive collection of sew-on stones, but we could not resist expanding that line after reviewing all the new colour options.  Bead embroidery enthusiasts and costume designers can now create wonderfully whimsical and creative designs in the … Continue reading

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Sew-On Sugar Stones Hat

I live in the part of the world that is still expecting snow…even though spring officially arrived yesterday.  I am updating my hat with the addition of some gorgeous resin sew-on Sugar Stones. The new collection of Sugar Stones have … Continue reading

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New Sugar and Glitz Sew-on Stones!

ABOUT SEW-ON RESIN STONES  The new resin sew-on sugar stones are available in retail ready packages. There are four shapes: round (3 sizes) oval (2 sizes) square and teardrop.  There are eleven unique colours to choose from. Big and small sew-on … Continue reading

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Sew-On Glamour!

This made me think of pomegranate.  Is there anything more beautiful than beads sewn to a garment? The DOLCE & GABBANA red crystal-embellished tulle dress DOLCE & GABBANA crystal-embellished lace pumps. Sewing crystals, both glass and plastic continues to be … Continue reading

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