Soutache Collars for KLIK Bezel Snaps

I wanted to share with you a brand new idea.  Soutache collars!  They are very special because they have been creatively designed by Nancy Donaldson to work with new Metal Complex bezel snaps.

Here is the first collar placed on the KLIK bezel.  The simple yellow Dazzle-it resin stone looks amazing framed like this.

Without Nancy’s collars, these would be simple and elegant components.

This looks absolutely stunning now!

Currently Resin Crafts Blog and Metal Complex blog are featuring the work of 50+ artists who are each working in a unique snap bezel component designed by Metal Complex for their KLIK components line.    Take a peek here.

White Soutache Necklace

Scattered throughout Nancy Donaldson’s summer blogging are beautiful photos of her works in progress.  This gorgeous white soutache necklace is one that I finally saw in person yesterday.

Just the gathering of supplies made for a lovely photograph.

There is so much detail in this necklace.  It would be so perfect for a bride...but even better for anyone wearing the classic summer black and white ensemble.

You can see all the soutache cord colours on page 11 of the online catalog.

The sew-on stones in the Dazzle-it line are on pages 24-25.

Sew-On Sugar Stones Hat

I live in the part of the world that is still expecting snow…even though spring officially arrived yesterday.  I am updating my hat with the addition of some gorgeous resin sew-on Sugar Stones.

The new collection of Sugar Stones have me thinking about ways to embellish every item in my wardrobe!


  • There are four shapes: round (3 sizes) oval (2 sizes) square and teardrop.
  • There are eleven unique colours to choose from.

Sugar and Glitz Sew-On Stones!

Row One: Crystal AB, Silver, Light Pink AB Row Two: Dark Grey AB, Peacock Blue Row Three: Emerald, Fuchsia AB, Black AB Row Four: Red AB, Medium Vitrail, Gold AB

ABOUT SEW-ON RESIN STONES  The new resin sew-on sugar stones are available in retail ready packages. There are four shapes: round (3 sizes) oval (2 sizes) square and teardrop.  There are eleven unique colours to choose from.

Row One: Tibi Mules (Net-a-porter), River Island, Matthew WiiliamsonRow Two: Celine (, Dolce and Gabbana (, D & G ( Three: Burberry Prorsum, Haney (Net-a-porter) IN Tees

Big and small sew-on embellishments are popping up everywhere!  Sew-on stones can also be glued in place for different craft and DIY projects too.

About Glitz Sew-On Stones  They are available in retail ready packaging as well.  This collection is made of four unique shapes in two colours; gold and crystal.