Visit With The Bead Society of New Jersey – Part Two

These lovely ladies are holding up their winning designs which they made in a challenge instigated by our own Fernando Dasilva.  In yesterday’s post I told you that Fernando DaSilva was the guest lecturer at a special event at the Bead Society of New Jersey. After his lecture he ran the design contest and I am so pleased to show you what this Bead Society group accomplished in only 40 minutes!

Fernando and two members of the Society pre-selected the best designs made in forty minutes. Winners were selected among final four designs.

There were so many great designs to choose from!

So glad I wasn’t a judge!  I could not have narrowed my choices to four.

I find it hard to believe they had under an hour!

It just goes to show you that sometimes working under pressure and time constraint is best!

Here is Fernando with the winner!  The top four designs received very special gift bags.  All attendees went home with a beading board case and a set of three basic Japanese pliers, all gifts from John Bead, so everyone won!

Visit With The Bead Society of New Jersey – Part One

Earlier this month Fernando DaSilva was the guest lecturer at a special event at the Bead Society of New Jersey.  Fernando had the opportunity to present a little of the history of the John Bead Company and he showcased two special brands; Metal Complex and Dazzle-It!

After his presentation, Fernando then introduced the extra special event for the evening.  A forty minute jewelry design contest!

Each table had a variety of products ready to be picked and used by the participants.

Members selected whatever they wanted and had to create a piece of jewelry.

The rules for the Design Contest.

The winner will be the person who better applies color balance and palette, texture, depth and theme on her design.  It wasn’t necessary to finish the jewelry during that time frame but had to feature the focal design element of the piece.

The work accomplished within the given time line had to express and  define the theme and overall look of the piece.

It could be juts a focal section of a necklace, bracelet or earrings or another accessory relying only on how much inspired the participant gets at that moment.

 Technique was considered but not be the most important part of participant’s design. Fernando will be looking for that piece that has “star quality.”

Participants had to finish in 40 minutes.

Tomorrow I’ll show all the amazing designs created in under an hour!