NEW – The Dazzle-It Krystal Hot Fix Applicator!

My table looks like it is going to a party.  I am pleased to announce that there is another new tool in

the Dazzle-It product group.

Last week I decided to make some small ribbon charms.  You just need ribbon clamps to make these quick embellishments.

What makes the ribbon charms extra pretty is the addition of crystals.  John Bead has an excellent selection of Flat Back Crystals which are easily applied with their new Dazzle-It Krystal-it Applicator.

The Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator with 8 Tips (Electric-Pink) is now in stock.  The eight tips mean you can apply all the sizes of flat backs from tiny to large by simply changing the tip. Just imagine all the projects you have that would sparkle with the application of just one crystal! Also included is a HOT SPOT tip that is completely flat and can be used on any shape hot-fix flat back such as Squares , Pear Shape , Rectangles , Diamond leaf and Pearls.

Here is another great idea.  A few weeks ago I showed you how I made buttons using John Bead’s button covers.

Look at the button after I apply some crystals with my new tool!

I like to make purse dangles with my crystal ribbons.  The ball keychains are available in silver and gold.  I hope you get to apply some crystals to fabric soon….it also is a great way to apply a crystal to a greeting card.

Revamp a Jacket with Crystal Snaps

The new Crystal Applicator made changing the look of my jacket a very simple project.

The original buttons on this jacket were very inexpensive.  One even broke at the dry cleaners.

By adding crystal snaps I made it look much more polished.

I used the Crystallized – Swarovski Elements snaps.  There are five different coloured snaps to choose from.  I have the silver/crystal but I think the jet black might have been a good choice for this project too.

Now that I have had the Crystal Applicator for a few weeks I find it very easy to use.  I replaced all my buttons with the snap bottom first.

Then I changed my dies and attached the snap tops over the button holes.  They set perfectly!

I know I will wear this jacket a lot more this summer now that it has been refreshed with crystals.  I plan on replacing the buttons on a white shirt next!

Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

There is a new tool you will need to add to the “want it now” list.

Here it is:  Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

I could not wait to experiment with this tool.  The Crystal Applicator tool needs a 4 piece snap die set which is sold separately.  They are designed to be used with Crystallized – SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS snaps.

After reviewing the instructions I took a moment to label the snap attachments so I would easily know which was the set for attaching the front or the back snap.

I also took some time to review the individual snap parts.

A little nervous, I thought it would be good to try adding a snap to a simple piece of cloth.  I did the front and then the back components.

It worked perfectly!

Look at my jeweled snap!

As soon as I completed my test I looked on my table for something else to experiment with.  I had these leather ribbons already on my table.

In minutes I had a bracelet.  Now I felt like I could apply a snap anywhere!

I pulled out some velvet and fiber enhanced ribbon.  Working through layers would be the next challenge.

I sewed my ribbons together to create a finished edges.

And then you guessed it…one fabulous snap completed the project.

Of course, you could add snaps to denim, shirts, pillows, purses…the possibilities are endless.

My new favorite tool!

Oh.  One more thing.  I did make one mistake. 🙁 When you attach a snap you can’t be distracted. So I plan to see if I can twist these clamps back into place, or I will use this crystal front in some other way.

Amazing Wrappers!

Is this bead component not a show stopper?

Yesterday John Bead sent an email to its wholesale customers announcing the arrival of a whole group of new Artistic Wire Ltd. items.  Where to begin?  The wrappers are so unique I thought I would start with them.

This is just one of the shapes available: Silver Hexagon.  I also just received these gorgeous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS luminous green crystals to experiment with…..they seemed to belong together.

The crystals have now been safely “caged” just by simply wrapping wire.  You can see how the outer edge grooves make this super easy to accomplish.  I tried several different ways to wrap the crystals from many wraps to just two.

I think this wrap, using all the grooves, might be my favorite.

Now, where do you go from here?  If you are Fernando Dasilva you create a masterpiece like this!  More wrapping tomorrow!

Nylon Mesh Tubing And Czech Fire Polished Beads

One last example of how you can use nylon mesh!

I started this project after noticing that the beautiful turquoise/copper beads I brought home from my last trip to John Bead looked very pretty next to my aqua mesh.  I didn’t want to place them inside the mesh tube…I wanted to showcase them so I decided to try sewing them to the outside.

I selected a smaller matching strand of ivory lustered beads and enjoyed just sewing beads randomly to the mesh. To sew my beads I selected 100% silk thread.

At one point I stopped to see where I needed extra beads and that’s when I decided to add a pendant too.  The mesh can take the weight!

Mesh is something I am really happy to have experimented with!  The more I work with it the more ideas I have.  Time permitting, I could have sewed beads to every square inch of the mesh.  But for now, I am happy with the necklace as is.

Turquoise Fire Polished Czech Beads

Ivory Lustered Beads

Dazzle-It Ivory Silk Bead Thread (size FF)

Nylon Mesh

(Bird Pendant – From Carmi’s stash)


Check out these other great ideas and Inspirations using Nylon Mesh !

Use the Nylon mesh to create interesting shapes and forms, here seed beads have been put into the tubing and then firepolish beads are stitched on the outside to create the folds – Designer Adela Kodonova

Below a brooch has been created , with pearls and seed beads inside the tubing. This would also be a fun idea for a headband.  Designer – Adela Kodonova

Below another beautiful brooch design, mixing stringing wire and adding flatbacks to the outside of the mesh and a beautiful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Rivoli button in the center. Designer – Thanh Tran



There’s always so many new things going on in the Jewellery Design world, sometimes a person just can’t keep up. New colors , new shapes, new techniques ! But that is the joy of creating isn’t it ? Learning and growing as a designer is a constant evolving thing. Trends and fashion repeat themselves, and we always want to be at the height of the latest and greatest !

This is exactly why John Bead as put together this great introductory offer featuring SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  Fall/ Winter 212-2013 Collection. We’ve put together a little bit of everything and instead of having to purchase the full pack quantities, we have them packaged in the smallest quantities at a lower price level.

So try the new colors ; Denim Blue, Antique Pink and Petrol Blue Pearl in Package 1, Package 2 and Package 3 !

Package 1;     2 Size Bicones and  2 Size Round Beads, 2 Size Pearls, Heart Pendants and Briolette Drops in Denim Blue and Antique Pink.

Package 2 ; Hot Fix Flatbacks – Denim Blue and Antique Pink size ss16 and ss20

Package 3;  Flatback non-hotfix, Denim Blue and Antique Pink , size ss16 and ss20

Or try the New Pendant shapes ; Large Briolette, Helix Pendant, Rhombus Pendant & Graphic Pendant, in Package 4 . Featuring the most popular colors.

Do you love the Designer Edition hearts from Manish Arora and now the new colors they are available in ? Then try Package 5 with a sample of each new color, this is a great package as all the quantities have been reduced to 2 pieces just for this package and 1 piece each of the larger Forever 1 Heart.

There’s another Introductory package for New Bead shapes ; Oval Bead & Wild Heart Bead, Package 6. Featuring the most popular colors.

 That’s a total of 1,887 pieces !

Take advantage of this unique offer, Offer ends February 1st, 2012

F/W 212-2013 CATALOG
All Introductory Packages are available for a limited time only until February 1st, 2012. There are no substitutes or changes for the packages, they are available as is. Packages also included a re-order sheet for easy re-ordering. Prices are subject to change at anytime.
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Being that mother’s day is just around the corner. There’s still time to create something beautiful and personally made for your mom. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, has come up with 3 fun designs featuring the new Designer Edition Hearts designed by Manish Arora. These designs are easy and fun. The step by step instructions make it great for any level of jewellery designer and of course, find everything you need to make these designs at John Bead or one of our recommended retail stores.

Mother’s Day – Vibrant Hearts Necklace

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS

Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)

Devoted 2 U Pendant Article  6261.  36mm

Miss U Heart Pendant Article 6262.  26mm

Truly in Love Heart Pendnat . Article 6264.  18mm

4mm Jumpring -Silver

6mm Jumpring – Silver

Lobster Clasp – Silver

1mm (18g) gauge Silver wire

Silver fine chain


Swinging Hearts – Earrings

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS

Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)

 Truly in Love Heart Pendant Article. 6264  -18mm

Ear wire – Silver

5mm Jumpring – Silver

1.2mm (16gauge) wire -Silver


For more Mother’s day SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS design ideas visit. Create-your-style

JohnBead designers also created some fun Mother’s day gift idea using the Designer Edition Hearts;

“Drops of Love” Necklace


Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)







To customize add whatever color beads and small pendants your mother likes for her own “Drops of Love” necklace.


“Love Charms” Bracelet.


Materials Used; (Make sure to Log into your account to see pricing)


Other Color Option ;   17mm Miss U Heart


Other Color Option;   14mm BeCharmed Briolette

Sterling Silver  BRACELET SNAKE CHAIN – 7.0″ w/LOBSTER CLASP – “Bead Your Own Bracelet”

Sterling Silver BEAD STOPPER – SLIDE ON 8mm – 2.8mm LARGE HOLE


Tierra Cast- LINK LOCK 25mm


The Miss U Heart is the Perfect Fancy Stone to fit into the “Bead Your Own Bracelet” style bracelets and necklaces as shown in the “Love Charms” bracelet. It’s similar to the Pandora style bracelets and is available in Sterling silver!

Miss U Heart – Article 6262

Happy Mother’s day to all you moms!

Bead Extravaganza 2011 !!

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The Bead Extravaganza held March 11th to 12th was a great success ! Full of demos and seminars, guests were presented with the newest season of Swarovski Elements Spring/ Summer 2012 and got a glipse into the trends for the coming year.  Guests also got the chance to get a more upclose, intimate demonstration of Beadalon products, Bead stitch techniques and Crystal application techniques.

The day started out with Vince Scalera introducing the S/S 2012 Swarovski Elements. Guests received gift bags with a sample box of new products, Innovations Catalog and Trend forecast materials.  New Designer Editions from Manish Arora called “Love story of the heart”. Manish is India’s most popular prolific design talent. He created 5 new heart shape pendants, each one expressing one of love’s different emotional states; Crazy 4 U Heart , Devoted 2 U Heart, Forever 1 Heart , Miss U Heart and Truly in Love Heart.  Astral Pink is the new color introduced in these heart shapes. It’s unique to this collection and to Manish Aroras collaboration.




Vince then went on to New Colors and Effects ; Chrysolite Opal , Bronze Shade Crystal  and Crystal Vintage Gold Pearls.

Chrystolite Opal is a soft, serenley pleasing color that enhances any palette from neutrals through to deeply intense colors. It has a light ethereal edge. It can appear to be feminine and romantic as well as adaptable to more fashion-foward , futuristic designs.



Bronze Shade Crystal is  directly in tune with the strong design trend towards metallics. Elegant and sophisticated, it adds strength and depth to any design. It’s extremely versatile it can be used in glamour wear and compined with chain to achieve a more utilitarian look. The Bronze Shade Crystal is ideal to combine with other Swarovski Element colors such as; light metallic gold, silvernight crystal, silvershade and golden shadow.



Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl is a beautiful addition to existing line of crystal pearls. With the trend of vintage inspired clothing accesorries this softer , natural color is ideal. It also responds to the current and extremely strong design mood for pearl inclusion in accessories.




Blends !!  Blends !! Blends !!! Amethyst Blend is part of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS “Fusion Concepts” line.  It’s the result of morphing two colors into a seamless gradient shade. Each crystal is different and has it’s only characteristic of blend between clear crystal and color. The amethyst blend is a subtle shading that extends across seasons- winter through to summer. It also suits perfectly the major trend direction for washed and fluid colors.



 Topaz Blend is a deeply warm hue with the appeal of a Smoke Topaz crystal and a dinamic playful gradation. It combines elegance with sophistication . It’s also a crystal that extends across seasons of winter and summer, it offers amazing color combinations with other earth tone brown such as ; light colorado topaz, colorado topaz, smoke topaz, mocca and golden shadow crystal. It also combines beautifully with natural greens such as khaki and olivine.



The Stairway bead is a perfect extension of classic geometric shapes in the Swarovski Elements beads assortment. The straight and parallel cut facets are reminiscent of the staif of a glamour stairway. Due to its rectangular shape, oher elements aligh edge to edge and allow for compact designs and is easily combined with other shaped beads. The bead is featured in two sizes; 10mm & 14mm and 10 colors and 5 effects.




BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed


Becharmed Helix Bead- Swarovski Elements collectible charm beads made with stainless steel, are the perfect addition to existing Charm Bracelet versions. The helix cut has  dynamic angular facets and appeal to a wide variety of design combinations and options. It’s featured in one size 14mm and is available in 12 colors and 6 effects.

The enlarged hole allows it to cross over between jewelry and fashion items.




BeCharmed – Briolette Bead is a beautiful in the classic briolette shape. It’s easily combined with the Helix bead or collect all 12 colors and 6 effects.






Guests participated in a make and take using Apoxie Clay and Swarovski Elements Chaton pointed back stones. Participants were really happy with how easy it was to use and the beautiful jewellery they got to take home. 

Here are a few samples of Apoxie clay and crystal work. 


New Selection of Bezels perfect for Apoxie Clay and crystal work.


Nick Regine Presented the many ways to applying Swarovski Elements HotFix flat backs,

 he’s here demonstrating applications with the Bejewler.



Guests using the transfer sheets to create a pattern.


Here’s Pam Arion from Tierra Cast in her lovely booth area. Pam did “make and takes” featuring the new Metamorphosis line. She used leather cording and guests attached charms to the clasp.








Design by Rishma Sarohai using the Metamorphosis line and the Alternatives line.  The Brass oxide and Black go very well with leather and Gunmetal chain !


Wyatt White and Fernando Dasilva were here representing Beadalon. They did a wonderful job at demonstrating all the unique tools from Beadalon. From jump ring makers to wire twisters and chainmaille , they had it all. Wyatt made some beautiful rings with wire working and Fernando.



Great wiring technique using the Beadalon Wire Twister ! Then use the Beadalon Jumpring maker and make one of kind jumprings !


 Alison Savage was here from the Canadian Beading Magazine showing guests demontrations of projects from the magazine.

She had some beautiful design ideas using dagger glass beads and floral patterns.


Karen Fish a bead store owner and designer from Bracebridge was presenting bead stitching tecnhique. She created the Dragon bangles from the new BeadWork magazine as well as showcases a variety of uses for Miyuki Tila beads, Cube beads and Magatamas.  Here’s Karens mom in her booth area.


Thank you all Guests and Representatives for a Successful BeadExtravaganza !!